50 Random Things About Me

We’ve all established that I am a narcissist, and I need a break from makeup and skincare. So now, I’m just going to assume that you’re interested to know 50 random things about me, something that I saw on good ol’ YouTube. It might be easier to watch people talking really fast, so if you can speed read, good for you! If not, erm, you can prepare some snacks and drinks, and maybe a bottle of wine 😛


random selca


  1. Nothing is in order of importance, everything is jumbled up, just like my mind
  2. I have only 1 younger brother, and I sometimes want an older brother. Or older sister. Nah, older brother might be better.
  3. I’m fickle, but you already know that
  4. I am temperamental
  5. Don’t mess with me or you’ll regret it
  6. I sometimes talk big and then chicken out when it really happens
  7. I got drunk the first time when I was a first year uni student. Those ‘friends’ gave me beer then champagne, after a long day of hockey match. Bloody Aussies.
  8. Naturally, that would be the first time I puked due to alcohol.
  9. On the stairs of the dorm
  10. I tried to clean my own vomit until someone found me. Yes, I was still drunk. Bloody Aussies.
  11. I only have a few best friends and they’re Aussies. Bloody Aussies
  12. I am sarcastic
  13. People say I look fierce and arrogant when I don’t smile. I’m sorry I don’t have a permanent smile etched on my face, so get over it
  14. I watch K-dramas even though I don’t speak Korean. Thank you subtitles.
  15. I’d secretly dream I’m one of the characters. Not so secret anymore, eh?
  16. I wear my emotions on my sleeves
  17. If I don’t like you, you’d know
  18. I don’t really give a hoot about what others think of me, but when it comes to family, I’m sensitive
  19. I play the piano since I was 4 years old
  20. I have perfect pitch
  21. Playing by ear is peanuts to me
  22. My parents used to treat me like a performing monkey
  23. I have double jointed fingers
  24. Because of that, I always hurt my fingers when I played volleyball
  25. I do neat party tricks with my fingers
  26. I am born with a flexible body, but age is slowly taking that away from me
  27. I’m only 5’3″
  28. And I weigh more than a whale
  29. I never cussed until I was at uni.
  30. I lost my virginity when I was… ahahahahaha! You wish!
  31. I can type about 80 words per minute
  32. I started makeup only during my first pregnancy
  33. I paid for personal makeup training (6 classes) which covered the very basics and then picked up from YouTube.
  34. That makeup coach said I was naturally talented.
  35. My piano teacher also said I was musically gifted since I’d get a Distinction in my exams even though I never practiced.
  36. I wish these talents could earn me more money
  37. I am married to my childhood sweetheart
  38. I have 2 girls, planning for another, maybe, I’m not sure
  39. My armpit hair is straight and fine. I can get away with not shaving or waxing. Yes, call me a bitch, I can take it.
  40. I never had braces but I wish my teeth were longer
  41. I have problems wearing sunglasses – I don’t have a bloody nose bridge. WTF
  42. I believe that sometimes, things are NOT meant to be said during lunch time, like how raspberry jam looks like period, which made my college mate choke.
  43. I think my boobs are too big. Gravity wins too easily.
  44. I am a Leo
  45. My second toe is longer than my big toe
  46. I swim – freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, but not butterfly. My husband used to represent the country at the Olympics – swimming butterfly. Irony.
  47. I try not to think about the downers in life. Some call it naivete but the way I see it, you gotta keep things positive. I’m not stupid or oblivious, I just don’t want to think about it.
  48. I have violent tendencies. When I read about people abusing children, people raping others, people abusing helpless animals, I’d start thinking how to abuse those asswipes – the slowest, most painful torture ever. They deserve it.
  49. Love chocolates, cappuccino, tea. Hate celery, bittergourd, cinnamon
  50. I still blush reading some of your sweetest comments.

If you’re here, *applause* you’re awesome! Since this is a tag, I hope everyone reading this will do it! I don’t want to tag anyone specifically, because when there are too many tags going around, it gets bothersome. So, if you think it’s cool, and if you want us to know you better, DO THIS! I know I want to get to know all of you better, because 51. I’m nosy. If you’re going to blog about it, leave your link in the comments below! 52. I love getting comments 🙂


xoxo Lily



  • Cecilia Wong

    You remind me of me 🙂 except for the musical talent and swimming prowess.

    • Aaw, you’re my buddy! Hehehe

  • Hahahaha u r so funny, Lily! I just love reading all your posts cos I feel ur writing portray your true self! Awesome! If I ever do this title, I will let u noe! Hahahah

    • Thanks Liyuen. Yes, do let me know if you do this! I’d love to know more about you 🙂

  • Victoria

    Hahaha..your post really made me laugh this morning. Your husband must be famous eh? I follow our country’s athletes in swimming over the last 10-15 years so I am sure he would have appeared in the newspapers. Now, I wonder if I can find him on Google…LOL

    • I hope you had a good morning then, Victoria 😛 You might have heard his name before…. email me if you figured it out. Hahaha!

  • Stop being so adorable! LOL!
    I envy you your musical talents and cunning fingers! Surely something could be done with those to pay back those bloody Aussies 😀

    • Hhmmm…. I wonder… maybe my fingers could wiggle their way into their …. nah, I was a handful. Those bloody Aussies had nothing on me. NOTHING!

