My First YSL Beaute Experience Which Is Not So Glossy: Glossy Stain in Corail Fauve (12)

My very first YSL, and it’s a lip product. This was gifted to me by a dear friend. I read some reviews and most of them seem positive. I’ve never been a fan of lip glosses but this touts to be a gloss and stain, another first for me. The shade I have is a bright coral and… in short, I don’t love it. Wanna know why?



The YSL Glossy Stain is loved by many and I know it. Many blogs I read and many bloggers I know love this thing. I was excited to try it, and the packaging seems promising πŸ™‚ You can see the shade of this lip product through the tube which I think is quite clever. You’ll be able to tell how much product you have left too, and personally, I think it’s important. I like to know how much I’ve used, or how much I haven’t used. LOL! The applicator is really soft and the flat tip offers precision in application, even at the cupid’s bow.




The glossy stain has a candy flavour. It reminds me of some strawberry or raspberry chewy candy my kids eat sometimes. It also has a tacky texture. Yup, tacky like drying glue. Me no likey but maybe this is why it stains? It goes on quite smooth, and after about 30 seconds, it starts to dry and that’s when the tackiness starts. I’ll wait for about a minute for it to dry before applying a second coat. As you can see in the picture below (arm swatch), the glossy stain leaves behind, well, a stain.




What I really dislike is the fact that it doesn’t fade evenly. After a drink of water or food, I’d be left with a lip ring which is very unsightly. I very much prefer my lipsticks to fade evenly to avoid paranoia. I don’t want to be checking my lips every 15 minutes to make sure the colour is even. I have an issue about that, if you haven’t already noticed. I only wear lip glosses which are NOT tacky and are comfortable on the lips. I already have to tolerate the texture, now I have to tolerate the lip ring too?? What’s the big deal about a lip ring, you ask? Well, if not the lip ring, then the tacky texture. Both of these just made me go blah.

I dunno… I mean, why should I put up with anything in the first place, especially with makeup? If this doesn’t work, I’ll just use another! There are plenty other lipsticks I love, so, sorry YSL… this aint’ for me. I love the colour though. See the lip swatches below. Isn’t it a glorious coral? It’s sad that’s about the only thing I LOVE about this glossy stain πŸ™ I guess it could still work if I only wore it for 2 hours without eating or drinking. Then again, I probably won’t bother.


lip swatch


Are you a YSL Glossy Stain fan? Am I the only one out there who isn’t? Am I being too harsh because I have stuffy nose and it’s late? Nah, I’ve tried this many times, and ended up frustrated. I was contemplating whether or not to share, and why not? This is a much loved product which I don’t love. Makeup is supposed to make me happy, and this doesn’t.


xoxo Lily



  • I love your review! I can’t get into this product either. To me, it smells nothing like candy, but beer… Anyone?? I can’t get over the scent. It’s applies streaky and I’m just not a fan. I am a fan however of every other YSL lippie! So please don’t be discouraged!! The YSL RV’s are heavenly! Despite the review. Your lips so very lucious in the photos!

    • sc

      I completely agree with you about the scent of ysl glossy stains – could not get over it. Had a disgusting alcohol smell – just like beer now that you mention. Therfore, I dont even bother looking at these. Love the rouge volupte shines though – I have no 19 but there are so many nice shades.

      • I have to smell it again when my nose is not blocked. I can’t detect that beer smell now >_<

    • This does make my lips look good for the first couple of hours. I really can’t smell the beer though. I have to give it another sniff. LOL!

  • Ah! Good to know, Lily. I really like the L’oreal counterparts, but I think they’re not quite as pigmented so maybe it’s not as obvious if they fade unevenly. I’ll have to try one again and see!

    • I didn’t try the L’Oreal one because I didn’t like this. Maybe I should give that a chance… or not. HAHAHAHA!

  • ah, it’s a shame cause the color looks really pretty on you!
    i happen to love this lippie range but i’m not rushing to buy more cause i also love the affordable version from L’Oreal.
    i haven’t experienced the obvious ring when it fades away. maybe because i smooth the color with my pinky on the first coat.

    • Maybe I should try your way, Lena – smoothing the colour on the first coat.
      And just a very random comment, my girls are reading everything I type and I can’t focus. So if I sound weird, it’s their fault. LOL!

