Tagged! 5 Makeup Products I’d Pick In A Pinch

Tagged, I’m it! Tracy caught me! This is my first tag post, actually, and I thought it might be fun doing it. The tag is of course the said title, 5 makeup products I’d pick in a pinch. It’s quite hard to pick just 5 you know… on a daily basis, I already use 2-3 products just for base! So in the end, I will probably show you products that multi task!



1. Base for face – RMS ‘un’ cover up is great as concealer and foundation. It doesn’t get too oily on me and it has a dewy finish.

2. Eye shadow – I’d pick an ashy brown because it can be used on the brows as well as defining the eyes.

3. Mascara – This one is not a multi tasker but I can’t live without it. I can skip liner but can’t skip mascara.

4. Cheek and Lip – My choice is Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. I love how it looks on the skin and it can double as lip colour.

5. Setting powder – this one is essential for me so I won’t miss it no matter what. To complement the other products here, I choose Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle powder foundation to set everything (since base and cheeks are cream products).

Here is the finished look. The photo is quite warm because it’s taken later in the afternoon – golden afternoon sun 🙂




What about you? Since it’s a tag, I think I have to tag some people too, right? I tag…ALL OF YOU! If you blog and haven’t been tagged this, you’re it! No blog? Just comment below 🙂


xoxo Lily