Wild Ferns Kiwi Fruit Body Bath and Lotion

theSkintopic recently sent me Wild Ferns Kiwifruit Body Wash and Body Lotion to try. I never tried anything from this brand, nor have I been to the store, so I was curious to try. You can find theSkintopic at Level 5 Pavillion KL, Subang Parade, Hartamas Shopping Centre and The Curve. Wild Ferns products are not tested on animals and the ingredients are cultivated from New Zealand.


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Light ‘n’ Luscious Body Wash 250ml RM78

This is a no brainer. It’s a body wash that can be used in the shower, or in a bath. As a shower gel, it doesn’t lather up much, but it does make the skin feel softer after wash. I especially love this for a hot bath. I squeeze some in the tub under running water to get some foam, and it smells delicious. It smells sweet but not like candy. It doesn’t smell like kiwi either, sorry. Yes, I have done some comparison. To my sensitive nose that is prone to allergies, this body wash smells more like flowers. LOL! One thing I dislike is the black beads. Given it does make the gel look like kiwi fruit, I just don’t think it serves any other purpose. There’s not enough of them to act as exfoliant and to me, they make my shower / bath tub dirty.


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Silky Smooth Body Lotion 250ml RM78

This, I say, is a lotion for hot days. It goes on light and smooth, and it absorbs almost immediately, leaving a slight powdery feel to the body. I love using this right before bed, because I don’t feel like I’m going to stain the bed sheets with oil or grease. I can slide across the silk sheet bed like I’ve applied powder all over! This lotion is enough to make my dry legs feel comfortable, but not enough to make it soft. That’s the trade off. Also, there’s one thing I NEED to tell you, and that’s the packaging. It’s the normal pump you see in many lotions, but this annoys the heck out of me. I have to position the pump to a very exact angle before I can push it down. There was a huge learning curve, and this lotion was subject to a few flight lessons across the bedroom before I got it right. *oops* WHY is that so? Can’t the pump be a normal one where I can just pump it down without turning it to face a certain angle, adjust and re-adjust before I can pump it? I am seriously contemplating transferring the lotion to a tub. I don’t need extra stress trying to get the lotion before bed.


kiwi 3


In short, the body wash is great and can do without the black beads, and the lotion is in serious need of a new house. Other than that, they serve their purpose and great for normal skin. I don’t think the lotion is suitable for dry skin, but it’s a great one for hot humid days. Have you heard of this brand? Have you been to theSkintopic?


xoxo Lily


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