Blurring Imperfections with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Diffused Light

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. I think 90% of the bloggers I know own this. It was quite the hype when it was launched and I was very curious. Hourglass is not available here, so there was no way I could play with them. I read review after review, and finally decided on one that I think I will like best. I chose Diffused Light.


diffused light 1

There are 6 different ‘lightings’ to choose from, to suit different needs. They are (taken from Hourglass website):

  1. ETHEREAL LIGHT is an opalescent sheer, cool white powder that mimics a moonlit glow – even in broad daylight
  2. DIFFUSED LIGHT is a soft, warm, pale yellow powder that conceals redness and gives skin clarity – like a soft ray of morning light
  3. DIM LIGHT is a neutral peach beige powder that blurs imperfections and highlights a radiant complexion with the perfect balance of warm and cool tones
  4. MOOD LIGHT is a soft, sheer lavender pink powder that mimics the softest most forgiving light and reveals your brightest complexion
  5. LUMINOUS LIGHT is a champagne pearl powder that creates a soft, incandescent candlelit glow – day or night
  6. RADIANT LIGHT is a sun-kissed golden beige powder that enhances the overall complexion with believable, subtle warmth, and also extends a summer glow


diffused light 2 diffused light 3


As you can see in the pan, Diffused Light is as described – a pale yellow powder. I have tried using it with different brushes, from light and fluffy to densely packed brushes. I achieved the same results. My skin does look softer and pores seem blurred. If only the effects last all day on me. I find that this powder lasts only about 3 hours on my normal sometimes combination skin. After that, some shine will peek through. When I feel enthusiastic, I’d blot and re-apply, but most of the time, I’d just leave it be. I think this powder is really easy to wear because I can just dust this all over my face. It matches my skin tone really well but for someone with darker skin tones, this might act as highlighting powder instead. It’s difficult to show you a proper swatch because it just blends into my skin, but here’s a rough idea – heavily swatched to let you see the colour.


diffused light 4 ingredients


I think this is the palest shade of the 6 (apologies – Ethereal is the palest of the 6), so the rest will add some warmth and colour to my face. So far, the powder has not oxidized on me. I’ve used Bobbi Brown’s Pale Yellow powder before, and after an hour or two, I looked orange. Diffused Light adds dimension to the face in the most subtle of ways. I can dust this on my face after using powder foundation and I won’t look cakey. Is this a must have? No. It is quite a novelty to have this product in my stash, and I have been using it a lot, but it’s not something I’d tell you to run and get it. I can achieve the glow using my Guerlain Meteorites which also prolongs the wear of my foundation. It also smells better. So for me, my Teint Rost trumps Diffused Light.

That said, perhaps you’ll find this more fun to play with. After all, there are a few different shades to choose from, and that limited edition palette sure looks tempting! Have you tried this? How does it work for you? You haven’t? Why not?


xoxo Lily



  • Hannah

    My friend just helped me order Diffused online this morning and after reading your review, I feel assured knowing I’m right to pick this shade over the newly released LE palette. Thanks for the timely and honest review! 🙂

    • You’re welcome Hannah 🙂 Glad the review helped! And hope you’ll like the one you ordered too.

  • This probably would be a highlighter for much does it cost?

    • My friend helped me pick it up in the States, so if you calculate handling and shipping as well, expensive.

  • I agree with you 100%. I’m liking my Guerlain Ballz more than my Hourglass ambient lights. I’m finding they’re just TOO pigmented and change colour on me, while the G-Meteorites give me the glow. last all day, and stay the same shade all day too. And yes-the smell is better too hahahs! This yellow one I do like to use to set my under eye concealer, but that’s about it lately. The Ethereal Light is lighter than those one though-it’s white and that’s what my daughter uses as she’s really really pale.

    • Oh thanks for letting me know – Ethereal light is the lightest shade then? You’re right that these Hourglass powders are pigmented. I’m guessing the darker colours might not look that good on me, but then again, I can be wrong. Diffused Light is great for me though, because I need the yellow to bring down the redness on my face. And YES, it works great under eyes too 🙂

  • Hey Lily, I have Radiant Light and I really really enjoy how it looks on me! It makes my skin look really great in photos! I’d love to try a couple more, but ideally I’d like to swatch them before I can make up my mind 😉

    • You’re right about looking great when taking photos! But my curiosity kinda died here… not too keen to try the rest >_<

  • I usually get myself an extra tub of Météorites for Christmas (I love the limited editions), but since I could drown in Météorites by now I should probably get the Hourglass limited edition palette and finally cave in.. I’m so curious about it! It’s not sold anywhere here so I don’t know which shade I should pick, I guess the palette can come in handy for that..

    • If you wanna get it, the palette does look really good. You can purchase Hourglass online at but the shipping fee is quite expensive!

