Blush Fiends for Fall

What colours do you think of when it’s Fall / Autumn? Golds, maroons, burgundies, khakis… rich beautiful arrays of shades that mother nature has to offer and it’s all love. Fall is my favourite season, and it’s the same when it comes to makeup collections. Today, I want to feature an old blush that is rich and bold, not for the faint hearted or the heavy handed. I present to you Rouge.

I have a few Chanel Joues Contraste, and I do like how wearable and sheer most of them are. This one is different. This one is rather pigmented and you’ll see why.


chanel rouge

rouge 1 rouge 4


Isn’t this too bold, you think? Clown cheeks? My skin is quite pale with yellow undertones but my face gets red very easily. So, to be able to wear this decadent blush, I have to make sure to place the blush strategically. Also, it helps to use the fluffiest brush with most of the product taken off at the back of my hand. For this, I use the Lunasol blush brush which sheers out the pigments.


rouge 2 rouge 5


I make sure my face is powdered to enable easy blending and when this blush is placed on the face, it’s a glorious flush of red. Of course, someone with much deeper skin colour will be able to wear it with ease. Why go through so much hassle just for a blush? Because of the result. It’s nothing any pinks or corals can do. This is RED and here is how it looks on me. I wore it bolder for it to show on camera, but in real life, it’ll be something even subtler.


rouge 6 rouge 7


Would you wear a blush as bold as this? Do check out what my other blush fiends picked!


xoxo Lily