My First Nuxe Experience: Huile Prodigieuse

Time for bathtub photos again. It’s been a while, and I think it’s appropriate to show you the clean crisp side of this multi-purpose dry oil. I have been reading lots of good things about this French brand called Nuxe, and one of their cult favourites is their Huile Prodigieuse. I bought this at Sasa when there was promotion, and paid about RM120 for it. For the uninitiated, Nuxe means Nature and Luxury (Nature and lUXE in French). Taken from the website…“Thanks to the Prodigious® power of nature, I have created products that are a combination of performance and sensuality to enhance skin beauty” – Aliza Jabès, Director of the NUXE Group.



I have used dry oil once, and it was Body Shop’s. I used the olive one when I was pregnant, and it soothed my expanded irritated belly. I find Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse to be a little heavier than Body Shop’s but given some time, it absorbs completely into skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky. I like to mix this with my body lotion and apply it at night. I don’t feel like I stick to my bed sheets, something which I find is of utmost importance.

If you’re concerned about the ingredients, you’d be happy to note that 98.1% of the ingredients in this dry oil are of natural origin. It is a combination of 30% Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E with the purpose to to nourish and repair in a single step. You will find 6 precious oils in the ingredients, including Borage, St. John’s Wort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnet Hazelnut and Macadamia. The brand also claims that they do not use any preservatives.




I think it’s also important for me to talk about its scent. I don’t think it’s for everyone. To me, it smells like a mixture of jasmine and coconut, and it’s a little musky. Truthfully, I don’t care much about it. I don’t love it and neither do I hate it, but my children say it smells heavenly! I never liked jasmine in particular, and that might be why I don’t love it. I have a very sensitive nose, and I say no to anything that smells like jasmine. However, for this, I say yes.

Other than using this on my skin, I also use it on my daughters’ hair, especially after their swimming lessons. It makes their hair more manageable and they wake up to soft untangled hair. In fact, I actually love smelling their hair in the morning, a little musky, and a little of their baby scent 🙂 However, I can’t use this on my hair which oils up quickly. Even when I apply this at the ends, it still makes my hair oil up faster than usual.




Another way of using this is to add it to your bath. The hot water diffuses the scent to a lovely warm soothing scent, no jasmine detectable. LOL! I love that my skin feels extra soft when I get out of the bath, a treat for my sometimes dry skin. I’m always in air conditioned places, so my body is a little drier. I’ve only been using this dry oil for a few months, and I really like that it’s multi purpose. I don’t and probably won’t use this on my face, but I’ve read that you can add a tiny bit to your foundation if you have dry skin.

There’s also a shimmer version, and I think that will be lovely if you like to apply it in the day. Gives you the extra glow that mimicks healthy skin. Have you tried Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse? Do you use dry oils?


xoxo Lily