When It Gets Too Much…

Wow, it’s already been more than a week since I’ve been away, so I thought I’d give you a little update on what’s been going on. I haven’t done much blogging stuff at all, no taking pictures, no selfies and I’ve even been quiet on Twitter and Instagram. I’ve always been quiet on Facebook, so that doesn’t count. I decided to take a break because life got a little crazy, and my hormones matched. It was overwhelming,  when there was a sudden surge of emails regarding product testing, emails asking me when I’ll be posting the reviews… and I thought, hey, let’s take a step back. Is this what I want?


random selca

Sure, some might think it is flattering that PRs and companies start noticing a blog and want to hand out candies, but they all come with obligations. If you’re a blogger, you’d know and if you’re a reader, no, these are not just freebies that I happily take. I want to believe in a certain product, or maybe I’d feel generous to introduce you some unknown brand but I never noticed the pressure until now. Work and real life have not exactly been easy breezy either, so when added up, I need TIME OUT!

It was refreshing not doing anything blog related, and I managed to sort out some personal stuff and I am more actively looking for an alternate work environment that is more in line with my personal goals. I am replying many emails with a “No thank you” and I feel more liberated. When it boils down to the centre of things, like why I started this blog in the first place, it was like an online diary for my princesses and it still is. Readership grew, expectations grew and my main purpose lost. I don’t aim to be a top blogger nor do I work for it to be one. I don’t aspire to take this blog full time nor do I want to make a living from it. I respect those who do this full time AND earn enough to sustain their lifestyles, but  it’s not my goal. Not now anyway 😛

So, while I will be back writing reviews and doing tutorials and looks, I want to put it out there, that I am doing this because I am passionate about it. I sacrifice my own time and money to keep this blog alive, so I wish some people will understand that I will NOT just bow and wag my tail like a happy little puppy when you offer me free stuff. If I really like something, I’ll purchase it. I do have a day time job, and I am not a blogger who lives off freebies or give you a list of things to send me.

Whew! Something off my chest for everyone to read, a little harsh here and there, but it just feels so much lighter. If you have anything you want to get off your chest, join in!! Let’s have a little rant session. I hear it’s healthy to get the negativity out and after that, we’ll work on getting our zen back.

OK. As you were 🙂


xoxo Lily