  • Ting

    I have so much fun reading this, Lily! HAHA! Bloody Aussies eh? Your best friends should read this!! 😛

    I have so many similarities with you, Lily! I love Leos (me husband = Leo, mum = Leo, boss = Leo!!!!)!! Oh I am surrounded by Leos in my life!! 😀 I also have 2 girls, and I started watching youtube makeup tutorials after my first pregnancy. You know, sitting there for an hour on end expressing milk… nothing much to do. I had to express milk in office so that’s the time I picked up a lot of tips from the internet! 😀 Before this, I was just a “slick of black eyeliner, translucent powder” sort of girl. :p

    I also was trained in piano but don’t have perfect pitch! I used to hate the listening exam where you had to say “major third”, or “perfect 5th” etc when the examiner made a combination of 2 notes… I really envy some of my friends who are perfect pitch. HOW THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT??!??!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Ting. I wrote it in like 10 minutes. Hehehe… I didn’t watch YT when I was expressing milk. I was more intrigued with the length of the nipples. How long could they get?!?!?!!!! Hahahahah! And honey, we’re BORN with perfect pitch. LOL!

  • HAHAHA man see now I love you even MORE! We ‘re a lot alike actually! I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 years old and have perfect pitch too! I used to get First Class Honours on the exams and didn’t practice either-bugged the HECK out of my teacher who was a nun LOL. My daughter is a Leo and you sound a lot like here actually. LOVE LOVE this. I think I’ll try to do this too-I still have to do the perfect palette one-I took all the pics I just have to write it. That’s so cool about your hubby! Which Olympics did he compete in?

    • Weeee…. Tracy loves me!!!! High 5, you musical genius. I know what you mean… the teacher couldn’t get me to practice because I know I’d ace it anyway. She was SOOOO frustrated, she told my mom I was lazy. HAHAHA!! Yes, DOOOOOO EEEEEEET!! The last Olympics he went to was Sydney 2000 and his first one was Barcelona, I think 🙂

  • Haha I had to Google double jointed fingers! They look neat! Also, is it wrong that I’m getting excited about the possibility of you having a third baby? LOL That’d be cool! I grew up with two siblings and there’s so much dynamics among the kids when it’s more than 2 🙂

    • Well, if we have the opportunity to meet, I’d show you some tricks, Sunny. Haha! I’m getting a little more excited about the thought of having another baby, but I’m dreading the sleepless nights to come. Eeks!!

  • awww Lily! This post has made me like you even more. Not only you’re talented but you are “bloody” funny (is it okay to say it like this? Have no idea. LoL). Reading all 52 was a breeze! ;p

    • Hahaha Thanks Lena. You guys don’t use ‘bloody’? LOL! Maybe it’s a Malaysian thing. And yes, you bloody used it right 😛

  • So funny! You always crack me up, Lily.

    And your husband – that’s so cool! 😀 Do your daughters swim, then?

    • Haha thanks Larie, I think. We send them for swimming classes, Ashlyn is a natural but Chloe is much more reserved. We do get asked if they’ll be swimming competitively, but we’re not going to push it until they’re ready 🙂

  • Wheeeee I loved this, you’re one of the funniest people I know. And please, this list hardly needs a bottle! Maybe half a glass? At most? LOL’d so hard at your alcohol story, although yikes that does not sound fun. Loved learning more about you 🙂 I shall not be partaking in this tag because I can’t even come up with a list of 10. Seriously, every time I had those school interviews where they’d ask “so what’s something interesting about yourself?” *cue 5 minutes of laughing while I desperately try to think of something*

    • It’s different for school interviews, MM. You can’t tell them your naughty stories and in a more serious environment like that, I’d have a problem telling them just 5. LOL! Ah, maybe when we meet, I’ll get a whole bottle of wine in you and you’ll start spilling. Hahaha!

  • Liz

    We need to drink wine together.

    • Liz

      I said more than that! Where’s the rest of my comment???????? GAH.

      • Liz


        • LOL sorry, don’t know what happened with the comments. I like that you commented a few times though. Shows you REALLY love me. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • LOL love this! Know what you mean about bloody Ausies, been there (to Australia I mean). Swimming? I’m a technician and I’ve got perfect technique but for the life of me can’t butterfly either but can teach it! Hubby was the best fly swimmer I ever saw! Cat until last year was a competitive swimmer but now she prefers music! Perfect pitch hum, I wish!!!

    How about a bottle of dark rum? Then maybe not, I’d probably get sick before you! 🙂

    • I love my Aussie buddies to death 🙂 You know, I haven’t had any dark rum before. Maybe I should have a taste one day!

  • My friends used to said that if your second toe is longer than your big toe means you have a lot of savings hehe :D. My high school years was all about hoping for a longer second toe lol 😛

    • HAHAHAHA really? I also heard the opposite. I guess whatever rhymes 😛

  • You’re dope on a rope, Lils. I always find something that makes me smile here on this blog, regardless of what the post is about! I always appreciate your real-ness and no fear approach to whether or not someone will like you. I’ve definitely worried too much about pleasing people in the past but I’m growing out of that more and more. I’ve always admired people who didn’t care what other people thought of them because it was so opposite of me! Oh and my fiance also represented the country in the Olympics. UMMM…JUST KIDDING! That’s kind of amazeballs.

    • Ah Kristen. I used to worry what people thought too and I’d do things to please others. I think this don’t care attitude comes with age, and also because I’ve had enough. Life’s too short to be someone else, and life is WAY too short to compromise what makes us happy most! So I don’t even spend much time trying to please others so they will like me. I am who I am so take it or leave it. Of course, that comes with a disclaimer such as “…as long as I don’t hurt others, as long as I’m still within my ethical boundaries, etc…” LOL!

  • Love your positivity! And so cute that you’re married to your childhood sweetheart 🙂 But I must disagree strongly with one little thing.. CINNAMON IS AWESOME!!! 😉

    • Hahaha! To each her own. I’d love it if you’d do the tag too 🙂

  • sgrmse.

    you’re HILARIOUS! high five on 13 & 27!! 😀

    • Lily

      High 5 🙂