Urban Decay Smoked Look Book 3 Smouldering & 4 Matte

I’m assuming most of you have read the review of the Smoked Palette and also the first couple of looks I created according to the Look Book. If not, the links are <here> and <here>. I’ve been wanting to post these looks 3 and 4 but I’ve been putting it off. I wish I could give you a good reason, but in all honesty, I was just lazy šŸ˜› Without much ado…


smoked eyeshadows1


Smouldering: Great for a sexy look that works at the office and transitions right into after-hours activities

  1. Apply Freestyle from crease to brow
  2. Highlight entire brow bone with Kinky, blending it well into Freestyle
  3. Tightly trace Barlust along lower lash line. Go all the way across, it can be ever so slightly thicker at the outer corner
  4. Apply Barlust on upper eyelid, from outer to inner corner. Go for an intense application, right up to the crease line.
  5. Make sure shadow just meets at the inner corner and has a slightly heavier connection at the outer corner.
  6. Softly blend Barlust out of the crease. The intensity should be toned down and seamless as it meets the brow bone. Downblend if needed to merge the shadows
  7. Line outer 1/3 of upper and lower lash line with a very fine line of Perversion pencil. Be sure to sharpen your pencil first. With a brush, fuse it into the shadow along the lash line.
  8. Apply a little more Barlust on top of Perversion
  9. Reline outer 1/3 of upper lash line with a tight, this line of Perversion. Again, a sharp pencil is essential.
  10. Line the lower waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion pencil
  11. Line the upper waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion. Make sure the upper and lower lines meet.




Matte: Matte shades create a smoky eye with added depth and dimension. The understated texture lets you contour the eye enhancing your own eye shape or creating the illusion of a whole new one.

  1. Apply Freestyle from crease to brow
  2. Highlight entire brow bone with Kinky, blending it well into Freestyle
  3. Using Perversion pencil, line upper and lower lash line, about halfway across, from the outer corner toward the inner. Smudge
  4. Sweep Backdoor all the way across lower lash line blending it into the pencil. The shadow should be thick and smudgy at the outer corner. Make sure the edges look soft and fuzzy. The shadow should be more sheer and blended out at the inner corner.
  5. Lightly dust Backdoor on upper lid, smudging it out so that the inner corner is the most blended out
  6. Work Backdoor into and out of the crease, blending upward
  7. Trace Blackout along upper and lower lines, extending out slightly at the outer corner. Smudge into Backdoor
  8. Apply more Backdoor on outer 1/3 of upper lid and into the crease. Softly blend it up and out, making it seamless with Backdoor
  9. Downblend
  10. Reline outer 1/3 of the eye with Perversion pencil. With a brush, fuse it into the shadow along the lash line. Seamlessly blend pencil with shadow
  11. Line the upper waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion. Make sure the upper and lower lines meet
  12. Optional: Line the lower waterline all the way across with Perversion pencil.




I personally like Look 3 more than 4 and it’s also easier to work with Barlust (Look3) than Backdoor (Look4) on the lids. Backdoor is very pigmented, and any mistakes will just look super messy and dirty. Barlust is much easier to blend while Backdoor is a little more stiff. Look4 is much darker than the rest so far, and also my least favourite. As you can see in the photo above, Backdoor looks a bit patchy on my lids.

What do you think?


xoxo Lily


  • Both look amazing, but I think I’m loving the matte look a little more! <3
    My question is..does Perversion pencil last on your lower waterlines?

    • Thanks Lena. Perversion lasts better than MAC kohls but from my experience, the Revlon luscious one lasts much longer.

  • I love both!! I think they’re both amazing. But yeah, I’m with Lena-how’s the eyeliner? I’ve always thought about getting it, but wondered how good it was!

    • Hey Tracy. The liner is really soft so it goes on waterlines quite easily but lasting power is moderate. If you want one that stays, try the Revlon luscious liner. That stays on a long time!

  • Oh wow Lily! I would totaly do both on myself! I think look 3 has a slight edge for me. I haven’t taken the time to experiment with some of my new purchases and this is great inspiration. Thanks! xx

    • Wonderful to hear that, Helene. I hope you’ll give it a try!

  • Eeek, so pretty! You’re making me want this palette, but I really don’t need it T_T

    • Lol thanks Larie. There are 12 looks in total so if you like all of them, you can consider getting it? Heh!

  • Oh I love the first look! And wow, what a versatile palette!

    • Versatile it is šŸ™‚ I like that they include a look book so you get all 12 different ways to wear the palette.

  • Weeee….. nice! Anyway what brushes are u using for your eye makeup?

    • Hi Liyuen, I make sure I have the basics like MAC239 for eye shadow, 217 for blending and a pencil brush for smudging šŸ™‚

  • Bella

    Girl, you have some mad skillz!! I have this palette and have never, not even once, used it, so I like these more wearable interpretations of the looks in the book.
    I wish I wouldn’t impulse buy products not available in my country from overseas, so that it would eventually cost more to return them than they are actually worth LOL.

    • Thanks Bella. Since you have this palette, maybe you could try some of the looks yourself too šŸ™‚

  • 4 is so dramatic! Matte shades have this unapologetic quality. There is no light reflection to distract the eyes. They’re JUST. THERE! That’s an amazing amount of drama, and you blended it out so well! 3 is a more wearable version that I’d like to try though šŸ˜‰

    • 3 is definitely more wearable, Sunny šŸ™‚ I think you’ll rock that look!

  • Such gorgeous looks Lily! I love the colours, every time I see them in your blog, I think I have to get it. The only thing is that every time I go to my local Sephora and see this palette, the packaging puts me off because its so huge!

    • LOL! Thanks Sofia. I think the palette is a nice size though. If it’s smaller, the shadows might be of smaller size too. I also like the zip šŸ˜›

      • Oh I’ll be back at the Sephora for another look…

        • Lily

          Haha Sofia. Let me know if you decide to get it!

  • That last look is absolutely gorgeous! Very sophisticated, I think it’s the mattes doing their thing!

    And very merry Christmas to you already.. Hope your days are filled with joy, family & friends!

    • Thanks Isabelle… and Merry Christmas to you too!

  • Liz

    Look 3 is definitely more versatile! But I bet Look 4 looks amazing when you’re all dolled up for a night out.

    • Lily

      Yes, I would think Look4 is really dramatic for a night out. I still think the mattes are unforgiving, but if it’s for a night out, no one will notice. LOL!

  • Gorgeous! My favorite must be the matte look but the first look is beautiful and wearable too. I love how you blend and intensify at the crease. So lovely!

    • Lily

      Thanks Sara. Do you have this palette?

      • Actually, yes I do! I rarely buy UD because of the metallic frost finish but since this one was rather satin and matte, I purchased it too. I rarely wear it though but take it with me for travel sometimes.