  • Petrina

    I am a glossy stain fan! It lasts through almost anything I eat or drink and it fades evenly on me. I’m sorry to hear it fades to a ring for you but that’s never happened to me before. The tacky feeling I didn’t like either but I’m used to it now and I can’t feel it anymore πŸ˜‰

    • So this lip ring thing only happens to me? That sucks!! I wonder what I did wrong… I tried it so many times. Even that, I really don’t like that tackiness though πŸ˜›

  • LOL hahaha we all can’t like everything! I only have one of these that was sent to me and it’s really pale, so I don’t notice any uneven fading on me. I think they’re tackier the more layers you put on that’s for sure. I haven’t bought any others on my own though cause it’s still just a gloss and I HATE paying so much for glosses lol! Too bad it’s a great shade for you though!

    • Yeah, they do get tackier as I layer… but I love that opacity at layer 3. That glorious coral!!

  • I much prefer the glossy stains with shimmer. I feel they really lack something without, but that’s just me. πŸ˜›

    • I didn’t know there are glossy stains with shimmer… I probably won’t try them though. Heh!

  • Hey Lily, I haven’t tried these but I’m so sorry to hear you’re so disappointed! I don’t want anything that will not fade evenly, either. It’s a gorgeous shade that I’ll enjoy, but if it’s tacky and all that I think I’ll pass!

    • Chloe was reading the comments, and she said “Sunny? That’s a nice name…”. LOL!
      But yeah, back to this glossy stain. It is very tacky >_<

  • Normally I think I would have been drawn to this shade, but I have really been loving a lot of the other shades more!

    • What shades are you loving lately?

  • LOL! Although I am a huge fan of these babies, I do appreciate your honesty πŸ˜€ Uneven fading is a dealbreaker for me too. I deal with the tacky formula with these because they wear ALL DAY on me with no touchups, and I’m a chatty, snacky, drinky fiend. πŸ™‚

    • Oh you sound fun! I love chatty, snacky drinky people – like me. HAHAHAAH!

  • Haven’t tried these although I was planning to but I swatched some and didn’t like how they smelled. Not a fan of these stain things generally so I’d likely pass on these!

    • I only have this one, and I don’t like it, so I know I probably won’t venture into other stains. Maybe?

  • i dont’ know what these smell like to me as i haven’t used mine in a long time LOL. Good point about the packaging. I only ever used mine once so i’m not even sure how i like it. Will have a lot of testing to do when i go home haha!

    • Just once? LOL! Maybe you can go take a good sniff and tell me if it smells like beer πŸ™‚

  • liyeun

    I love the extensive range of colours the glossy stains have to offer. I have my very first one, which is no.9 and it is, to me, my red. Given its texture that is tacky, I still like it because it of that red colour. I i have to agree with u about the lip ring, so i ended up removing everything everytime i want to eat or even drink. Also, I dont adore its smell cos I find it smells like PAINT! Anyway, I still keep it because of THE RED. Lol.

    • THE RED, eh? I have to google No. 9 now πŸ™‚ I’m curious!

  • Oh so sorry it didn’t work for you! For some reason I’ve not been attracted by these. In fact I don’t really like the packaging so thank you for this review, I will definitely pass.

    • You’re welcome. Glad to know I’m not the odd one out πŸ˜›

  • Liz

    I hear almost exactly the same thing from other bloggers so it’s been a solid pass. Also helps that they’re absurdly expensive in Canada. Why would we shell out that kind of money for a lackluster performance? I’m generally not keen on YSL even though they always look gorgeous.

    • Really? You heard the same thing? We must NOT read the same blogs. HAHAHAHA! I’ve read rave reviews so far >_<

  • Hi Lily,
    Sorry to hear that this is not a right lipstick for you. Previously I didn’t really love this range because of the color selection. However after YSL launched the Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes collection few months ago, I am really in love with it. I think the formula is much better and the smell is not that strong anymore. πŸ™‚

    • Good to know that! YSL is not available here anyway, so I’m definitely not going to purchase this online sight unseen… you know, just in case it sucks again. LOL!

  • Gosh Lily thanks for warning! I’ve only ever had one YSL lip product, one of the volupte sheer candy lipsticks… I was allergic to it. It made my lips bloat for 2 days and then super dry like a nail file for a week and painful. I’ve never been brave enough to try another YSL lip product again πŸ™

    • Oh my, then stay away, Sofia. Stay far far away. From my very limited experience, you don’t seem to miss that much anyway

  • I’ve never tried the YSL version, but I have tried the L’Oreal version which I’ve read on many, MANY blogs is the twin sister to this product. And I didn’t like it AT ALL. I only applied one layer and it got tackier and more uncomfortable over time. One thing it did well was last – almost 7 hours through a steak dinner! That was amazing, but I never wanted to wear it because I hated the tack.

    • Same here! I never tried the L’Oreal version because I don’t like this one and everyone says they’re the same. LOL!