Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection: The Eye Palette

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eye Palette (RM290) is part of the Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood collection where there is also a sexy red lipstick and shiny gold glosses. I will separate the collection to 2 posts, today dedicated to eyes, and the next post, on lips. Let’s leave the talk about the packaging, since the pictures show everything you need to know, and get right to the eye shadows 🙂


Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eye 1

Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eye 2 Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eye 3


The eyeshadows look great. Just look at it. Isn’t it a glorious palette of browns golds and glitters? If you’ve used Bobbi Brown eye shadows before, you’d know that her glitter eye shadows are sheer but not gritty, the metallic ones are more pigmented with a beautiful sheen, and I love her mattes. Ivory is best for subtle highlight under the brow bone and Beige is great for subtle crease definition. Eclipse and Fog are drier and sheerer than what I would have liked. They are the darkest colours in the palette, and I would have liked them to be more pigmented and buttery. I will save Eclipse for liner action only, because it does go on the lids patchy. This is the only shade I have trouble blending. You will see in the look below that this is the only problem shade.

In this palette, my favourite shades have to be Ivory, Beige and Candlelight Gold. Candlelight Gold goes on smoothest and is the most pigmented. The glitter shades provide a sheer veil of high shimmer and it is best, I find, to layer them on top of eye shadows. I experience very little fall downs from these glitters. The swatches below don’t do the glitters justice. They are like liquid gold in real life, but the sunlight cannot capture it.


Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Eye swatch

Ivory, Golden Pink, Gold, Opal, Fog, Beige, Chocolate Bronze, Candlelight Gold, Eclipse




  • Top left: Candlelight Gold on lids, Fog on outer corner, Beige on the crease and Ivory under brow bone. Then pat Golden Pink at the centre of the lids

This is the most complex look I created using this palette. It’s great for a night out, and can be paired with both bold and nude lips. I like this look best.

  • Top right: Chocolate Bronze over Beige on entire lid, Ivory under brow bone

This is the simplest look, most wearable, some bling on the eyes, but not too much.

  • Bottom left: Eclipse on inner and outer third of the lids and Opal at the centre of the lids, Ivory under brow bone

You can see how dry the black is, and if you trust my blending skillz, you’d know I can do better than that 😛

  • Bottom right: Ivory all over lid and under brow bone, Eclipse on the outer corner, Beige +Fog on the crease

I wanted to show you that you can also create a matte eye look using this palette. It’s not just bling everywhere, even though this is a holiday collection palette 🙂

Which eye look do you like best? I think this palette is great for those who are looking for high shine glitters which are really fine and more subtle. It’s a great palette for parties, but I’ve already showed you how you can also use it for every day without shiny bits on your lids. I would have LOVED this palette if Fog and Eclipse are much more pigmented or maybe swap a few glitters out for metallic eye shadows.

What do you think about this palette? Is it too glittery for you?


xoxo Lily


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