Dior Bonne Etoile: Look 1 (with Step by Step tutorial)

There were some requests for a tutorial on how to use the Dior Bonne Etoile eye palette. I decided to do maybe 2 or 3 ways to wear this palette, because of the interesting colour combinations of this palette. Today, I will feature a very simple look for day time. If you don’t have this palette, you can use any silver/taupe, blue and brown.

For this look, I will be using 3 colours that cut diagonally from top right (silvery taupe) to centre (brown) to bottom left (dark bluish teal).


step by step 1

1. Pat the silvery taupe all over lids. I find that this shade works best with fingers. For a sheerer shine, use a brush.

2. Using a pencil brush, I smudged some brown on my lower lash lines.

3. Finally, use the dark teal to darken the outer corners of the eyes and…

4. Blend out all edges to soften the whole look. If you prefer the look to be more defined, skip this step and leave number 3 as it is.

5. Apply black liner and 2 coats of mascara and you’re done!

Extra tip: You can actually add liner and mascara after step 1 or step 2 for a super easy look!

I like to keep the rest of the face soft just because this is a very subtle look 🙂




There you go. A very soft, barely there look for day time. I will do another one using darker colours so stay tuned 🙂 Hope you liked this!


xoxo Lily



  • Love it Lily!! You look gorgeous and it’s perfect for every day! I still haven’t seen this palette here yet!

    • Thanks Tracy 🙂 Like Liz said, the palette definitely looks better in person. I’ve been using this a lot, and find that it’s actually a really versatile palette too! So many looks to conjure…bee bada bing bada boom!

  • Liz

    Oh good, I can try this tomorrow, hehehehehehehe. 😀 Beautiful!

    • YAY! I was going to say, show me what you did… and then I remembered you don’t take face shots >_<

  • I adore this palette. I have both Bonne Etoile and Constellation and am in love with both!

    • Glad you love both of them, Emma 🙂

  • The shadows look amazing! I will be looking into these. Thanks for the review Lily. 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by, Emily and you’re welcome 🙂 I’m glad you like it too!

  • Claire

    what a nice look lily, I love your tutorials! this is something I like wearing during the day as well, and that palette is beautiful, isn’t it? <3

    • Aww thanks Claire. The palette is GREAT! <3

  • So pretty, Lily! I thought the silvery shade would look really metallic on, but it’s just fine on you!

    • Hey Sunny, it’s definitely more glittery than the others, rather than metallic, but I guess the shape of my lids make everything less overwhelming. LOL!

  • It looks lovely Lily! xx

    • Thanks Sofia 🙂

  • liyeun

    Yay, subtle indeed and I cant wait for your 2nd and 3rd look! ^^

    • I’ll be working on them real soon!

  • So pretty & soft and seems real fast too! Love that!

    • Definitely a quick look if you’re already familiar with blending!

  • I love this gradient look and your beautiful smile 🙂

    • Thank you Taylor <3

  • Beautiful! Definitely not the kind of look I think of when I see the palette, but it’s so lovely on you. Can’t wait to see the others 😀

    • Yup, I tried to make it a subtle one, because the palette looks so bold. Bolder looks coming soon!

  • AhCapp

    Hi Lily

    (Thank you for the tutorial! You look great!

    Can I ask for pic 3 &4, what do I do at the outer corners of the eyes? Is it draw a V shape with the darker colour? or just colour half of the eye crease with the darker colour? Please advise.

    Thank you again for sharing! :)))

    • Hi Ah Capp, you can do both, i.e. just darken the outer corners or draw a V-shape. It all depends on the shape of your eyes, and which one is more flattering! There is no one right answer at all 🙂 And I’m glad you like the tutorial. I hope you try it!

  • I love how bright and glowing your eyes look here, so pretty on you! ^^

    • Thanks Teri 🙂 I find this combo to be the most wearable option