Femme Boulevard: Smokey Eyes For Night

We featured a smokey eye for day just early this month, and we thought it would be fun to feature a night time look this time, just to balance things out. I was going to do a step by step tutorial again, but coincidentally, Dior Chief Makeup Artist Matt Ng was in town. I had my makeup done by him, his version of a soft smokey eyes with a twist.



Matt has been in makeup for as long as he could remember, starting out in Dior, then ventured into Benefit and MAC and back to Dior again. He worked with big names, well known models, and featured in newspapers. He knows what he’s talking about, and I’m just going to share what I can remember 😛 Rule number one for an evening look is a flawless base. The key, he said, is hydration. That’s where face primer comes in. Then, when applying liquid foundation, it’s best to apply a thin layer, buffing and swirling it in for an even and natural application, and then add another layer on the T-zone for a brighter complexion. It is also important to contour according to an individual’s face shape and for me, it’s most flattering to contour higher on my cheekbones. Then I could apply blush over it, and highlight on the apples of my cheeks. Below are the products used.

For the eyes, he used Aventure as a base before using the teal in Bonne Etoile all over the lid. He also used the khaki on the crease before blending it out with the brown. Instead of packing on the colour, he kept it soft and well blended. The traditional look would be to line the eyes with a pencil and smudge it out for a classic smokey eye. That was what Dior Senior Makeup Artist Zaidi did for me. However, Matt added a twist to the look by adding a statement liquid liner. I also like how he shaped my brows. He kept them thick yet very natural.




Are you ready for the reveal? Personally, it’s the first time I wear my eye liner like this. Definitely something different, and I think I might have trouble drawing them myself and making them look symmetrical!


look1 look2


He kept the lips nude because I was rushing to pick up my daughters from school, but he said this look could be paired with bold red lips and a pinch of confidence. I can definitely imagine wearing dark berry lips for Fall as well. In other words, this is a versatile look that goes well with any lip colour. Can you imagine wearing bright fuchsia lips with this look?




I’m glad I could share with you what Matt did, because I wouldn’t have done it like this. If you want my version of smokey eyes for night, you could check out a look I did last year, complete with false lashes and all (link here). So you have Zaidi’s version, Matt’s version and my version. You can also check out what my friends did by checking out the links below, and you’ll have 6 different versions of smokey eyes:

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Femme Boulevard edition, and stay tuned for September. You can also go through the Femme Boulevard archives here. Have a great weekend ahead chickies!


xoxo Lily



  • Gorgeous! loved the blending of the shades..amazing!

    • Thanks Parita 🙂 He’s THE makeup artist after all! LOL!

  • Wow! Stunning, I love it Lily!

    • Right? It’s definitely something different from what I’m used to 🙂

  • Hey Lily! Whoaa I love the eyeliner! You should do it more often! Maybe not AS winged-out for every day, but it’s nice for sure! The palette really brings out the color of your eyes too!

    • I don’t know if I can – the eyeliner, I mean… Matt was really good, and if I had to do it myself, I doubt the lines will be symmetrical. Probably lopsided somehow. HAHAHA!

  • He did a stunning job indeed! The liner is PERFECT!

    • Right? The flick is so smooth and the curve is darn sexy!

  • Oooh Lily this is gorgeous!!! The liner makes the look so daring, looove it! 🙂

    • I’ve never worn a liner so bold before. I mean, I always preferred my flicks to be subtle… so this is definitely something refreshing!

  • Wow Lily, I love your eye makeup like this! The cat eye-liner really suits you, and it’s not over the top at all. Looks like you’ll have to keep practicing this look as it really really looks good on you! xx

    • Thanks Lilit. Looks like I really have to practice more!

  • GORGEOUS!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in such a big winged liner look! Pretty darn shmexxxxxy!

    • Aww, really? You think so? It took a while for me to get used to it 😛

  • Taylor

    Wow! I love that flick, amazing! Loving that it also has a wet-look finish. Love!

    • That’s the Diorshow Art Pen liquid liner! It does have a wet look finish, and it stays quite well on my lids too 🙂

  • Sexy sexy, Lily! I don’t remember seeing you with winged liner before, fabulous!

    • You don’t remember because I haven’t done it before! HAHAHA! I tried it before, but I could never get both eyes to look the same…

  • That’s a very interesting look. The layering of products have definitely given me ideas. Nice one!

    • I learned a lot from Matt, that’s for sure. New ideas too!

  • Liz

    LOVE this look! Nice to see more ways to use the Bonne Etoile palette as well. 😀

    That monogrammed highlighter is intriguing! What did you think of it?

    • You know, it looked white in the pan, because it’s been exposed (it’s a tester, naturally)… but it’s actually Dior Rosy Glow which is a bright pink! So he contoured using the brown, added a muted pink beige blush, and on the apples of my cheeks, he added this bright pop of pink. It was actually quite flattering 🙂

  • AhCapp

    Hi Lily!

    That was a very strong look but you carry it well! 🙂 I doubt I dare to go fetch my kids from school with such an eyeliner though, I cannot carry such look at all! Hehehe

    On the side note, I finally got the Dior addic lip gloss and tried it today. It’s really good and non sticky! Love it! :)))

    I bought mine from adambeauty who sells it at a discount price but it’s actually brand new counter samples. I’m happy though. I didn’t dare to buy the lovely dark berry colour from Fall, which was worn by you in your post some time back. But i love how you worn it, it reminds me of autumn immediately! Thumbs up!

    Thank you again for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks AhCapp! I’m not used to such a statement liner, but I had to go pick up the kids before I could take the photos. HAHAHA! Yay to your Dior addict gloss purchase. I’m also loving the shade Diablotine which I received as a gift. Dior glosses are awesome 🙂

  • This is a nice look, but I *adore* your own take on the evening smokey eye! It is always fun to see oneself through another person’s hands — I’m a bit of a makeover junkie myself 🙂

    • Hi Kate, thanks so much for dropping by! It is interesting to see makeup artists’ work on myself, but sometimes, it takes a while to accept their ideas too. Thanks for liking my version! That’s an evening look I usually go for 🙂