  • Lily, I think you and I must be on the same wavelength as I only recently blogged about my Hourglass powder… I’ve got the Luminous light and I’m like you, even though the effect is nice I don’t think it’s a must have!

    • Definitely on the same wave length, Lilit. Not a must have for sure 🙂

  • HI Lily,
    I wish Hourglass is available in Singapore. I have this one too in ethereal light but I find it too white for me. I didn’t really like it as it makes me look too pale. I think I should have ordered diffused light instead. If I could go and swatch everything, I might get it and go for another try 🙂

    • I wish it’s available here too! Have you tried using ethereal as a highlighter instead? It might look really beautiful! I’m with you too, wish I could swatch everything, but oh well… can’t win everything 😛

      • Liz

        I saw Hourglass at a Singapore Sephora two years ago! Can’t remember which one that was though. It might have cleared out since then too I suppose.

        • Sephora Singapore? Really? Bummer! I guess the sales aren’t enough to justify them staying… that’s sad 🙁

  • Oh gosh Lily I want the palette so badly but it’s sold out at Sephora here. I have G-Météorites Travel Touch in Mythic and loooove it but I would like to play with a few of these too. 🙂

    • I know what you mean. It’s because of that curiosity that pushed me to purchase this. I don’t regret it one bit, because my curiosity is fed, but in the end, I thought the product was hyped up a little too much.

  • To be honest, I don’t understand the hype with these…T_T But I think i’m the only one on the planet, LOL.

    • LOL! I definitely bought this because of the hype… and to think buying it this late is a sign I really wanted it. And then, now that I have it, it’s safe to say, yes. This is one of those hyped up products that are nice to have, but not really all that >_< I still like it, just not madly in love with it.

  • Liz

    I’m testing the palette now and still trying to figure out Dim. I just haven’t worn it enough yet in good lighting so it’s hard to tell. It’s sunny right now so I should really take advantage, lol. Radiant is my fave so far though – like a really subtle bronzer. And I think that’s what these are: very subtle versions of highlighters. Some will love them, some will not. No big deal.

    • Yes please, do take advantage of the sun 🙂 Here, I take advantage of overcast days. LOL! You’re right about these powders – some like it, some don’t. I want to really love it though… I mean, I THOUGHT I’d fall head over heels, but… Hahahaha! Oh well

  • I’m sorry you’re not loving the Ambient Powders, Lily. I have a couple of them and I adore them. Luminous has become one of go to highlighters and Ethereal gives me the the most amazing glow. I have redness too, and found Diffused okay–I actually preferred Ethereal–but I am very pale, so it may not be right for everyone. Maybe try a different one next time.

    • Hi Jenny, it is a bummer I’m not in love with these powders, but I do like them. It’s unfortunate I can’t play with these powders before purchasing though

  • i am so interested in these but every time i look at them in stores I don’t find it to be very WOW. and so much shimmer in some of them! Oh well, I’m glad it works for you anyhow!

    • Yup, it does work to blur imperfections that’s for sure!

  • I have to agree – nice, but not a must-have. I have Diffused Light as well. I bought Mood Light originally as I thought it would be the best match for my pink undertones, but by the end of the day you could actually see that I had on some type of luminous purply highlighter. Diffused is the better pick for me, but I find myself reaching for either my beloved MAC MSF Natural or MAC Translucent Setting Powder to truly lock my foundation on for the long-haul. Have you seen posts about the new HG Ambient Lighting PALETTE?! People are going monkey balls (again!).

    • Ah yes, saw that palette and drooled… for a while. I think I’m cured now. LOL!

  • I have been very curious about this but have held off so far, mostly because I keep being told that Guerlain Meteorites work better without all the colour and because I’m also told it’s sparkly. I am waiting to see them in person before I do decide either way 🙂 Thanks for the colour feedback. At least I’ll know to consider Diffused. Where did you get it btw? Have been looking for an online site that ships.

    • It’s a bummer we can’t test it 🙁 I got it CP-ed for me… but I know ships them for a hefty fee though!

  • as interesting as it sounds, i’d prolly pass on this. i am not big on highlighter is one thing, but i want something in liquid form that i can use as makeup base as well.
    i’ve looked at other swatches and i think ethereal light looks quite pretty. 🙂

    • Ah, have you tried the Becca shimmering perfector? I have Pearl and Opal, and they’re gorgeous. A little goes a long way, and to think of it, I haven’t even talked about them. LOL!

  • BooBooNinja

    I’ve been debating on getting Diffused Light or the NARS radiant powder. A Sephora SA gave me a demo of Diffused and she applied too much, rendering me a cakey mess. I should go back and test the products myself.

    Lily, does Diffused make you look yellow? The shade appeals to me as I have some unwanted redness on my cheeks and under my nose, but I don’t know what it’ll do to the rest of my face.

    • Thing is, I need yellow-ish powder to reduce the redness on my face. So, I guess the red and yellow just counteracts and I don’t look yellow? LOL!