My First YSL Beaute Experience Which Is Not So Glossy: Glossy Stain in Corail Fauve (12)

My very first YSL, and it’s a lip product. This was gifted to me by a dear friend. I read some reviews and most of them seem positive. I’ve never been a fan of lip glosses but this touts to be a gloss and stain, another first for me. The shade I have is a bright coral and… in short, I don’t love it. Wanna know why?



The YSL Glossy Stain is loved by many and I know it. Many blogs I read and many bloggers I know love this thing. I was excited to try it, and the packaging seems promising 🙂 You can see the shade of this lip product through the tube which I think is quite clever. You’ll be able to tell how much product you have left too, and personally, I think it’s important. I like to know how much I’ve used, or how much I haven’t used. LOL! The applicator is really soft and the flat tip offers precision in application, even at the cupid’s bow.




The glossy stain has a candy flavour. It reminds me of some strawberry or raspberry chewy candy my kids eat sometimes. It also has a tacky texture. Yup, tacky like drying glue. Me no likey but maybe this is why it stains? It goes on quite smooth, and after about 30 seconds, it starts to dry and that’s when the tackiness starts. I’ll wait for about a minute for it to dry before applying a second coat. As you can see in the picture below (arm swatch), the glossy stain leaves behind, well, a stain.




What I really dislike is the fact that it doesn’t fade evenly. After a drink of water or food, I’d be left with a lip ring which is very unsightly. I very much prefer my lipsticks to fade evenly to avoid paranoia. I don’t want to be checking my lips every 15 minutes to make sure the colour is even. I have an issue about that, if you haven’t already noticed. I only wear lip glosses which are NOT tacky and are comfortable on the lips. I already have to tolerate the texture, now I have to tolerate the lip ring too?? What’s the big deal about a lip ring, you ask? Well, if not the lip ring, then the tacky texture. Both of these just made me go blah.

I dunno… I mean, why should I put up with anything in the first place, especially with makeup? If this doesn’t work, I’ll just use another! There are plenty other lipsticks I love, so, sorry YSL… this aint’ for me. I love the colour though. See the lip swatches below. Isn’t it a glorious coral? It’s sad that’s about the only thing I LOVE about this glossy stain 🙁 I guess it could still work if I only wore it for 2 hours without eating or drinking. Then again, I probably won’t bother.


lip swatch


Are you a YSL Glossy Stain fan? Am I the only one out there who isn’t? Am I being too harsh because I have stuffy nose and it’s late? Nah, I’ve tried this many times, and ended up frustrated. I was contemplating whether or not to share, and why not? This is a much loved product which I don’t love. Makeup is supposed to make me happy, and this doesn’t.


xoxo Lily