Modbox Review: Sampling Within Your Control And Budget

If you’ve been following this blog and reading diligently (thank you!), you’d already know that I am not keen on beauty boxes. I know what I want, and I like to have control of what I’ll be getting in my boxes. I hate that surprises become disappointments and it’s just an overwhelming feeling that I’ve wasted my money on a bunch of crappy samples I never use. Recently, I was approached by Modbox to try out their Intro Kit for bloggers, and I was a skeptic. I told Jess (co-founder of Modbox) as much, that I might not be kind in my review, and she was still keen to know what I think. So, here it is – my honest review of yet another subscription box that seems to be mushrooming here.



The packaging is simplistic. It is small, light and doesn’t take up much space on my vanity. I actually like that the cardboard box is recyclable, or you can dismantle it, fold it flat and keep it for future use – to store something or even to reuse it and send stuff to someone. I complained about a particular huge heavy box that looks the same every month. Imagine having 12 of them in a year – I’d probably throw them out and it would be a waste and extremely environmentally unfriendly. I also like the cards inside the box which describe the samples you received. If you are all about fancy packaging, then you will be disappointed.




In general, you get 3 samples per box but because this is a blogger’s kit, I’m getting a few more products. The products fit comfortably and snugly in this little box, and I’m happy to report that they are all useful. Don’t you hate it when you get useless samples in a subscription box? Well, you don’t have to worry about Modbox because you get to choose your own samples. That’s right. You choose 3 samples you like and after sampling them, you can actually purchase them online at Modbox’s website. Any purchase above RM100 is delivered to your door for free. I also like that. You might not have access to the physical store, and it’s pretty much pointless if I like the samples and have to travel more than 200km just to get to the store. Modbox made it easy and I really like how convenient they made it.




These are the samples I received and out of all of them, I enjoy the Murad toner the most (reviewed here). Another thing I don’t like about subscription boxes is well, the subscription. I get tied down for 3, 6 or 12 months. I might like this month’s box, but I can’t guarantee I’ll like the next. Modbox took that away. You don’t have to subscribe. If you see something you like they have to offer, you purchase. If you don’t, then wait for the next offering.

How much does it cost, you ask? RM9 excluding shipping (RM6 – West Malaysia, RM9 – East Malaysia). In total, that would either be RM15 or RM18 for a box of 3 samples of your choice, no commitment whatsoever. How does that sound? That’s also the downside. While it is very affordable and one of the cheapest in the country, you’ll be getting only 3 samples of which you can easily obtain if you just go to the counter and ask for them. So for me, I would choose items I really want to try, items I can’t sample because it’s not available where I am. If I like it, then I’ll just buy it online at the Modshop. Easy right?

If you like surprises, well, this is not for you. There are no surprises here because you know what you’ll be getting. Naturally, you’re paying RM9 for the samples and the recyclable box and you’ll also be paying for shipping. You’ll only get items you handpick and there are only 3 samples. Also, it is a pay per box. There is no subscription where you’ll be tied down for a period of time. If all these sound good to you, then you can head on to Modbox (link here) to check out what’s on offer.

What do you look for in a beauty box?


xoxo Lily


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  • Liz

    I’d like to see something really unique and different from beauty subscription programs. They’re all really variations of the same thing. And I’d never subscribe because I don’t believe in paying for samples. But that’s because I’m lucky to live in a big city with a lot of retailers around. I can see the appeal for those who don’t have access within short commute.

    • I’m with you here, Liz 🙂

  • When these things first started coming out I was so excited! And after a few of them, I started to wonder why do I pay for samples? Samples should be free!

    • Samples SHOULD be free, eh? Then again, this would not bloom into a business anymore. LOL!

  • I agree with Tracy and Liz – why should I pay for samples??

    • Hhmmm… I guess we all think alike… It is a good idea for those who live far away from bigger cities, and they don’t have any access to these brands (since they can also purchase them online after they sample)… but for us, it’s really pointless, I guess?

  • I think they’re on a good path here with the fact that you can choose your samples yourself… but come on, foil packets? Customers definitely shouldn’t have to pay for those.

    • I hope the 3 samples picked by the customers don’t come in foil packets. I seriously hope they’re deluxe samples. It would really suck if I paid for foil packets. You’re right!

  • Jennifer

    As many beauty box choices that we’re spoiled these days, I have not gotten the hang of it. Strangely, when I was reading beauty box reviews from overseas bloggers, I was hoping that we’d get the same here. Haha, when the hype and entrepreneurs reached our shores, I cannot say I have been supportive to subsribe to any. The first few boxes are usually worth the hype before you start to see the same brand circling the boxes. Modbox is a little different and took the surprise element by providing the subsribers liberty to choose what they want. Could be a double edged sword. Women are fickle creatures – whether or not they have choices 🙂

    It is quite true that some of the samples can be obtained from beauty counters which boils down to convenience and braving the BA who sometimes can be a little cold. I am blessed in some ways because I work within the vicinty of shopping malls and the plus side of being in corporate attire may sometimes entitle me to slightly better and decent service from the counters. But for beauty box to provide sachets, that’s a little below expectation. Anyhow, since I don’t subscribe, I won’t comment much. But it is lovely to read reviews on beauty box.

    • It satisfies my curiosity when I read about beauty boxes, and I do wish we get good ones like those from other countries. That said, even if we did get really good ones, I’ve already established the fact that I don’t believe in these boxes so I probably won’t spend my money on them. UNLESS… we get the LMdB ones then I might really consider. LOL!

  • This is great for someone who doesn’t have access to certain brands. I’m lucky because stores here carry pretty much everything so this would not apply to me. I’m not sure I would ever subscribe to one since I’m not much into surprises. But again this one does have an interesting concept. 🙂

    • Ugh, I’m not much into surprises either. I’m really picky, especially with makeup and skincare!