Dior Fall Lip Glosses And My Pick

This is another swatch only post, but then again, I love all Dior lip glosses, even though they cost a hefty RM95 each. They are not sticky and are moisturizing for my lips. The Dior SA showed me the 4 new shades for Fall 2013, and they are from gold to burgundy. I wasn’t sure if all of them are limited edition, so, after searching online, there are only 2 limited edition shades and they are 981 Ensorcelante and 364 Charm. I’ve never been a gloss girl, but if anyone could convert me into one, it’s Dior 🙂


fall glosses

Charm 364 looks beige on the arm when it’s described as mauve, and 981 Ensorcelante is a gorgeous plum which I absolutely love! Here are the swatches.




My pick out of these four is definitely 981 Ensorcelante. I put it on my lips when I was at the counter, and here’s how it looks on me. See how pigmented the gloss is? This is only one layer. I imagine it to be glossier if I added another layer, perhaps darker too 🙂 Photo is taken at the Dior counter, fluorescent lighting, no flash.


gloss 981


Shall I take it home with me? Chloe and Ashlyn prefer 684 which is also beautiful but I didn’t try it on. I’m sure it would look really natural and pretty but I’ve already got lots of those 🙂 A vampy gloss is what I don’t have in my stash! What do you think?


xoxo Lily