Sleek MakeUP Blush By 3: Flame – Not For the Faint Hearted

Sleek MakeUP is a high-street makeup brand that I think is very affordable. Of all the reviews I’ve read, the products are all very pigmented, and pros outweighs the cons. This is my first Sleek product, and I received it as a gift. I love bold blushes, and this is right up my alley. Blush By 3 is a palette which consists 3 different blushes. The one I’m showing you today is Flame. The name itself gives you a pretty good picture of what you’ll get. Oranges, reds, corals… Fiery colours not for the faint hearted.




The palette is very slim and compact, and I like that the mirror is quite large. There is no applicator provided, which doesn’t bother me because I don’t use them anyway. The case is plastic, and it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. This palette looks very intimidating in the pan. Well, it should be, I mean, look at how bright the blushes are, especially the middle one called Bonfire! Against my skintone, the blush on the left (Molten) and the one on the right (Furnace) look quite similar. My skin colour pulls out a lot of red from it, making both look similarly coral.



left to right: Molten, Bonfire, Furnace fire3


Here are the swatches to show you what I mean. Molten is a little lighter than Furnace on my arm, and Bonfire is by all means red. I don’t detect any tones of pink in these 3 blushes. They are mainly orange and red and very bright coral. When worn on my cheeks, Molten is the tamest of the 3, while Bonfire gives me a hot flush look and Furnace pulls a little orange.

I have read many reviews saying that these blushes are soft and easy to blend but I don’t find that to be the case for this palette, in particular Furnace, the shade on the right. Molten and Bonfire are softer while Furnace tends to be dry and stiff.

For the blushes to work, I have to take off most of the product from my Lunasol cheek brush before applying. After that, I need to use a clean denser blush brush to blend out the edges. Otherwise, I find the colours a little patchy. Perhaps it’s due to the high contrast between the blushes and my lighter skin colour, so the unevenness is more pronounced. I have to make sure I apply more powder on my cheeks to provide a smoother base for the blush to glide on. I have my fair share of bold blushes, and I find this to be more difficult to work with. However, I am comparing this to my luxury brand blushes, so I’m not being fair to Sleek. If compared to other high street / drugstore brands that I’ve tried, Sleek has to most pigmented blushes and they do last a long time.



left to right: Molten, Bonfire, Furnace


Flame does work on me, but with lots more effort and time to make it look seamless. I think the other blush palettes which are lighter might be more forgiving. On another note,¬†I find that the swatches at the Sleek MakeUP online store¬†extremely helpful. They have swatches against different skin tones, and I think that’s a very intelligent idea. You can buy this palette for USD12.49 and they ship worldwide.

Have you tried anything from Sleek MakeUP? Do you have any favourites from this brand?


xoxo Lily