My First Tub of Guerlain Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder


guerlain meteorites perles

I’ve been wanting my own Guerlain Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder for a while now. I wasn’t sure which one to choose, and finally decided to go with Teint Rose 01. In fact, I got it online when there was a one day special and it was half off its retail price! I knew I had to get it then or never. I’m glad I did because all were sold out within an hour. I ended up paying less than RM100 for this, so I’m very happy with the purchase.

The Guerlain Meteorites Perles in Teint Rose comes in a tin. There are colourful pastel beads inside which are supposed to provide colour correcting effects to the face. Teint Rose eliminates dullness and gives a subtle glow to the face. There is a subtle floral scent which isn’t unlike most Guerlain products. From all the reviews I read, they make this setting / finishing powder sound like it performs miracles. Face looks healthy with a subtle glow from within aura, foundation lasts longer and it mimicks beautiful skin. I didn’t understand completely until I tried it on myself.


teint rose1 teint rose3


I swirl a face brush around the little balls and no matter what brush I use, it doesn’t pick up a lot of product. Then I just swipe it all over my face, and I was surprised at what I see in the mirror. Imagine a blur / beauty filter in those photography apps. Skin looks smoother, brighter, with a soft halo. Is this really possible? Apparently, it is. I can see why some are just addicted to these magic ballz! I for one, have been using it every day since I got it. I’ve taken so many before after photos, but unfortunately, it just doesn’t show up on camera. So, you just have to believe what I said.



teint rose2


The Guerlain Meteorites Perles Illuminating Powder comes in a few shades, the others being Teint Beige and Teint Dore. If you’re looking for a setting powder, look no further. If you’re unsure, well, don’t be, because it’s awesome! This is better complexion in a round tin of pastel balls. Highly recommended!

Do you have your own ballz?


xoxo Lily