Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serums (Face and Eyes)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair aka EL ANR. This, my friends, is my skincare staple. I’ve introduced it to you before, and today, I want to tell you more about the newly revamped EL ANR2 and the new EL ANR Eye Serum Infusion.



The ANR Synchronized Recovery Complex II, to me, is a new and improved formula. It still does everything the original version does, plus a few more things. There is a slight change to the packaging – while they maintained the brown bottle, the cap is now striped with gold. The little pipette dispenser is the same, and I still use the same amount of serum after my toner. This formula is lighter and less tacky which I think is awesome. I used to have to massage the serum in, but now, all I have to do is smooth the serum all over my face and lightly pat it in. The serum is absorbed much faster.


ANR2 pipette


So what does this do better other than being more comfortable on the skin? Well, it makes my skin look well rested the very next morning. I KID YOU NOT! I was sick a week ago, and I’m not fully recovered yet. I have cough and flu which makes it difficult for me to sleep. I can’t breathe properly and I’m dead tired. In fact, I’ve been feeling nauseous and my husband was wondering if I’m pregnant (no I’m not!). When I feel sick, I should look sick, especially when I’m not wearing makeup. However, I can get away with just light concealing and powder, and I was complimented for my glowy skin! It’s ridiculous. I can’t even look sick enough to take a day off work. (Edited: I just remembered Paris having similar experience, so do check out her review here)

The antibiotics and medicine I was on caused a sudden breakout on my forehead – they weren’t blackheads or pimples, but little dots which break if I picked on them. Some of them even had liquid – I have no idea what the heck they were, and my best guess is they were either allergic reaction to something or my skin was purging toxins (???!!). Anyway, I used this serum every night, went off makeup for 2 days (except for the RMS ‘un’ cover up) and my skin was back to normal.


ingredients ANR2


Now the ANR Eye Serum Infusion. Look. If you’re in your 20’s, happy go lucky, still enjoying no fine line days, you might not need this. If you’re paranoid, there’s no harm starting young. I encourage you to! If you have more mature eyes, maybe your eyes are becoming really dry and you’re noticing fine lines popping up here and there, then this is for you. Your eye cream isn’t doing enough? This is for you. This is not an eye cream but an eye serum. You use this before your eye cream and it’s supposed to do what the ANR does to the face. It helps maximize the effects of your eye cream while keeping your eyes hydrated and providing the eyes all kinds of goodness.


ANR eyes


I’ve been using this for about 3 months and my eyes look less tired and it’s definitely brighter in a way. My eyes were itchy because they were dry but since I’m on this, my eyes have been really comfortable. I can’t put my finger on it… and I can’t tell you that I have less fine lines. It’s not like I have 10 fine lines today and hey, 1 month later, I only have 9 fine lines! (Sorry, sarcasm kicking in) So, sorry peeps, it’s really in your consistency in applying all these lotions and potions. Why does it work on me? I use one pump for both eyes, pat the serum in before applying eye cream. Nightly. Without fail. In the day, I just use a lighter eye cream so that it doesn’t disturb my eye shadows. Daily. Without fail.


ANR eyes pump


This ANR routine is something I stick to and these serums are something I will repurchase. I’ve always gone back to the ANR serum so I know I love this stuff. You might not see the effect while you’re using it, you might not notice the subtle changes, but trust me when I tell you that I noticed a huge difference when I went back on it after a few months’ break. The serums are not cheap. The ANR2 costs RM350/50ml and the ANR Eye Serum Infusion is RM250 (I think – I’m not too sure).

The thing about this review is that I didn’t tell you what they’re supposed to do, since I bought these myself and was not sent the press write ups. I just told you what it did to my skin – and that’s the most important thing, I reckon. In short, amazing stuff that I always repurchase and I can’t recommend it enough!


xoxo Lily