Just Tried: Murad Skincare

Have you heard of Murad? I’ve heard of this brand plenty but I haven’t tried the range before… that was, until 3 weeks ago. I was sent a few samples, and I can now tell you a little about them. I won’t be able to tell you how it performs long term, since the samples sent allowed for a limited time trial, but I can tell you what I think of it in the 3 weeks I’ve been using them.



Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser, 150ml (RM148) & Hydrating Toner, 120ml (RM128)


cleanser toner


The Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser is from their Pore Reform Range while the Hydrating Toner is from their Resurgence Range. The cleanser foams up once you pump it out and I find that just one pump is enough to clean my entire face. I usually wet my face first, and the foam goes on smooth and silky. It leaves the skin feeling clean and refined without any tautness or dryness. The Hydrating Toner is one you spray on your face, and also something I’m trying to work on. If I spray onto my face, I get some in my eyes, and if I close my eyes, I miss my aim. LOL! So, I spray onto my palms then pat onto my face. That works best for me. I find this toner does what it claims. It hydrates my skin, making it feel extra smooth after the toner dries. I didn’t experience any breakouts, and they do what I want my cleanser and toner to do.


Essential-C Eye Cream SPF15, 15mL (RM318) & Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes, 15ml (RM275)


eye creams


I was recommended 2 different eye creams, the day one is from Environmental Shield Range. I was only able to try this for 7 mornings in 1 week, and I actually really like what I saw. The fact that it has SPF15 is a bonus for me! We all know about premature ageing caused by UV rays, and our eyes aren’t protected. Even though it’s only SPF15, I’m hoping the effects aren’t negligible. The Age Reform eye cream I use at night is for hydration which is what I need most. My eyes have been itchy due to the dryness. The combination of these 2 eye creams day and night worked really well. My eyes were markedly less puffy and somehow, the itch lessened. I am considering to purchase these 2 eye creams full size once I finish using my existing ones. LOVE THEM. Fingers crossed they’re not just a week of hallucination. LOL!


Advanced Active Radiance Serum, 30ml (RM428) & T-Zone Pore Refining Gel, 50ml (RM228)




I use the Advanced Active Radiance Serum after my toner before moisturizer and sunscreen. It has a slight fermented citrus scent but dissipates quickly. I apply the Pore Refining Gel at night where I need it – on my nose, at the sides of my nose where pores are very visible and on my chin. It is a little sticky, so after spreading it on the affected areas, I pat the serum in until absorbed before I apply my moisturiser. This gel also smells a little funky at initial application. In the last 3 weeks (just finished the radiance serum), I noticed my skin turn normal, without an oily T-zone. Is this the works of the pore refining gel? Or the combination of both? Or because I’m on a cleaner diet with regular exercise? When I started this Murad trial, I’ve already been on a whitening regime with great success. So, I can’t vouch for the Advanced Active Radiance Serum because I don’t see any difference in my skin’s brightness. Furthermore, for treatment products such as these, 3 weeks is not enough for me to tell you how well they work 🙂 I was sent more of these samples, so if you’re interested in a more in-depth review of these 2, do let me know. Perhaps I’ll do a follow up a few months down the road!



Overall, this trial has been pleasant. I know Murad boasts of their clinical strength ingredients and various dermatology patents and while I cannot report it does wonders to my skin in the 3 weeks, I did in fact see some small positive changes. I also like that it’s a 3-step regime, all clearly marked as 1 Cleanse | Tone, 2 Treat | Repair and 3 Hydrate| Protect on the products. This is especially useful for people like my Mom who can’t remember the steps. The price range is reasonable with the Environmental Shield range being pricier. I can’t tell you to run and get it, since this whole review is based on first impressions. However, don’t let me stop you if you feel like trying 🙂

In Malaysia, you can find Murad outlets in Damansara Uptown and a new one opening in Empire Subang. I’ve seen a few advertisements in newspapers too, so it’s quite obvious Murad is keen to expand here.

Have you tried any Murad skincare before? Care to share your experience?


xoxo Lily


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  • Liz

    I’ve only tried the anti-acne line (blue) but they really do work! I’ve found other products that work too, which is why I haven’t gone back to Murad. Was actually starting to get curious about some of these products so it’s good to hear you had a positive experience with them. I keep looking at the pore-related things now and the list is endless.

    • I’ve been hearing about Murad and their acne line too! And yes, I’m glad they worked well too. I’d hate it if I had breakouts from this. hahaha!

  • Cool! I’m glad they worked for you! I haven’t tried their stuff in a long time. I did try their acne line years and years ago, but it just made things worse for me for some reason-probably because there’s sulfate in the ingredients and back then I didn’t realize I was allergic to them! Wish I knew what I know now haha!
    That radiance serum sounds kind of awesome!

    • I’m onto the second sample of the radiance serum. I really like it for day – weightless, not oily and to think there’s vitamin C on my face just makes me FEEL better. Hope it really works too. Hahahaha!

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    Glad these work well for you. I tried this line a long long time ago and not finding it particularly special, I don’t remember it making much impression positive or negative. I’ve had the same skin care routine for years now – it works though, so I just stick with it

    • Ah yes, it’s great to find something that works. I’d like to stick to mine too, but it’s getting really expensive. LOL! I’m still trying new things, but it’s because I have a very curious nature. It’s like gambling with my face >.<

  • I have been using Murad products for years. My favorite is the Pomegranate Cleanser and and Pomegranate Moisturizer. My skin is fresh and clean after using and I love the smell. I actually look forward to washing my face in the morning and before bed because it makes me feel incredibly clean and refreshed.

    • That’s great Emma! I’m enjoying the cleanser too 🙂

  • I’ve never tried Murad – I don’t even think it’s available at all here in Belgium. The hydrating spray looks most appealing to me at this point (does that make me weird? ;-)), I love spritzing these kinds of mists over my makeup.

    • Esmeralda L

      Isabelle, check out johnbeerens.com. Right now they have discounts on Murad.

      I love the products.

      • Thanks for the tip!

    • I’m sure you’re not weird. I’m just fussy! Lol 🙂

  • I have tried a few things but it didn’t go well, lol, so I now avoid Murad…hahaha. I might something again in the future, but I feel like with so many brands out there, I don’t have to MAKE something work, ya know?

    • I’m like that too, with skincare and makeup. If I have to put in effort to make it work, nope, not worth it. So many choices out there that makes life simpler 😛

  • For some reason, actually I think it’s because of their infomercials which where pretty annoying, I’ve never tried any Murad product. I’m going to try to get some samples, I’m now curious! 🙂

    • I guess too much can get annoying. Lol! It’s surprisingly quiet here tho… Perhaps it’s still new? Haha!

  • Completely new to me! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • You’re welcome Melissa 🙂

  • I received a generous miniature of the Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser in one of the beauty box a few months ago. I love it! The smell, the foam…everything. I have a few of their deluxe sample. I don’t like the Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer on the other hand. Too oily for oily skin.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Fiona! The cleanser does feel really nice. Too bad about the moisturizer though. I guess that’s for normal – dry skin peeps 🙂