Trialing Nuxe Cleansers

When I bought the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, I bought this set of deluxe sample sized cleansers too. I wanted to try this brand, and these travel sized bottles are great just for that purpose. Enough for me to have a good feel of how they perform, and not too big that I’d waste the whole bottle if I didn’t like it. I think it retailed for about RM50 – or thereabouts.


In this set, I get Gentle Exfoliating Gel, Clarifying Cream Mask, Cleansing Gel, Comforting Cleansing Milk and Micellar Cleansing Water. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure there’s a toner too, guess I left it out of the photo. Hahahaha! Blogging fail!! Anyway, these are all for sensitive skin, gentle enough to use on eyes. I have tried all of them, used up a couple, and the most important thing to note is, I never broke out from any of these.

I think the cleansers, milk and gel, perform really well on my skin. They are gentle on the skin and don’t leave skin feeling tight or dry. The Micellar Cleansing Water also does a great job at removing makeup including waterproof mascara. Naturally, it took me much longer to clean my face compared to cleansing oils, but I didn’t mind. The mask didn’t do much for me, and I didn’t like the exfoliating gel because the beads are larger than what I’m used to, and it doesn’t seem to exfoliate well. Maybe I’m used to my Clarisonic Plus, which I’m still using after 2 years.



While I really like the cleansers, I wish the scent isn’t that strong. The jasmine scent is quite strong here, and it did take me a while to adjust. I never got used to them though. I prefer if they smelled like my new favourite lip balm! Will I purchase any of these full sized? Erm, no. My skin likes them but my nose is protesting. Nose wins >_<

Do you use any of these? Have you tried Nuxe?


xoxo Lily



  • Liz

    Sometimes I’m tempted to pick up a jumbo size of one of these things when they go on sale but like you want to try the small sizes first. They’re hard to get a hold of! I like the sound of the cleansing oil and micellar water.

    • They’re all very gentle so patience is needed to rid face of all makeup.

      • Liz

        Oh, no patience to be had here. Skip! Haha.

        • HAHA my sentiments exactly 🙂

  • Nose wins hahaha! I haven’t tried much from the brand really besides the lip balm. Someday I will!

    • I guess you’re not really missing much with cleansers. Lol

  • they look adorable. i find it hard commit to one cleanser, so this (legit!) sample sized products seem very attractive to me.
    i’ve only tried their hand cream and i felt the same way. while it was a lovely scent, it was also quite strong i got sick of it after a while. wonderful hand cream, though..

    • I think these deluxe samples are great to try before committing to full sized ones. I don’t like the scent though. ..

  • Strong scent in skincare is definitely a no-no for me too, even if they are hailed as natural and gentle. I like the nuxe lip balm though 🙂

    • Yes the lip balm is awesome!

  • I have used Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel. I have sensitive skin, and this is truly a gentle product. I prefer exfoliation products with more scrubbing particles. This one has more gel than scrubbing material.

    • You’re totally right about the exfoliator. More gel than anything else.

  • Nuxe Cleansing Gel. Really strong cleanser, gets rid of oil, makeup etc but doesn’t help with blackheads and sometimes can leave my skin feeling a bit too clean and tight. Also the scent is too much.

    • I didn’t experience any tightness after using the gel. Maybe it’s because I don’t have dry skin?

  • Hey Lily, I tried that micellar water but didn’t like it much! It leaves my skin a bit tacky, and I think it stings my eyes a little. The only NUXE product I swear by is the honey lip balm. Other than that not much has knocked my socks off, but then again I haven’t tried that many NUXE products either!

    • I’m with you here. Nothing really wowed me except for the lip balm.

  • Oh Lily, I didn’t like these much either. I so prefered the previous line with green tea & roses, that one was total HG for me. The smell wasn’t as strong and the micellar water was milder & more effective on me.

    • I don’t think I saw any green tea ones. I would have wanted to try that. Haha!