My Morning Skincare Routine With Guerlain Blanc de Perle

I have been incorporating some of Guerlain Blanc de Perle skincare products into my morning routine for a month now. I use Diorsnow skincare range at night before bed. These two combination of brightening products cleared out my skin, evening out my skin tone and did a great job in lightening some pimple marks on my face. I use less concealers and just a light dusting of powder is enough to make my skin look good.



In the morning, I always wash my face with a foam cleanser to get rid of the oil and grease accumulated while sleeping. I’ve been enjoying the Diorsnow foam cleanser but I do switch it out for Estee Lauder Nutritious foam cleanser too. If my face is not behaving, when the hormones are doing some crazy things once a month, then I’d use my Vichy Normaderm because it has salicylic acid to keep spots at bay. Then, I’d use a toner.




The Blanc De Perle Lotion Whitening Pearl Perfection 200ml, RM195, is a very light toner that absorbs into face almost immediately. This toner has anti ageing detoxifying properties so it prevents skin damage caused by free radicals. Instead of applying it using a cotton pad, I squeeze a pump onto my palms and pat it on gently. There is a refreshing white flower scent to this line of skincare, and I absolutely LOVE it. It doesn’t smell sweet at all, and in fact, it’s like getting a whiff of a garden full of flowers after a light shower during Spring. The toner preps my face for the serum that I’d use after.


pearl drop


The Blanc De Perle P.E.A.R.L. Drop Whitening Essence 30ml, RM410 is a brightening serum that promises to reduce the size of dark spots while protecting the skin’s youthfulness. The liquid has a sheen like pearls do, and half a dropper is enough to cover my entire face. The serum is very light in texture so it absorbs easily without the sticky feeling. It can be used day and night, but I just love it for day time use. It’s literally weightless! It has the same scent I described earlier, so it’s like another dose of happiness when I apply this. I usually apply my eye serum and eye cream before moisturizers, so that would be my next step. Some say to leave it for last, but no matter, I don’t believe there is a specific order to when we apply eye care. Some even advised me to apply it right after toner, so there.




For my normal combination skin, I love the Blanc De Perle Matifying Hydrating Emulsion 50ml, RM234 for day! It has anti free radical ingredients that boosts the skin’s defences against everyday hazards like stress and pollution. Again, it is light in texture, and doesn’t promote any greasiness on my skin. I only use one pump for the entire face, and it takes less than 5 seconds to be fully absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and bouncy, ready for sunscreen and foundation. Some moisturizers shorten the staying power of foundations, but this doesn’t.

I have been on a brightening journey for about 3 months now, starting with Diorsnow, and my skin has never felt or looked better. There are no dry bits, skin is clearer and definitely brighter. When I say brighter, it doesn’t mean you’ll get lighter, like from a medium shade to a fair shade. We all know that’s not possible. Brighter here means, there is a healthy glow to the skin, less sallowness, less tired. I hope you understand what I’m trying to tell you. Below are the ingredient lists for those who are interested.


ing toner ing serum ing moisturizer


I’ve been gushing about these products because they are undeniably great for my skin. I can’t speak for everyone, naturally, but these are the main contributors to the compliments I’ve been getting on my much improved skin. The serum is very expensive for 30ml, so it would be painful to restock, but I’d repurchase the moisturizer in a heartbeat. However, if I had a big fat wallet, I’d get backups.

Have you tried any Guerlain skincare? Have you tried this line?


xoxo Lily


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  • Ok, this sounds incredible! When you rave about I product I know it’s a good one. I’m so glad you have experienced such great results. I have dark marks under my brows where I have plucked hairs, they don’t seem to go away and I wonder if this would work for me ?

    • Thank you Taylor! I really love this because it just works you know? Do you get Guerlain Blanc De Perle there? If you do, you should try it 🙂

  • I’d LOVE to try this out! I wonder if it’s available here? I’ll have to look! I’m really into skincare lately!

    • Oh Yay! You have to take a look. I hope you get it there. This is a wonderful line 🙂

  • Usually I am not really tempted by these high-end skincare brands products because their ingredients lists usually don’t excite me. They tend to be chock-full of useless chemicals and fragrances and there is not enough active ingredients to really catch my eye. That being said, the essence and mattifying moisturizer sound/look amazing! I like really light products and they both fit the bill–plus who doesn’t like brightening?! I wish this were available here :/

    • Aww, isn’t this available there? I hope you do one day. The serum and moisturizer are definitely awesome 🙂

  • Sounds really good! I haven’t tried the Guerlain whitening range but I have heard been told by a few people that its really effective. Also, told by someone else it gave her an allergic reaction! Eeps! I do find their products a bit too fragranced for my liking. I do like their Super Aqua range. Very hydrating 🙂

    • I tried the Super Aqua range serum (sample sachet) and I find it a little too hydrating for my skin, if that’s possible. I don’t know, maybe it was just my skin back then, but it’s hard to tell since it was just a little sachet 🙂 Fragrances are known to be an allergen, and this is quite heavily scented. I’m lucky my skin can take it 🙂

  • Hey Lily, I’m glad to hear the line works well for you! I tend to avoid luxury skincare, because most products have too much filler and fragrance for my skin. That mattifying hydrating emulsion looks great though! Maybe I should take a look at it when I’m back in Taipei 🙂

    • Hey Sunny, you have to try the moisturizer when you’re back in Taipei. I’m not sure if it’s enough for cold dry weather, but for hot and humid weather and my normal combination oily skin, this is absolutely fantastic!

  • Liz

    Never tried Guerlain skincare. I have a few samples but they look like things that are geared for older women and probably too rich for my skin. Brightening skincare is interesting me lately in general, as my face has finally calmed down again so I can focus on radiance and fading scars. I like to pat everything into the skin now as opposed to rubbing and swirling. 🙂

    • This is my first time trying Guerlain skincare too. I think it’s great for skin recovering from blemish marks. I know the marks on my face faded a lot. I mean, I can’t say much about my freckles, but the pimple marks are nearly all gone!

  • I am always so intrigued with brightening skin care, as it’s something we are not focused at at all here. I tend to even kind of stay away from anything brightening/whitening, just because it’s so unfamiliar for me!

    • LOL Isabelle! Brightening skincare is the most popular in Asia. That’s also the reason most brightening lines are exclusively available here. I remember all the hype and popularity even when I was a kid. It doesn’t whiten your skin tone, definitely not, but it helps get rid of minor dark spots, even out skin tone and give it a luminous glow 🙂