Lipstick Bandits: His Choice

This theme came from a random Twitter conversation. It was a while back, so I can’t remember how it all started, but I’m glad I blurted it out because it just caught on and you’ll see what the men in our lives prefer – when it comes to lip colours anyway. I thought it was going to be difficult, because when I briefly mentioned it to hubs, he said something like yellow or purple. Oh my, wouldn’t that be interesting! When I finally asked him on Sunday morning, the day before this post is scheduled to go live, he said he preferred something pink. Right. That narrows it down to 20.


his say 1

When I probed further, he said, something lighter and more pastel but not ghost like. OK, that’s easy. I picked out Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy and put it on. Then he said “Yeah, that’s about right… but can you add something shiny on it so that it looks like a juicy ripe fruit instead of dried up fruit?” LOL! I don’t know if I was supposed to be insulted or not. So, I chose a gloss to go with it. Dior Addict Gloss in Papillon seems like a good choice so when I added both together, Voila! It was HIS choice. I really wouldn’t have picked these 2 combinations so I guess men do give a surprise sometimes.


his say 2 his say 3


How do you like this combo? It’s a very pretty and feminine pinky nude that is suitable for every day wear. He said he would pick something darker for a night out, but in general, this is something he prefers. I am quite relieved he didn’t pick something out of the ordinary, and I am also quite happy I now have a new combo to play with. When worn with minimal makeup and slightly wind blown hair, this is how it looks.


his say 4


What do you think? Yay or nay?

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xoxo Lily