Last Empties for 2013

It’s that time again. The time to declare that I use up as much as I buy. OK, who am I kidding? It’s the time to say, hey I used up these things, so I really don’t have that bad an addiction!




As usual, most are skincare and I have reviewed them before. One is the Guerlain moisturizer which I really liked, another moisturizer from Estee Lauder and the few samples of the Murad serum.  There is also a sample of the Dior Capture Totale serum that I used up. This is something that I will definitely purchase, after I use up the serums I have at the moment. It makes my skin feel and LOOK more refined but the price sucks everything out of my wallet 🙁

I have also been using the Biore makeup remover wipes a lot lately, because I prefer to remove my makeup before I workout – and I workout after work. Have you seen some women going to the gym or a workout class with a full face of makeup, black liners and even smokey eyes? I don’t know what to think of that >_<

The Peter Thomas Roth powder mineral sunscreen was really nice to have, but after a while, the brush really got to me. It felt too scratchy, and I couldn’t seem to get the powder out (so I could use my own brush), so this is a toss. Sad, really, because the thought of reapplying sunscreen throughout the day made me so happy!

Mascaras. Do not hoard mascaras. They are not for you to hoard because it’s like a race against time, and a race against their dry out time. I have much love for this Lancome Doll Eyes mascara and used it well. However, the Dior rotating mascara dried out before I could really use it, and the sample from Estee Lauder was probably dry when I received it. Out of my drawer and into the bin they go. The same goes to my favourite gel liner from Bobbi Brown. It still worked well, but it’s been in my stash for more than 2 years and I don’t feel comfortable using it even though it didn’t smell off or give my eyes allergic reactions.

Last but not least, the Shu Uemura UV Base Mousse. I got that before I started the blog, so that’s nearly 3 years old. When it comes to base products, I only keep them for a maximum of 3 years. The “what ifs” always creep me out.

It breaks my heart to toss out makeup, so I’m doing it slowly. Have you tossed out or used up anything lately?


xoxo Lily