Lazy Day Face Routine with Candy Doll

If you’ve been to Sasa, you would have seen Candy Doll products. I’m not too keen on their lip products which I find are too light and pasty for me, but I have been enjoying their concealer and mineral face powder. The concealer doesn’t dry out my skin, and the powder provides a light coverage on the face. The great thing is, the concealer, when set with powder, doesn’t sit in fine lines, and it doesn’t melt either. The concealer I’m using is shade number 2 which is a light peachy beige, great for my under eyes!

Here, don’t let my first picture scare you. I literally just woke up because if you looked closely, you’d see my bed hair tied up. HAHAHA!


candy doll 1

candy doll 2 candy doll 3 candy doll 4 candy doll 5


After this, I’d do my brows, eyes, blush and lips. If my face is particularly puffy, and if I have the time, I’d also contour. Most of the time, I don’t. See how natural the finish is? I’m really liking this, and it’s a pleasant surprise because this is the first time I’m using anything from this brand.

Have you tried this? Seen this at Sasa? Definitely something to consider if you’re looking for a concealer / powder 🙂


xoxo Lily


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