Review: Another Favourite Cream Eye Shadow in Laura Mercier Caviar Stick

I hesitate writing this post. There are so many reviews on these Caviar Sticks already, and I thought it would be redundant. Thing is, I really like them, have been using them for nearly half a year, so I want to talk about them anyway, and how they perform on my oily lids.

caviar stick 1


First off, I love the twisty pencil thingamajig. Bobbi Brown does this, and Clinique does this too. However, Clinique’s is a little different. Drier, sheerer. Bobbi Brown compares well to this, and I have to say, the Bobbi Brown one lasts longer on my lids. These Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks are really creamy and pigmented, and they are super easy to blend out. I love that! However, due to its creaminess, lasting powder is compromised. Good thing we have eye primers eh? I bought 2 and they are permanents. As you can see, the sticks are colour coded so you know what you’re getting.


caviar stick 2 caviar stick 3


Amethyst is a shimmery taupey purple which sometimes look browner on the lids. Khaki is a dark warm golden khaki (duh!) which looks even darker on the lids. Both are plenty easy to use. I swipe them on my lids, blend out edges and finish off with mascara. For a smokier look, I’d line my eyes with black pencil liner then use my finger to smudge it out. Smoky eyes in 2 minutes!




These Caviar Sticks are permanents and there are many other shades which are tempting me like chocolate. Probably not a good example since I know someone doesn’t eat chocolate, and some can’t eat dairy but anyway… I’m eyeing Rosegold, Pearl Grey and Sand Glow among many others. Have you tried these? From what I know, many of you love these, and I belong in the majority 🙂 Do you have any shades to recommend? For complete swatches, please refer to Makeup Magpie here. I bought my caviar sticks after reading her post 🙂


xoxo Lily