The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

What am I going to write? I can just say, I don’t like this and be done with it. But then again, what’s the fun in that? Instead of telling you what I don’t like about it, why don’t I tell you what I wish it could have been? That will be a more positive way of looking at things, right? LOL! No, I don’t think so. It’ll just come out as sarcastic and I can’t help it 😛


cleansing butter 1

cleansing butter 2


I would have loved it if the cleansing butter came in a glass jar instead of a light tin that goes ‘piak’ when I slap it. It was very unsatisfying. Maybe a glass jar with camomile flakes in it to make it look super pretty and luxurious. I wish the butter really felt like butter. I prefer my cleansing butters and cleansing balms to be rich and creamy not like frozen lard.


cleansing butter 3 cleansing butter 4


When applied on the skin, it would have been awesome if the balm just melted away, diffusing a relaxing pleasant scent. It’s like aromatherapy and cleanser in one, but this didn’t. I suppose some would have preferred it this way, without any particular scent. I might have detected something, but it was so light I couldn’t figure out what it was. I like my cleansing butters to wash off, or maybe like cleansing oils, emulsify, and leave my skin soft and supple. This one leaves a film of something on my skin. I have to wash it away with another cleanser to make my skin feel clean. I wish this had something to entice me to keep using it, but after a few times of using it, I just put it aside. I’m a narcissist, not a masochist.




In short, if your preferences differ from mine, you will probably like this one. A product is not meant to cater to everybody’s taste, and I’m sure there are some who like this sumptuous cleansing butter. To me though, sumptuous is a little misleading. I wish I could have been more professional in writing this review instead of being an ass. Sometimes it’s refreshing to be a little naughty. Nice is boring. Well, not nasty enough to be a real bitch about it, but you know, just enough to still be safe. Cowardly bitchy? Hahahahaha!

I wish I didn’t have so much fun saying I wish. I wish I tested this product properly before buying. I wish I didn’t buy this. I wish I could stop now.

OK. Last wish granted.


xoxo Lily