Serendipity? No, Stupidity: My Underused MAC Palette

I have a stupid amount of eye shadows. I take all the criticisms about my spending habits, but I did accumulate these over time. I didn’t buy them all in one day. Still, it doesn’t justify all the other purchases. I mean, I WAS happy getting these, thinking yay! I have all these different colours for so many different looks, for like thousands of eyes!! Woots!!!



When I read blog posts about MAC a couple of years back, I’d be all goo goo ga ga, heading over there to check out the new shiny things. Lately though, I’ve been meh. I haven’t stepped in a MAC store for more than a year. I haven’t even been using my MAC stuff. Whenever posts about MAC pop up in my reader, I always tell myself to pull out this MAC palette and actually use the eye shadows. Now, finally, I have this on my vanity. I’ve been using them now and then, but I’m not impressed anymore. I tried to remember how much I used to like them, but you know, people change, feelings change, expectations change.




Most of these shades are very lightly used, if ever. A couple were nicked here and there because of my super strength in de-potting, but 90% of them are in pristine condition. They’re going to my blog sale. I think it’s better for them to be in a home where they’ll be loved. Right? I’m so sorry, my MAC shadows. I’ll try to find you a new home asap.

Am I the only stupid one here? Perhaps, is this an illness? Gah… if my husband read this, eeee…. OOPS!!!


xoxo Lily