Don’t Do It! Oh, But They Did. Dermedex DD Cream, the Designer’s Dream

Yes, you read it right. Dermedex came out with a DD cream, and it says Designer’s Dream The New BB Cream (with SPF45 PA+++). I’m sorry, but the name just cracked me up. But, like I said before in this BB cream post, what’s in a name? If the product is good, I can overlook the corniness that makes me snort.


DD cream 1

Dermedex is a brand based in Singapore and Malaysia, and you can find their products in beauty salons instead of malls. While their salons are here, their skincare products originate from France, Korea and New Zealand. I myself am new to this brand, but when I hear they carry a DD cream, I couldn’t resist. This DD cream claims to have 7 functions: foundation, concealer, whitening, sun protection, moisturizer, anti blemish, free radical shield. There is only one shade available and it’s supposed to adjust to your natural skin tone. I always believed the shade adjuster only works to a certain degree, if at all, and you can see from the swatch below that it has a tint of grey.


DD cream swatch

DD cream ingredients


The texture of this DD cream is very similar to the traditional Korean BB creams, and even the shade is similar to my Skin79 BB cream. The texture is thicker than what I like, but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It dries to a semi matte finish and on my normal combination skin, I oil up by the 4th hour if I didn’t powder over it. It does a good job at evening out my skin tone, and it does cover some minor blemishes. I did a half face comparison below so you can see how it works.


DD cream face


While I think it works fine, I believe it only suits those with fair to medium skin. Those with very fair or dark skin tone might not be able to wear this due to its one shade fits all concept. A friend of mine with darker skin tone tried it on and it did look ashy on her. For reference, I’m about MAC NC20 (MAC seems to be a widely used reference, so I’ll just stick with that).

In my humble opinion, I think this works just like a BB cream, call it what you may. There might be more skincare benefits in this, but the skeptic in me says there’s no way I could verify. However, I do like the higher SPF which is needed in our tropical weather.

The asking price is USD48 and I think it’s a little pricey, and even at par with higher end brands like Bobbi Brown’s base products. I expressed my view on these alphabet creams before, so I won’t repeat myself. Have you seen other DD creams around?


xoxo Lily


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  • LOL Designer’s Dream hahaha! It looks pretty nice on you though!
    I wonder if they’ll go through the whole alphabet. Just give the ZZ cream already with sleep benefits. 😛

    • Ugh, they really need to be more creative with the names. Going down the alphabets is really distasteful >.< However, this DD cream DOES perform quite well.

    • LOL Tracy

  • No they didn’t! Designer dream :-/ I am a big fan personally of the BB cream texture, so I might like this. It covers really well, looks natural.

    • LOL! This DD cream does quite well, despite the name. The name… gosh… let’s just leave it at that. Heh!

  • Liz

    I just can’t with these stupid DD things. It’s like saying their BBs don’t work so they had to come out with DDs. RIDICULOUS.

    • It’s more like BB creams are doing so well, let’s just slap on another name and market it differently. Hahahaha! That’s just a general assumption but it sure feels like that. CCs, then DDs… that said, to be fair, this one performs quite well 🙂

  • Oh that name is funny!!! Can you believe I got my first “BB” just last week? It may take a while for me to work down the alphabet. 😀

    • Which BB did you get? I’m trying not to get the names get me, but it’s difficult. If they come out with EE creams, I’m afraid I’ll just use the whole post and trash the name instead of reviewing the cream. HAHAH!

  • DD cream huh!? Wow, that’s very cool. The price is a bit pricey but i suppose it is the new hype 🙂

    • I have a feeling EE creams will be pricier, you know, being Extra Expensive and all. Heh 😛

  • Oh no they didn’t! This madness has to be over! Names like BB, CC, DD just sound increasingly gimmicky by the second!

    I do really like how it looks on you though! It’s got some coverage!

    • Yeah, the name. I get tired just complaining about it. LOL! And you’re right. It’s got some pretty good coverage for sure!

  • Though the name is hilarious (Designer’s Dream, LOL! Sounds like something an ice cream company would whip up in honor of Fashion Week!), it is quite flattering on you! I think it has good coverage. I’m a full coverage foundation gal at heart, so I never got that into BB creams b/c I want more coverage, but this one looks fab. I agree with you on the shade adjusting premise – I rarely have luck with them adjusting to my skin tone. Seems they always go too orange! When they get to FF creams (Flippin’ Fantastic), I might have to cave and try one, lol! 😉

    • The coverage is definitely good, but if they EVER get to FF’s, erm… “_(*&#%censored_(*#&^%”

  • The name is hilarious, I can’t even. LOL.

    • LOL… right? I feel bad making fun of the name, but I don’t even have to. It just sounds funny. Period!

  • Oh no! (palm on head!) Marketing it like that is just too much!

    • Yup, but this is not the only brand with a DD cream. I feel that it would be better marketing to name it differently. At least the cream itself has more attention than the name >.<

  • Just a few months ago, when we learned about the existence of a CC cream, we were making jokes about the possibility of seeing next in line DD cream in the near future. Looks like joke is on us now, because DD is a real thing.

    • Well, as long as it stops here, then it should be fine. Continuing this alphabet journey is just ridiculous. LOL!