Femme Boulevard: Celebrating 2014

** Photos are taken using my phone camera. I left my camera in my husband’s car, and this post was due!! Darn last minute work **


It is December 28. A few more days and we bid adieu to the year that was. I say “time flies” every year, and it becomes more apparent the more I age. I see my daughters grow so fast, but I don’t feel any older. In fact, playing with them makes me feel much younger again 😛 I mean, I have to bring out my inner child if I were to chase around little children pretending to be monsters right? LOL! Anyway, I’ve been quite smitten with Ebloui lately, and with it, I created 2 looks for New Year’s Eve. One is for a quiet lunch with loved ones, and another perhaps for a night out with the girlfriends.




Since Ebloui is a very warm reddish brown, I have to make sure my face and eyes are properly concealed. Any dark circles might be emphasized so the cleaner the ‘canvas’, the better. For the base, I used RMK Liquid Foundation before concealing with NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. For more coverage, I set with Lancome Maqui Blanc Powder Foundation. All these coverage will make the skin look quite flat, so I used NARS Laguna as a bronzer-cum-contour to give the face more dimension. It is important to keep the brows defined so everything comes up nice and clean.


face products cheeks products


For the first look, it’s a simple Ebloui all over the lid with black liner and mascara. I kept the cheeks and lips neutral and a little bare, so the focus is on the eyes. For blush, I used Rouge Bunny Rouge in Starina and on the lips, I wore Rouge Dior in Grege.


day products day look 1


Now for a night out. I wanted something dramatic to show you how bold it can get. There is some silver shimmer on Ebloui itself, but for this look, I used a warm golden glitter on top. Of course, plenty of black liner and mascara for the extra Oomph. I didn’t want the cheeks to clash too much, so I kept Starina on, but for the lips, I switched Grege for something very dramatic. This is Estee Lauder Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in 04 Ruby Glow. It’s a deep dark blood red that is super sexy!

Apologies for the inconsistent colour balance – phone camera and all that >_<


night products night look 1 night look 2


So, how do you like these 2 looks above? Which look would you wear? Is the second look too bold? Should I have toned it down? That last photo basically shows me thinking “This 1001th photo better bloody work, goshdarnit!!”

Let me know in the comments below. I hope you have a fun New Year’s Eve celebration and hopefully the looks above provided you some inspiration. Otherwise, just click on the “Looks” tab for more choices! 

My friend Lilit has also prepared a New Year’s Eve look for you, so remember to check out her version!


xoxo Lily