Charming My Socks Off: Ombres Matelassees De Chanel in Charming

I want to make this a short one, because I’m typing this at the very last minute and yet, I want to show you. If you didn’t know already, I’m not a big fan of Chanel eye palettes because we get the baked ones here. However, this palette I’m going to show you is not baked and also, it’s a neutral palette. I can never have enough neutrals (somebody please stop me!) and I got sucked into this one because it just looked too good to pass. Look at that cult Chanel quilt motif on the eye shadows!



charming2 charming3 charming4


Doesn’t it look gorgeous? The eye shadows are of satin texture. The only shade that blings a little, just a little, is the middle bronze gold shade. The palette is very versatile. The shades are quite complete too, because there is a highlight shade (light beige), a crease shade (warmer beige), an iridescent golden bronze, a satin dark brown if you prefer a smokier look and a sooty violety plum (which looks grey to me) that’s great for lining the eyes. The colours can be built up in pigmentation and there is minimal fallout. The violety plum is a little drier, but it still blends well with a brush. I also tried using the dark brown on my brows and it works great. Not too warm for me, and just the right amount of pigment. I have a very warm skin tone, but these colours are quite neutral and it suits nearly everyone.


charming5 charming6


The swatch above is done with my fingers, one swipe only. So you can see, the pigmentation isn’t bad at all. It also lasts on my lids for about 4 hours before creasing but if worn with a primer, I can get longer wear. I used this palette for a night out on Saturday, and it works for a great smokey eye too. This palette retails for RM210 ($80 in the USA) and for 5 nearly full sized shades, it’s definitely worth your dough. Are you gonna get this, or are you neutral-ed out? I think it’s a great Christmas present for anyone just starting out on makeup or even seasoned makeup enthusiasts.


xoxo Lily



  • Liz

    Weird, it’s like the one thing that’s cheaper in Canada ($72-74 here). I saw this in person and thought it wasn’t super great quality-wise, but damn it, it’s PRETTY. I’d probably have caved if I was earning full-time income. YOU ENJOY, LILY!

    • It’s definitely not perfect but so so so pretty!

  • It will be mine! These are so perfect for me it’s not even funny! I so happy you like it!

    • Yes definitely like it. Go get it soon!

  • i will pass since i cannot get any more neutral palette. i would have liked it more if it came out earlier for the fall, not for the holiday.
    having said that, i think you looked gorgeous wearing the shades and there is no doubt this is a great classic! 🙂

    • Thanks Lena. I really shouldn’t have bought another neutral but but. ….. sigh. …

  • Petrina

    I waaaant…. But I have Suqqu palette on its way to me so I shouldn’t …..

    • Ah but this is limited edition so make sure you don’t regret it! Hehehe….. I know, I’m evil :-p

  • If Chanel was cruelty-free, i think I probably would’ve caved. I love everything about this palette pretty much… the colors, the finish, the single shimmery shade… beautiful and would get a ton of use from me for sure

    • Ah that’s a pity. It is a very user friendly palette for sure 🙂

  • Glad you love it! I still can’t bring myself to buy a Chanel eye palette-even if it’s this one! Burned too many times LOL.

  • Hey Lily, I heart this one big time as well! I’d be happy if Chanel does this EVERY season instead of giving us a less-pigmented version of the quad :p

    • Oh, I know what you mean Sunny. I still don’t get the quads. WHY?!?!!!

  • Eh, I can’t bring myself to buy anything from Chanel besides the occasional polish, lol! I just don’t love the brand enough (although I do own Mirifique).

    • Chanel doesn’t usually knock my socks off, but this one, I don’t know. I think it’s got to do with the colour combo 😛

  • I’ve been eyeing this palette! I dropped a serious hint to my boyfriend that it would make a great gift, lol.

    • I hope your boyfriend got the hint, Natalie 🙂

  • geee…..I saw this on display at the counters yesterday, and I am not too sure if this is no-go or what. I regretted for not getting last year’s eyeshadow from the holiday collection. Uuuurrrgggghhhhhhh

    • That’s the thing about LE stuff – and that’s why I get sucked in most of the time. It’s the thought of “I won’t be able to get it later!” that pushed me to buy. Hahaha!