Empties For June to August

I accumulated a lot of empty bottles the last 3 months. I even added some samples I used up, something I normally don’t do, but I wanted to tell you a little bit about them. I’ve reviewed some of them before, so I’ll put in the links accordingly 🙂



1. Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil – reviewed here. Probably won’t repurchase. I want to go back to my Dermalogica Precleanse.

2. Mandom Cleansing Express – it’s an oil based eye makeup remover that does the job well. It’s affordable, widely available and doesn’t irritate my eyes. However, I still prefer my Biore 😉

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo – I thank Sukie for bringing this back for me from the UK. There are many bottles where this came from! I love using it when my hair just feels icky from say, a hot lunch (translates to sweat!). I try not to use it too often for fear the powder blocks my hair follicles (does that happen? Anyone knows?).

4. Dior One Essential Mask – reviewed here. This is actually my second one. Not a splurge but a worthy investment.

5. Dior Diorsnow White Reveal Ultra Purifying Fluid samples – reviewed briefly here. Been loving the lightweight texture for hot days.




6. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for eyes. This is the new one which I use before my regular eye cream. Review will be up later. Preview? Good stuff.

7. Estee Lauder Time Zone Eye Cream – it’s alright on its own, nothing spectacular, but so much better on top of number 6.

8. Clarins Instant Light Blush in Vitamin Pink – reviewed here. Should’ve bought a back up! Love this blush.

9. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles (Fair) – I broke my Neutralizer so I was extra gentle with this one. However, the sponge applicator kept coming off, and it was getting dirty. I like the finish, hate the packaging, will NOT repurchase.

10. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Spot Control Base UV – reviewed here. I thought it was good, and then when I used it after a break, I thought it was oily. Made it work by setting it with powder foundation and thought it was like a never ending funnel. Finally finished the sucker!!

11. Some sample sized macaras from Dior and Lunasol. Loved the Diorshow mascara, but the Lunasol one didn’t do anything for me.




And finally, I wanted to show you some pan!! It’s come to a point where the powder breaks off every time I swirl my brush in it. Is it annoying or do I just get irritated easily in the morning? I’ve decided to chuck them out to avoid negative chi early in the morning. I’m on to another powder I’ve been putting aside, so hopefully I’ll get some pan action from that one too.

Whew! Done! An impressive one this time round, eh? How about you? What have you used up or chucked out lately? Oh, I also downsized some makeup by giving them to my sister in law. I think she was happy… there were lots of stuff!


xoxo Lily



  • Ting

    It happens to mine too (powder breaking)!! I put the broken pieces in a container and just continue using them. But the larger pieces tend to get picked up by the brush so I think pounding them down to fine powder will be OK? :p

    • I just don’t bother. Isn’t it bothersome especially when the powder gets on your black shirt? LOL!

  • When powders hit that stage, I usually ditch them, too. Just too much hassle at that point, and I figure if I got that far, they’re pretty old, too, so good on ya, Lily!

    • You’re right. They’re getting pretty old, and it’s about time I use my newer ones. Haha!

  • Rivière D’Or

    Good afternoon Lily,
    I’ve just checked the ingredients in Batiste Dry Shampoo for you. The alcohol and perfume compound could potentially irritate the scalp, cause dryness and/or pimple breakouts. The rice starch is not good if you’re pimple prone on the scalp (but not everyone response the same manner towards this particular ingredient). The propellent used can be an issue too. This product is best if you avoid the scalp and skin (on the hair length is okay).
    Have a beautiful day, Lily!

    • Oh, thanks for the info, Keith 🙂 You have a beautiful day yourself too!

  • I have been meaning to try Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles concealer..is it available in malaysia?

    • I don’t think it’s available here. I got mine online. The texture is pretty good, but really, the packaging! >.<

      • Thank you Lily..may I know from which site did you order?

        • Hi Parita, I ordered it through sgDrugstore. I think you can find this at lowyat and Facebook. Otherwise, you can go to sgDrugstore.com and email them.

  • Mandom Cleansing Express id an ideal eye makeup remover for me. No gimmicks, just removes super-waterproof eye makeup without making you rub your eyelashes off. It’s awesome.

    • Oh yes, definitely a plus when I get to keep my lashes. HAHAHAHA!

  • Wow, that’s a lot of empties! I recently finished my Hourglass brow pencil, luckily the back-ups arrived before that could happen (there would be a lot of drama otherwise haha)! Also a tub of hair mask and a bottle of Pai cleanser!

    • I accumulated them for the last 3 months, but I’m quite pleased, yes 🙂 And definitely awesome that you get your backup just in time. I usually get one before I run too low. I mean, BROWS!! LOL 🙂

  • Kay Es

    I’m with you on the fear of dry shampoos clogging up the hair follicles. I make sure that whenever I use dry shampoo in the morning I wash my hair at the end of the day so that no residue remains on my scalp overnight.
    I’ve already got pathetic hair, so have to do all I can to maintain it…

    • Hi Kay Es, thanks for dropping by. I know what you mean. I have more pathetic hair than you I’m sure!! I have to take care of what I have left. HAHA!

  • Too bad about the foundation this is one I’ve never really considered due to the packaging, I wonder who thought about that one! I have a few empties but mainly cleansers, I go through those fast. I’ll be needing a new mascara soon and probably will go for Dior although I wanted one from Lancôme’s with Elbaz packaging. Decicions, decisions! 🙂

    • I have like 4 cleansers to go through. HAHAHA! Oh, good choices for mascaras. I’d go for Diorshow Iconic Overcurl. LOVE!

  • BooBooNinja

    Woo hoo! Finishing two powders is an accomplishment to be proud of. I’m patting you on the back. Can you feel it through the internet? 🙂

    This month I finished a blush, several bottles/tubes of skincare and sunscreen, a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner (finally!), got rid of some eyeshadows I don’t touch, and donated items to the women’s shelter. The blush was part of a palette so it wasn’t full-sized, but I’m proud of myself nonetheless.

    Keep up the good work, girlie.

    • You finished a blush? I wish I could do that! Well done to you too 🙂

      • BooBooNinja

        I’m going to finish my powder one of these days so I can be like you. I’m seeing more pan!

        • HAHAHA! Go girl!!

  • Taylor

    Hello empties! You gotta try the One Love Organics Cleansing Oil. It’s uh-mazing! Ill definitely be repurchasing once I run out! I’m also very sad to have used up some Osmia organics body oil samples.

    • One Love? I have to search for it… I wonder if this brand is available here. Oh, I’ve been reading lots about Osmia too. I gotta try that one day, when I have the chance. I’m curious about the Omorovicza thermal balm too. Expensive though…

  • Liz

    You finished a blush and two powders!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

    I was thinking of getting that Maybelline concealer but now won’t. Packaging woes are the worst.

    • UGH, that packaging is annoying. I broke 2 already. I swear I’m not that rough… decent texture aside, I hate the bottle!
      And yes, 2 powders and a blush. Well, that blush was really small to begin with, and it’s just so easy to use…