Lancome Renergie Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Duo: Gimmicky

We all know the skin around our eye area is very delicate. I always believe in preventive care, rather than drowning my eyes with eye cream once I see some fine lines. I started to use eye care products in my early 20s, and I am very diligent and consistent in applying eye creams day and night. While I used lighter gels when I was younger, I now need something richer that can keep my eye area hydrated. I use a pre-serum before my eye cream and I find that helps a lot. I will talk about that another day. Today, I want to tell you about Lancome Renergie Ultimate Rejuvenating Eye Duo.

renergie 1

Lancome says that this eye cream has 6 functions. This is taken from the box… Inspired by research on cellular communication factors, Lancome invents the 1st skincare Renergie Yeux Multi-Lift – 2 formula for 6 visibly rejuvenating effects: eyelids as if lifted, fine lines and crow’s feet wrinkles reduced, dark circles appear reduced, firmer eye contour, eye bags look deflated, illuminated eyes.

Truthfully, I bought it because I thought it was cool – there’s eye cream AND a concealer looking thingy which the SA swore is NOT makeup or concealer. Also, Lancome claims that… In just 4 weeks, the eyes look younger and more open. Let me first tell you that I didn’t see that. I’ve been using this for 4 months now, and I don’t see my eyes look any younger. In fact, I’m happy if they stay the way they are without ageing any faster. LOL!


renergie 2


This eye cream duo comes with an open top which contains a tinted cream which you apply after the eye cream. The cream itself has the slightest hint of rose scent, and it is moisturizing enough for my drying eyes. The tinted cream conceals any dark circles you might have and it is suppose to be patted on the eye area after the eye cream. Hence, I still call it a concealer. The concealer is very light in texture, and it lasts less than 2 hours on me. I still use my regular concealers when I use this, so in the end, I think this is pretty redundant, rendered useless in most cases.


renergie 3


I find that my eyes are more hydrated when I use this eye cream alone, and it isn’t so emolient that it causes my eye makeup to melt any faster. I find the Clinique one does better at reducing puffiness, and I don’t see any reductions in fine lines. So, I’d say this is a cream good for keeping the eyes hydrated, with the added concealer which I find gimmicky. So, to the 6 functions:

Eyelids as if lifted: My eyes aren’t droopy to start off with, so can’t tell

Fine lines and crow’s feet wrinkles reduced: I don’t have crow’s feet, but my fine lines are just like they were when I started. Don’t see more pop up, thank goodness!

Dark circles appear reduced: Of course they APPEAR reduced with the use of the concealer

Firmer eye contour: Well, they don’t appear any less firm…

Eye bags look deflated: Clinique does a better job

Illuminated eyes: Erm…. well, my eyes do feel less dry so it’s less dull??

I do think there are better eye creams around, and priced at RM250 (if I’m not mistaken), I think I prefer my Estee Lauder ANREyes. I don’t seem to have much luck with Lancome skincare, do you?


xoxo Lily



  • liyeun

    Money saved. Indeed, the 2 in 1 is really interesting. However, I previously tried their hydraZen’s eye cream and find it too silicone-ny. Now confirm I wont be getting this! Lol

    • I tried their hydraZen range from some GWP – deluxe samples, and nope, not for me either. Oops! LOL!

  • i’ve never had much luck with lancome skincare, though i am liking their SPF 50 stuff. I feel like Raeview uses this? or some variation of this? Not sure though

    • Their sunscreen? Never tried those 🙁 Oh wait, but I do have their BB cream SPF50 or something like that. Haven’t really tried it properly yet. Got it in a set.

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    Thanks for the honest review, Lily. It does look pretty cool in the packaging. Funny they swear it’s not concealer though… I mean, what else is it? Maybe they’re trying to market it to men, too?

    • Yup, it’s definitely marketing gone wrong, or marketing to confuse consumers! I do love purple… so I’m thinking maybe it’s a combination of purple and gimmicks that sucked me in. LOL!

  • LOL yeah this sounds gimmicky. I mean that sure as heck LOOKS like a concealer to me! I have a serum from Lancome-the Oleo one and it’s the first Lancome skincare product that I liked and noticed a difference with. Others I’ve tried have been meh.

    • I tried a couple of Lancome serum samples and they break me out really badly. So, I stay away… now, I dare say Lancome skin care products are just not for me at all. Eeps! And yes, it’s definitely a concealer and not a very good one at that!

  • I’ve never tried Lancome skin care actually, but admittedly, I sometimes fall for gimmicky things :-/ If I saw this in the store, I’d probably want it thinking it’d be great for travel, etc. since it has the eye cream and concealer in one…except that I rarely ever travel nowadays. Lol

    • I’m a sucker for gimmicks because I always fall for it!!

  • Liz

    There seems to be a problem lately with what things are called and how they’re marketed. I won’t go into a rage-fueled rant on the alphabet stuff here anymore but you know what I mean. I could see how the dual-function might be enticing and could work for someone else, but the SA should just admit it is what it is.

    I can’t use eye creams because most of them break me out. I just try to go over the area more carefully sometimes with the regular face creams or use a gel. ;(

    • Yup, I sure know what you mean! It’s a pity eye creams break you out 🙁 Do the ones for really sensitive skin break you out too?

      • Liz

        What are the ones for sensitive skin? Anything that’s creamy seems to cause breakouts. 🙁

        Right now I on-and-off use an Ole Henriksen eye gel that is okay. Not sure it does anything other than generally feel good and cooling.

        • I read some pretty good reviews about Pai skincare, and it’s supposed to be suitable for sensitive skin too but I haven’t tried anything from that brand before. Perhaps using eye gels instead of eye creams, like the All About Eyes from Clinique?

  • Hey Lily, I haven’t tried anything from Lancome skincare! I tend to steer clear of luxury skincare, as the heavy scent never wins it point in my book. So sorry to hear this didn’t knock your socks off! I’ve been on the new Estee Lauder ANR eye serum and I think I’m feeling/seeing a difference!

    • Too bad about this, but my mom is happy to take it from me 🙂 I’m using the new EL ANR Eyes too, and I think it works great as a serum under my regular eye cream. My eyes definitely need more hydration – age is catching up on me fast! LOL!

  • Claire

    love this review! I have some products I like from lancome skincare but most of the time I find them overpriced for what this skincare is doing. the génifique serum is nice, also I am trying the shiseido bio performance serum now (sample) and I like it a lot. I also like the eye makeup remover and that makeup reomover for face. but most of the time, lamncome skinacre is just ‘nice’ nothing special I think.

    • Oh yes, I do like their bi-facil eye makeup remover. That’s about it though 🙂 I haven’t tried their makeup remover for face…