Depotting Project and FOTD

I went through a cray cray depotting phase. I was armed with fire and sharp objects and my makeup feared me. I bought some Z palettes and Unii palettes for this purpose, and today, I will show you one of my Unii palettes. I managed to fit in 3 things, namely the Urban Decay Naked palette, Bobbi Brown shimmer blush in Coral and NARS bronzer in Laguna. I didn’t want to depot Laguna but the case died and melted on me. It became a disgusting goo beyond repair. I HATE the NARS packaging. Now try saying that with gusto!

This is the finished result.


unii palette

They look barely touched in the photo right? But I can assure you there are dents here and there. No pan in sight, but there are some dents, so I’m happy 🙂 I like that I can include a blush and bronzer here because it feels more complete. I can easily pick this up and travel with it, with some extras like concealer, mascara and lipstick and this will take me from day to night.

Here is a look I created using this palette. A light touch of bronzer for some warmth (but not too much), Coral on the cheeks, Half Baked (top left shade) on the lids and Darkhorse (top row third from left) on the outer corners.


look2 look1 silly face


Do you depot things or do you keep them in their packaging? Happy weekend peeps!!


xoxo Lily





  • This looks fantastic! I’ve never done this but totally should, maybe I’d use some of my older stuff. Looove the look! Good job!

    • Thanks Helene. Depotting definitely saved me lots of space 🙂

  • I WANNA DO THIS. How’d you get the UD stuff out? TEACH ME. You look beautiful!

    • Thanks Trakee!! I think it’s quite easy to depot the Naked palette. You just have to destroy the palette. The eye shadows are all stuck on a paper base, I think. So, it’s quite easy to get them out. You need sturdy sharp objects, scissors and fire to melt the glue. Told you the makeup were afraid of me. LOL!

  • I LOVE your fun photo session! So cute! Darkhorse should be called Workhorse because it is such a versatile and perfect shade! I am impressed by your depotting skillz! Love the unique palette you created. I have never seen a Naked palette depotted – it looks fantastico!

    • Thanks Kristen and I agree with you. Darkhorse is one of my favourite shades in the palette! I think the most important thing in depotting is patience – and of course having lots of tools to experiment with 🙂

  • lol at “my makeup feared me” ;D
    i don’t really depot except for the time i got the e.l.f dollar palettes. i depotted a few mac shadow and old milani ones just to fill them. a reverse motif.. 😉
    love the second FOTD pic. sexy!

    • I’m sure they’d run if they could, Lena 😛
      It’s like Run, makeup, Run! HAHAHAHAHA!

  • I am afraid to depot anything! And then I have to buy all kinds of palettes and things, lol. But it’s so handy!

    • I suppose if it’s makeup I really treasured, or rather, if the packaging is something I love, I don’t depot them… I went overboard once, or twice, and then regret depotting everything, but oh well, I get over it rather quickly. HAHAHAHA!

  • You have a lovely collection! I love the ease that would come with having thing depotted. I’m slowly working up my courage to try this.

    • I hope you’ll try it one day 🙂

  • Oh Lily, you make me want to depot all my palettes too! I think I could fit both the UD naked and the naked2 palettes into this 1 case, imagine all the space I could save! Great idea babe, I like how you’ve made it into a nice travel friendly palette! xx

    • Thanks Lilit. Depotting can be addictive though >_< LOL!

  • De-potting is next on my to-do list – can’t wait to get my paws on some of these paletes!

  • LOL you made yourself sound like a serial makeup killer in the beginning!

    Looove the look! I rediscovered Naked recently as well! I ignored it for so long, and even though I probably don’t love it as much as some shades I have accumulated in the meantime, it is a nice palette to have! Love the look! Just the right amount of sultry 🙂

    • I’m sure the makeup felt that way. LOL!
      When I first got the palette, I just couldn’t stop using it. I have a few favourite shades here, so I just stuck to it, because it was easy 🙂 You’re right though… now that my stash has gone bigger, there are definitely more drool worth shades, but still, this is a nice palette to have.

  • BooBooNinja

    This is the most attractive palette I’ve seen in ages. Your depotting-prowess, pan arrangement, efficient use of space, inclusion of both face and eye products, and personalization… SO APPEALING. I am *squeeeeeeeeing* inside because I mightily enjoy depotting my powdered beauty products myself. I am a weird nerd who likes rearranging pans to find the prettiest and most useful placement. Lately, I get more of a rush out of that than I do in viewing the latest makeup releases.

    I like mini things and for me it extends to creating cute, compact palettes (start italics) I create myself (end italics). It’s addicting for me. How about for you?

    Gosh. I feel like I’m disclosing a hidden aspect of my infatuation with makeup. Eeps.

    • BooBooNinja

      The last sentence should read:
      “I feel like I’m disclosing a dark side of my makeup infatuation. It’s kind of creepy. Eeps.”

      • LOL! Now that the secret’s out in the open, it’s not so dark anymore, so carry on 😛

    • Well, I did take out a few of my Unii and Z palettes to rearrange the makeup – like you said, to find the prettiest and most useful placement. So you’re not weird, trust me. Hahahah!

  • I’ve never depotted anything… but then again, luckily none of my Nars products have melted! Thats a cute fresh look you’ve done!

    • Thanks Sofia. I’m actually really upset my Laguna melted on me. I prefer to have that in a separate pan, for sure. I hope my other NARS blushes won’t die and turn into a melted packaging zombie. I’d be extremely upset and ban NARS forever!

  • Liz

    LMAO @ your last picture *makes same face in response* ;O

    I can’t depot anything. I have this strange respect for the packaging that the products come in, no matter how hideous. I might do it if I want to throw out an entire palette but want to save one colour.

    • Hehehehe… I knew you’d appreciate that photo. LOL!
      I used to depot like crazy, but nowadays, I’ve been good and keeping them in their original state. I guess the makeup murderer in me is in hiding… for now…*evil laugh*

  • Honey

    GASPS!!! You depoyted your Naked pallette! I can’t bring myself to do that. But that said, the final product is very nice indeed. Something that can be carried anywhere, just add lipstick. Great idea and great job, Lily 🙂

    • Hahahaha… I’m pretty ruthless, aren’t I? I depotted the UD 15th anniversary palette too 🙂

  • Jennifer

    You always do fabulous eye makeup 🙂 Good job on the depotting! Lovely arrangements in the case hehe.

    • Thanks Jennifer. You’re always too generous with your compliments 🙂

  • did the nars melt bc it is hot over there? o.O

    • I don’t think so because I keep all my makeup in cool dry places. It’s not like I left it in the car during midday… then it would surely melt >_< I'm still really disappointed 🙁

  • Ting

    I depot ONLY when the case becomes broken. 🙂 But lipsticks… NEVER. I don’t have the heart to cut it or melt it… oh dear.

    I depotted powder blush before. Don’t even need to add any thing. I found a flat metal base that’s slightly smaller than the pot, and then I spray some alcohol to the metal base and pressed down the powder. 🙂

    • Oh good for you. If I start depotting, I’ll look for something else to depot, and I’d wreck all my palettes and singles. LOL! I tried lipsticks before, but never ended up using them, so for lipsticks, I never depot again.