Sunday Stash Shopping #14

I didn’t know what I wanted to post this week, but I thought I’d play with creams. I’ve been using quite a bit of Dior and Chanel cream eye shadows, and the 2 colours I love to pair together are Dior Meteore (golden bronze) and Chanel Illusoire (light silvery purple taupe). There have been differing opinions about the textures of these 2 cream shadows, and when I compared them side by side, touch by touch, Dior definitely feels bouncier while my Illusoire feels harder in the pot. Dior also dries more powdery and feels less wet – and let it be known that the Chanel ones are NOT wet either. Anyway, here they are, and here’s a look I created with these 2.



textures eyes


Basically, I applied Meteore on my lids and used Illusoire at the outer corners. I did this using my fingers only, without brushes. I think it’s a very simple look and quite wearable. There is definitely bling because the cream shadows are shimmery but my eye shape just eats up everything. That’s the thing with my double lid hooded eyes. I can wear something really bold and my eyes make it look wearable. LOL!




See? You don’t see much eye colour. If I want more drama, I have to smoke it, dark >_< Here, I paired this with light coral blush and pinky coral lips for a simple day time look. I can’t remember what blush I used but I used Dior Jelly Lip Pen in Carioca.

Hope you like it!


xoxo Lily



  • Subtle and gorgeous! xx

    • Thank you Ms Jelena 🙂

  • I love it Lily! Truth be told I HATE the Chanel d’Obmbres. Sold the ones I had. Too scared to try the Dior ones because of them LOL. I’ll stick to the Armani ETK I think because I know they last on my lids.

    • Hi fellow oily lid friend! I just tried my first Dior Fusion e/s and it lasted 9 hours without a primer! The Chanel Illusion D’Ombre definitely didn’t hold up that long. The Diors are touted as long-wearing, and this oily lidded fool was impressed! Don’t scratch them from your to-try list just yet! 🙂

      • Well said. Hahaha!

    • Thanks Tracy. The Chanel one creases on me too, but the Dior one doesn’t 🙂

  • illusoire is so beautiful! i’ve been wanting it like forever.
    my eyes eat up most of shadow colors if i look up, too.
    but i’m sure people still see the beautiful colors when you blink or look down a little.
    gorgeous look, Lily 🙂

    • You’re right Lena. It’s all in the blink. LOL!

  • Love! I just got my first ever Dior Fusion Mono e/s (Chimere) and I really dig it! I love the champagne and smoky taupe look. And yes, your eyes definitely make everything look more wearable! Happy Sunday!

    • Thanks Kristen 🙂 It’s been a long weekend here, and it’s also Chloe’s and Ashlyn’s birthday, so busy busy!

  • Oh so classy, I love it Lily!

    • Thanks Sofia 🙂

  • Hey Lily, these are two shades I wouldn’t think to pair together, but you made it work! I like how Dior gives quite a bit more in their pot for a bit less money LOL

    • I figured purples go well with gold and these can pass off as complementary colours

  • I love this combination and you’re right, it doesn’t look too bold on you. I don’t think I could get away with this in daytime. I hope I can get closer to the Dior soon! 🙂

    • Thanks Helene. I think there are pros and cons but I kinda like that my eyes minimalize everything. hahaha!

  • Love how those colors just melt into each other! I’ve been wearing a lot of gold and purple shades together lately, not a combo I would’ve thought to try but somehow it just works. Also loving how that Dior Lip Pencil looks on you, the finish is perfect 🙂

    • Thanks MM 🙂 I love pairing gold with purples. They definitely work <3

  • I like this combination a lot! I don’t like the Ilusion d’ombres much either, but I think the Dior will work much better, based on how it felt when I tried it.

    • I think the Dior ones work better on oily lids. I must apply a good primer if I were to use the Chanel one.

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    This combo of colors is really pretty, and you’re right, way subtler than I’d expect. Pretty

    • Thanks Catherine. I like this colour combo a lot. I mean, I would have preferred browns but you know, sometimes purples can be neutrals too. Hahahaha!

  • Liz

    They’re so pretty together! <3

    I kicked myself endlessly for buying Chanel Mirifique instead of Illusoire. Illusoire is so pretty and WEARABLE.

    • Illusoire is definitely wearable. I was tempted by Mirifique and Ebloui… and then I remembered these crease on me. Maybe use Mirifique sheer for smokey eyes? Or maybe use it as a base?