Vintage Love: Dior Rose Brazilia Bronze Harmony Blush

I know, I know. What’s the point of me showing it to you when you can’t even run to get it? Well, I’m sorry, but I just have to show it to you if you haven’t seen it before. The Dior Rose Brazilia Bronze Harmony Blush was a limited edition item released for Summer 2009 and I didn’t buy it then. In fact, I got it online a couple of years ago, and I’m so glad I did.



Instead of your usual dark blue case, this came in a brownish case which I thought was refreshing. Actually, it was the prints that sucked me in. Look at it… isn’t it gorgeous? The gold you see is just an overlay so I used a brush to dust it off before using.


Image00002 Image00003


There is a slight floral scent to it but it doesn’t disturb my nose. Here’s a swatch on my arm (done using a brush) and you can see how flattering it is. There’s a perfect balance between pink, brown and peach, and when worn on the face, it gives off a very natural colour. It doesn’t make me look flushed because there isn’t much red, but I just look healthy.




I wore it in a few posts before, and just to show you how it looks on me, I took this photo from my recent stash shopping post. I’ve been wearing it every day for more than a month, and I am reluctant to switch it out because it just goes with everything!




See what I mean? It’s not pink, it’s not peach, it’s not brown, but it just looks flattering on. I don’t have anything like this in my stash, even in my neutral blush stash, so this is definitely unique and a keeper.

Do you have anything vintage in your collection that you just absolutely love?


xoxo Lily