And Then, There Was None

I think it’s that time of year again. I usually use up more skincare around this time, then I’d replenish and most will be gone 6 months or a year later. So, don’t be surprised to see lots of skincare here. I just want to list down some things I used up, because I’m keeping track of what I have consumed, what I liked and what I didn’t.



The picture looks rather crappy because it is. Took it when it was really dark, and those I took with flash just looked even crappier. It was one of those lazy days – I didn’t set up proper lighting >_< Anyway, I’d like to talk about those serums first. I’m a serum junkie because they’re potent and most of them work. I love the Diorsnow Anti Spot Serum and also the Guerlain P.E.A.R.L.. The Clarins one, well, compared to the other two, isn’t much of a love. More of just a like. I have reviewed them before, so please click on the links if you wish to know more.

I recently talked about that Nuxe skincare set, and also the Murad samples, so I won’t say much. I’ve enjoyed the Vichy Normaderm foam cleanser a lot and I’m sad that I can’t replenish. I bought this when I was in Singapore, so the next time I’m there, I’d stock up. Oh Vichy, why did you leave?

There are only 2 makeup items here and they are the Benefit Powderflage¬†and MAC False Lashes mascara. I’ve had that MAC mascara for ages but never used it much. Then after using it for about 2 weeks, my eyes started to itch. That taught me to use my mascaras ‘fresh’ rather than just saving them for later. My bad. I’m going to use those older ones I haven’t opened and the newer ones for later.

I’m happy to see so many empty bottles, but I’m also feeling the pinch because I had to buy new serums. I am on a mission to use up a couple of moisturizers, so hopefully I’ll be able to include them in the next empties post… you know, just so I could say “See? I actually use the stuff I have. I don’t just hoard”.


xoxo Lily