Let’s Paint The Town Red: My Red Lipsticks

Many people are intimidated by the colour red. Some love it, some shy away from it. I never wore bright red lips before I started the blog and I admit, the first time felt scary yet liberating. I have since accumulated some reds, from sheer to bold, from warm reds to darker reds. There are still a few reds I want because let me tell you one thing. Once you’ve started wearing red, you can’t stop.



If you are unsure about wearing red lips, I suggest going sheer. Start off with something super easy to wear, then slowly make your way up to bolder shades. I have a few affordable ones for you here. Chunky Cherry Clinique Chubby Stick is the sheerest for a tint of red, then Cherry Tart for almost there but not so opaque red. Both are flattering because they are a little glossy. Then comes the va va voom Really Red which is matte but can also toned down to a beautiful stain.


red1 swatch


If you prefer something more decadent and luxurious, then you can try out some of these babes here.




Lunasol and Guerlain Shine Automatique are very easy to wear because they are balmy in texture and can be easily sheered out. No matter how many layers you wear, they don’t turn fully opaque. Red Beige is definitely a transition colour for those who shy away from reds, and Lou-Ling is a berry shade. When worn as a stain, it looks more pink but after layering it on, it looks like a brighter red. Rouge Dior is one of my favourite lipstick formulas and Guipure is a warm brownish red. Estee Lauder Cherry Passion is a very pigmented bold red not for the faint hearted.


red2 swatch


Then comes the liquid formula. I don’t have many, but I love these 2 to death. Guerlain L’Extrait in Luxure is by far my favourite red and Shiseido Laquer Rouge in Nocturne is a darker version – more like a blood red that is very sexy.


red3 red3 swatch


Does any of these catch your attention? Do you wear red lips often? I am eyeing a few, namely Shiseido Dragon and the dark red gloss from Charlotte Tilbury’s Vampy collection. What’s your favourite red?


xoxo Lily



  • I think sooner or later I’ll cave in and purchase Luxure! I’m actually a little surprised Guerlain hasn’t added more shades to the line-up, because the formula is hands down the BEST among what I’ve tried! My beginner’s red is Guerlain Coque d’Or, then at some point I just went to the extremely pigmented side of things LOL

    • I agree. Guerlain really should add more shades to their L’Extrait line. Beautiful formula! Makes me want to get all of them, but that would be a little crazy. Too many lipsticks at the moment. I wonder if liquid lipsticks go bad faster than the rest… What do you think?

  • Catherine @ bcrueltyfree

    The last two definitely stand out to me. I love reds, which is new to me really, but I tend to do sheerer reds in everyday like you suggested. There’s a Tarte glamazon lipstick that’s amazing can’t remmeber the shade but it feels so moisturizing yet is CRAZY pigmented. I got one of those Clinique Chubby sticks in a GWP a while back and was excited about it, I love how it felt but for some reason it migrated outside my lip line a lot, which really hasn’t happened to me with any other lip product before

    • Oh, I’ve read about those Tarte ones, and they look great. I hope the local Sephora will be bringing those lipsticks in, and that they’re not overpriced. I’m sorry to hear about the Chubby Sticks! I didn’t experience it myself though…

  • Oh I’m liking Clinique’s Chunky Cherry & Dior’s Guipure! I haven’t worn red in ages and must admit I’m now a little intimidated by it. There’s also the fact that I tend to go darker on the eyes these days and red, at leat the darker ones, would make the look too heavy.

    • Oh Helene, rules are meant to be broken. I think darker eyes and red lips are super sexy!!

  • Liz

    Nocturne is a hot babe! Hubba hubba.

    This is reminding me how much I loved that stupid lip butter in Candy Apple Red and how the product got all mashed up inside the tube. I think sheer reds are so beautiful – need to find a non-Revlon Lip Butter version! Maybe I’ll try Chunky Cherry.

    • Yes, maybe you should try Chunky Cherry. I’ve swatched the Intense ones – I think there was a red and also a rose that are very pretty. They’re not sheer, but I’m sure they’re pretty worn as a stain with gloss on top šŸ™‚

  • They are all so pretty! But you know, I’m kind of hating red lips on me lately. I feel like they make me look really old and small lipped lately. I think it’s the grey hair haha.

    • No way! I see some really old women here, grandmothers, with grey hair and all, and they look great with red lips on. Maybe try a glossy formula?

  • Sexy! I love reds šŸ™‚ I don’t think I have any of the same ones, though!

    • Out of all of them, you don’t have any? Wow… you gotta show me your reds so I can see what I’m missing. LOL!

  • i’m still afraid of wearing red lippies with full color payoffs.
    i love love the EL Cherry Passion. what a great color!
    i reach for revlon cherry tart often since it is quite easy to wear without being too much.
    great collection you have! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Lena. I remember my first bold red was Revlon’s Really Red. I didn’t dare to wear it out so I toned it down to a stain. LOL!

  • “…try out some of these babes”, LOL! I don’t wear red often because I feel like it demands minimal eye makeup. I usually do my eyeshadow first and then realize OOPS – too elaborate for red lips! I also have pretty large n’ in charge lips and red REALLY brings the focus on them, so I do tend to shy away from that! However, I’ve been jonesing for sheer red options lately! I also fell in love with NARS Baroque from the Lip Fling kit which looks quite red on me!

    • Ah, you see, elaborate eyes with statement lips = va va voom. Statement lips on sexy pouty full lips = awesome nose bleed!! Rules are meant to be broken after all šŸ˜›