Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Long Wear Eye Shadow Swatches

I was at the Dior counter on Saturday, and the testers of the Dior Fall 2013 products just arrived. I took the opportunity to take some swatches for you, because I feel like being really nice, but I haven’t tried these on my eyes for wear. I don’t know how long wearing these are, and I don’t know how dimensional they are. I can tell you that these are all very shimmery with super fine glitters, and they feel very smooth to touch. The texture feels just like my Chanel ones. Bouncy in the pot, feels smooth and creamy and powdery at the same time. Below are the swatches of the 6 shades available: 081 Aventure, 661 Meteore, 821 Chimere, 281 Cosmos, 021 Etoile and 001 Lune.


081 Aventure

661 Meteore 821 Chimere 281 Cosmos 021 Etoile 001 Lune


The photos were all taken at the counter with fluorescent lighting, no flash. I edited the colours the best I could, and they’re pretty much how they looked in real life. Also, many thanks to Chloe for lending her arm for swatching πŸ™‚ Which shade caught your eye?


xoxo Lily



  • I swatched two of these today, and I actually thought they were nothing like the Chanel ones! The Chanel ones are much more wet to me. But I agree that they are GORGEOUS and super sparkly and I kind of want one. Or two πŸ˜›

    • OK, they feel really similar to my Illusoire >.< LOL! I think we're missing a couple of shades, like Millennium, for example. Maybe the testers aren't complete, but I do like the looks of Aventure and Etoile πŸ™‚

  • Thank you sweet Lily for the swatches! Adventure and Chimere have caught my eye! Gorgeous πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome Taylor πŸ™‚ Yes, those shades are gorgeous!

  • Liz

    Can’t wait to see these in person! Aventure looks nice. πŸ˜€

    • Aventure is the first colour I swatched. I was amazed at how pigmented they really are, when I read some reviews saying they’re sheer. They definitely look much better in person πŸ™‚

  • Pretty! But unless these have some extraordinary wear, I’ll probably skip. My oily eyelids don’t play nice with cream eyeshadows haha!

    • I want to try them too! Ditto on oily lids, but I find that NARS eye primer does the job VERY well at keeping my lids oil free. Much better than the Urban Dacay ones I’ve tried.

  • Oh strange, I just checked and apparently we’re getting 2 more shades here (Hypnotique and Millennium, which happen to be what I’m eyeing). I’d love to get at least one to see how the formula works, but I have to wait another month till the collection becomes available!

    • Yes, I saw those swatches online too, and I’m not sure if we’re not getting it here, or if the testers weren’t available at that time. I hope we get it because they are both gorgeous!

  • Lovely swatches, Lily! Am I the only one that is not super excited about these though? I admit, the texture makes them intriguing but the shades just seem so…uninspired, I suppose. They definitely are pretty though!

    • LOL Becca, everything about Dior excites me because I’m totally biased. It’s my favourite brand after all! These are really pretty, and I have my eye mainly on Aventure, and keeping my fingers crossed that we’re also getting Hypnotique and Millennium πŸ™‚

  • ooOOh Aventure and Chimere looks so gorgeous!
    I swatched these eyeshadow too yesterday and I feel that the texture is similar to Chanel Illusion d’Ombre. I’m a fan of Illusion d’Ombres so these are so temping!

    • They look beautiful, don’t they? I’m interested to read more reviews just to see how they wear before I buy anything. It would be a pity if it doesn’t perform well on oily lids because mine are oily!

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    Thanks for all the swatches! I like the first shade. I have a shadow that looks kind of similar to these (in terms of consistency) from Essence and have been wearing it quite a bit lately.. always feel like super metallic finishes aren’t great for me but surprisingly it doesn’t make my eyes look crepe-y like s many other metallic shadows

    • Yes, the first shade is Aventure and I love that one too! I haven’t tried anything from Essence, and though I’ve seen the brand around, they only carry very limited products. I saw some beautiful limited edition blushes from Essence online, but we don’t get it here πŸ™

  • Aventure and Lune have my love!
    i’ve been reaching for my L’Oreal infallibles a lot but i have yet to try the higher-end versions.
    they all look gorgeous, to be honest. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Lena, they do, don’t they? Lune is a bright shimmery white that I think can be sheered out to brighten the eyes. They’re all beautiful, yes I agree!

  • I’m liking Aventure a lot. Thank you for the swatches, can’t wait to see the collection in person. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Icaria, you definitely have to swatch it in person. The swatches here don’t do them justice. Some shimmers are very multi-dimensional, which the photos didn’t capture. If you were to get any, I’d love to read about them!

  • ChimΓ¨re or MΓ©tΓ©ore definitely! I got Lune to try out. I’ll try and get a look with it up this weekend or shortly after! Thanks for the clear swatches.

    • Oh, I can’t wait for the review, especially to see if it actually lasts on the lids!

  • Chimere, Etoile and Lune are worth checking. I need to try them on my eyes, because sparkly isn’t always flattering on me!
    Thanks for the swatches πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome Lulle and thanks for dropping by. I hope you’ll like how they look on your eyes. I haven’t tried these on myself… hoping to do it next week πŸ™‚