Dior Summer Brush: Brief Review and Comparison

I don’t have many face brushes, and I am picky. Not quite or rather or a little, but picky. I wouldn’t say I’m anal picky, but picky enough. Now that we’ve settled that, let’s get into it 🙂 The Dior Summer Brush is part of the Birds of Paradise Collection which was launched just recently in Malaysia. It is a face brush with red synthetic bristles, metal ferule and matte black handle.


summer brush 1

Not your ordinary brush with black or white hair, eh? The first thing I did when I opened this brush was to run my fingers along the hairs. Is it soft? Is it scratchy? Well, it’s not scratchy, but it’s not the softest either. The second thing I did was to wash the brush. Its red bristles were sure to bleed a little, and I was pleasantly surprised that there was only a trace of red in the suds. It’s not bleeding badly, and definitely better than some black brushes I have which bleed blue even after the 5th wash. After washing, the synthetic hairs feel a little softer.


summer brush 2


I will compare the Dior Summer Brush with 3 of my other face brushes, the Real Techniques Multi Purpose brush, Sigma SS150 (old version) which is similar to MAC150 and my Lunasol face brush. I have taken some photos to show you the difference in shape, and you’d notice that Dior Summer brush is the biggest of them. The Sigma and Lunasol face brushes are made of natural hair, while the Real Techniques brush is made of synthetic hair, just like Dior’s.


comparison 1 comparison 2


From my observation, the Dior Summer Brush is like the older sister of the Real Techniques multi purpose brush. It is longer, wider and thicker, but the shape is similar – they splay out like a mini fan. I wouldn’t compare the softness against the natural bristle brush and between the two synthetic brushes, the RT brush is softer. The bristles are finer and smoother.

The Dior Summer Brush is recommended to use as an all over powder brush and also as a blush or contour brush. I find it too big to be a blush brush, and definitely not precise enough to use for contouring. It is great for all over powder because it is big, and it’s great for bronzers too. Just apply some at the temples and the sides of the face, and it gives a diffused cover. This Summer Brush also picks up quite a bit of product, so if you want a sheerer result, be sure to tap off the excess, or even take off some colour at the back of your hand before applying it on your face.

So I have RM210 to spare, and I want a face brush. Will I get this? Hhmmm… honestly, probably not. Personally, I prefer a natural hair brush for the face. They are usually softer and gentler on the skin. This is definitely not a must have, but the red bristles definitely add an interesting dash of colour to my brush family.

Have you tried this?


xoxo Lily


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  • Not anal picky? Ok good… The red is lovely, it could also fool me by making me think it’s clean. I like synthetic brushes for the cruelty-free factor, so when a good one comes around I’m interested.

    • OK, that didn’t sound right. I mean, I’m not extremely picky to the point of being anal. HAHAHA! I think Ecotools make really soft brushes. Real Techniques isn’t bad either 🙂

  • The red freaks me out LOL. It’s so bright! I’m with you-I prefer natural hair for face brushes. Although I have one from Avon that’s synthetic but is really really soft!

    • HAHA! The red isn’t too bad in real life. I haven’t tried Avon, but I love Ecotools bronzer brush. Big and dense and super soft even though it’s synthetic!

  • Hey Lily, I have felt it in the stores and decided it might be a little too scratchy for my personal taste! Now come to think of it I don’t own any similar brushes though. Maybe I should look into the other ones you showed in the post 😉

    • Hey Sunny. I felt it at the store too, and I find that the display brush is very scratchy! Maybe they didn’t wash it… I find that it’s much softer after wash 🙂

  • Call me crazy but the color really puts me off.

    • You’re not crazy, Mariella… I think I know where you’re coming from. It’s not too bad when you see it in person though 😛

  • I’m crazy about brushes and especially about colored ones. Seeing the first picture of this post pop up in my bloglovin made me want to scream a little! I’d get it just for the color, which is so bad.. I don’t need another brush.. But my birthday is nearing. Seems like the perfect plan!

    • This is right up your alley then! Woohoo 🙂

  • Love this post! I have seen it, tested it and was quite tempted by it but I think next time I see RT I’ll take the plunge especially since you can get a few for the price of Dior’s. 🙂

    • Hi Icaria, if you haven’t tried the Real Techniques brushes, then you have to 🙂

  • Nice breakdown, Lily 🙂 I wasn’t thrilled with it either and I do think it’d work better for a powder brush vs blush brush! Maybe they should have gone with blue/teal to fit the rest of the Tropical theme lol

    • Thanks Paris. Oh yes, teal would definitely fit the theme. It would’ve been awesome 🙂

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    Something about the bright pinky red is enticing, I like the shape too. Too bad it’s not super soft though… I have pretty high expectations bc I have a lot of crazy soft brushes, so anything less doesn’t feel too impressive

    • Oh Catherine, if you already have crazy soft brushes, then this would be scratchy for you. I mean, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s still scratchy

  • Liz

    While the pink is terrific fun, I don’t think that I’ll ever buy a brush for its colour. I’ve yet to really splurge for an expensive brush – the most I ever spent was $40+ on a MUFE that I ended up not liking very much.

    • I’m eyeing some Hakuhodo. I know exactly what shape I want, but I’m not sure which model it is. There are SO MANY to choose from, it gives me a headache. LOL!