Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Makes My Hair All Kinds Of Yum

Let me tell you a bit about my hair. I have straight fine hair that doesn’t hold curls. My hair is naturally shiny because it’s just stick straight, and I have a problem with oily scalp. In this humid weather, I have to wash my hair every day or it’ll turn oil slick after 24 hours. Due to that, my hair is also thinning at the crown. I don’t use conditioners because even the mildest ones and even if I applied at the very ends of my mid length hair, my scalp will get oily faster.


exquisite oil 1

I was really hesitant to try hair oils. I still am. I tried some before, and most are full of silicones and they just tame fly away hairs. So when I was sent the Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment with Moringa Oil (RM50/92ml), I didn’t have high expectations. Since I skip conditioners, I use this after I wash my hair, when it’s semi dry. I use one pump and run my fingers all over the hair ends. Then, I’ll let it air dry. My hair is smoother, less tangles and more importantly, my hair and scalp don’t turn oily! I’ve used a little more since, 2 pumps, applying it mid length instead of just the ends, and surprisingly, I wake up to bouncier lighter hair. It’s never happened before!


exquisite oil 2


The Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment with Moringa Oil (RM50/92ml) has no colour nor strong scent and it is enriched with Moringa Oil Blend. Moringa is known as the tree that never dies and has many health benefits, from boosting immunity, enhancing radiance, defying ageing and even purifying water! This hair oil dries to nothing, making my hair feel weightless without a trace of oil. I kid you not. Even my hands don’t feel oily after application.


exquisite oil 3


I’m sure you can tell I’m really happy about the Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment with Moringa Oil. This is a keeper, and if you have scalp and hair that turn oily really fast, I recommend you try this one. Love!


xoxo Lily


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  • Jan S

    Sounds like a great product, especially since I seem to have the same issues with my hair: oily scalp, thinning at the crown and having to use conditioners sparingly, but still needing something for the drier ends. Hope it’s available in singapore. Btw what shampoo are you using? I’ve tried many but have yet to find something that helps with the thinning hair. Thanks!

    • For my hair, I’ve been using SebaMed for oily hair and for hair loss. I recently purchased Shu Uemura cleansing oil for hair, but haven’t tried that yet. I’ve read good reviews. I’ll update the review accordingly!

      • Charlotte

        Do a review on that shu uemura cleansing oil!! 😀

        • I will, after I get a better feel of it!

  • Liz

    I reviewed the shampoo and conditioner in this range and LOVED the smell. Nice to hear it works well for you! Really want to try this now too! But… drowning in hair stuff right now.

    • I keep my hair products to a minimum, so I’m really happy this one doesn’t weigh my hair down or make my scalp oily! I’ve tried the Biolage shampoo and conditioner and the works… too much for my hair though 🙁

  • Ooo I must absolutely get this for my daughter! Hopefully it is or will be available here. She can’t use any conditionner and so while her scalp gets oily fast, the rest gets dry. Great review Lily, thank you! 🙂

    • I’m glad I could help, Helene. Yes, I think it’s great for those with oily scalp but dry ends. I’m really happy with the result!

  • Cool! Sounds like a great one for sure! I’ve been using a Kiehl’s one and it works well for me, but it such a small bottle. I like the size of this one!

    • I haven’t really tried many things from Kiehl’s before. Might be the skeletons and doctor’s uniforms that are putting me off. HAHAHAHAH!!!

  • Seems like hair oils are gaining popularity these days! 😀 I’ve never used hair oils until this year, and I must say I’m liking them. Especially the ones like this that don’t leave a greasy/oily feeling and dries to nothing.

    • I haven’t really ventured into hair oils until recently too! Definitely liking this one

  • Hey Lily, I don’t think I’ve tried this one, but it sounds promising! My hair doesn’t really respond to silicone well in the long run, but occasionally it does make my hair look softer 😉

    • I’m a noob when it comes to hair care, because I’m very minimalistic, but so far, this does great things.

  • sounds great!
    it is about time i should to something about my hair..incorporating nice hair oil seems a nice idea especially if it dries to nothing and does all the job. 😉
    thanks for reviewing this.

    • You’re welcome Lena. I never do anything to my hair either… so maybe I should put more care into it

  • Haha oh man, I see all kinds of hair stuff and I’m always like T_T It takes forever for me to try something new in terms of hair care! I’m such a noob.

    • I’m with ya. I’m a hair noob too!

  • liyeun

    Wow. Where did u buy that. With lesser than rm100 for such wonderful effects, im in! Hahaha…. oh yes pls do the shu uemura for hair review too….^^

    • I know right? This is a press sample, but Matrix is sold at selected salons. This one is available this month onwards 🙂

  • I do like oil for the hair. I’ve never bought one especially for the hair though. I currently have the Kiehls Dry oil which I love. And (as you can see in my comment from the NUxe one) I’ll be getting that too 🙂

    • I can’t use Nuxe on my hair because it’s too oily for me. It would be a great if I could!

  • I like the matrix biolage exquisite oil. After air drying my hair feels silkier and healthier than ever.

    • Glad you like it too, Emily 🙂

  • This really made my dry, bleached hair very soft. I use it as a pre shampoo treatment and after I wash my hair.

    • I never thought to use it as a pre shampoo treatment. I should try it!

  • BooBooNinja

    I’ve got lots of DermOrganic hair oil to get through; but once I do, I will be looking for the Matrix Biolage oil!

    • I hope you’ll like it 🙂

  • Eda

    may i know where can get Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil??

    • Hi Eda, if you’re in Malaysia, you can get them at selected salons in Klang Valley.