Presenting The New Dior Blush: 756 Rose Cherie

Dior recently launched its new blush line together with its Fall collection. If I’m not mistaken, there are about 20 new shades (more or less), categorized in different colour families. You get reds, pinks, oranges, nudes, all in different hues and nuances and even different finishes. Today, I will show you 756 Rose Cherie.


rose cherie 1

rose cherie 2


The Dior Blush comes with a flat angled brush which does the job when you’re on the pinch. It is soft and not scratchy at all, but you might get a hair or two stuck on you face after application. Rose Cherie is a sweet coral pink with micro shimmers. It’s very very pretty on the pan – girly and demure with a hint of playfulness peeking through the little shimmers and that hint of coral. When swatched, the shimmers are not very apparent. They look glowy against the complexion and distribute evenly across the cheeks. You don’t have to worry about chunks of glitter looking patchy or emphasizing pores. Dior knows how to make a good blush. I do notice that there are less shimmers as you work your way through the blush – meaning it gets less shimmery when you use it more – so it may or may not be a good thing, depending on your preference. I personally prefer my blushes not to have too much bling.





Rose Cherie is also a colour that appears sheer against my skin tone. I’d say there is a good balance of coral and pink in this blush, and it is great for beginners who might find it difficult to blend out your blush to make you look natural. This blush is mistake proof because of the light colour, but if you want more pigment, all you have to do is to layer it. The intensity can definitely be built, but I actually like it barely there. It gives my skin that additional life but when you see me, you’d wonder if I have makeup on or maybe I’m just that lucky bitch with good skin you’d like to slap. HAHAHAHAH! Here’s how it looks on me.




See that hint of pinky coral on my cheeks and perhaps that glow on my cheekbones? Do I have glowing skin? Is it because the light hit at the right spot when I took the photo? Is it the blush? Or wait, am I wearing any blush? See what I’m getting at?

I love what Dior has to offer in this range of blushes and I’m eyeing a few, one of them being red! I wish they’d cost less than RM150 a pan, but for that quality, I consider it money well spent. Compared to the Chanel palette I bought (you can read the rant here if you haven’t), Dior makes me and my money much happier.

Have you tried any of the new Dior Blush yet?


xoxo Lily


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