Chanel Quads Are Meh, But These Singles Are Different

One thing for sure, these singles aren’t baked. Whew! I don’t have many single eye shadows, and I don’t have a preference for palettes. I know many prefer to get palettes compared to singles, but for me, I’m on the fence. I don’t mind either. These Chanel single eye shadows have beautiful textures! I only have 3 and I love them to bits. I can use them paired with something else, and they’re good to go on their own.


Chanel singles_00003

The Chanel singles come in a rectangular pan and a sponge applicator inside. I don’t use those applicators so most of the time, I’d chuck them out. The eye shadows are soft and buttery. Not so soft that the powders become messy, just soft enough to feel luxurious and pigmented enough for the colours to show in one swipe.


Chanel singles_00002


The colours I have here are Fauve, Taupe Gris and Vert Khaki. These are all versatile shades and when paired with a different coloured base, they become more complex. The opacity of these shades can be built and if you use a fluffy brush, it can also be sheered out. Fauve looks great with dark purples, Vert Khaki looks awesome with gold and Taupe Gris is THE smokey eye shade. Here’s how they look on my arm.


Chanel singles_00001


To me, these are neutral colours. I can pair it with anything, pink or coral blush, nude to dark berry lips. While Chanel quads are disappointing, these are something I’d keep in my stash. They always come in handy for days I don’t know what to wear. Have you tried any of these before?


xoxo Lily



  • I used to LOVE Fauve, but MAN the sparkles fall all day on my face! But Taupe Gris! LOVE that one. I agree0the singles are SO much better.

    • LOL! I haven’t really experienced any fallouts, but maybe that’s because I use Chanel Illusoire underneath. They make a great combo 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, I haven’t wanted an eyeshadow this bad until I saw this. It is simply gorgeous!

    • They’re not too bad 🙂

  • I bought this a few weeks ago and I love it! I have worn it almost everyday! I bought the quad, too, but haven’t tried it yet. Chanel really did a great job for fall.

    • Which one did you buy Emily?

  • I’ve definitely seen these around the blogosphere! Don’t own any of them, but I have to check out Vert Khaki now!

    • I think Vert Khaki will look good on you, Sunny! You rock khakis and corals 🙂

  • Ooo I love Chanel single eyeshadows too. They somehow have more depth and dimension to them. They are such wonderful shades that I could wear one on its own for a quick neutral eye.

    • Yup, they’re definitely easy to wear 🙂

  • Oh I think I’ll need Fauve! Yup, I think I will.

    • Fauve is gorgeous!

  • Fauve reminds me a little of Trax from MAC! What do you think?

    • Trax is darker, redder, less shimmery, and warmer. Fauve is a mixture of light taupe, silver shimmers and blue-ish purple, with the tiniest hint of red 🙂

  • The singles are so bulky, though, packaging wise, LOL. I’m like dude. Seriously? They are really pretty, though!

    • Well, you can always depot, and I did, with other brands. I just don’t want to risk breaking these. LOL!

  • Liz


    (I think you know what this incoherent typing means!)

    • LOL! If you don’t mind the singles, these shades are really pretty 🙂

  • Thanks Lily, its good to know because I never got one due to my experience with the quads. I love the fauve so who knows I might end up with it!

    • Great Sofia! I think you’ll love Fauve too. It’s great even on its own 🙂

  • These are all beautiful! I’ve never tried a Chanel quad, but I do own two singles (Gri-Gri and Hassard) and they are both buttery, groovy goodness! I’m loving the green shade you swatched. Yes, please! 🙂

    • Gri-Gri and Hassard look beautiful too! I think these are addictive, but I’m curbing the impulse. Too much of a good thing can be bad. LOL!