Beauty Items and the Blog: 2013 Loves

Now that we’re in 2014, and I have shared the general direction I’ll be taking in my personal and blogging life, I can look back. 2013 was quite fun. There were some good beauty finds, and the start of stash shopping has helped me rediscover old goodies… not to mention a break from boring reviews. I mean, what happens after a review of a shiny new product, right? Honestly, I try to use them, but most of the time, I stick to a few products. Stash shopping made me use more of the good old stuff and here are some looks I created.


stash shopping collage


Then there are a few surprising beauty finds. Some didn’t get much love during the initial review, but after some time, I’ve grown to really love them. Revlon Colorstay concealer is one of them. It’s affordable, works great and it’s so easy to use. Another goody from Revlon is its lashliner. Sure, it’s so darn soft, it breaks easily, but hands down it is the only liner that STAYS on my waterline. Also, I tried the Becca Resurfacing Primer before and thought it broke me out. I took it out again to try it, and it doesn’t anymore – but it keeps my T-zone shine free for much longer. It’s now in my every day routine!


oldie but goldie


For base, I’ve been loving powder foundations. Hit pan on one, bought another and I can already see a dip. I find that Lancome offers a wide range of shades to choose from, especially for Asian skin tones. They might be Asian exclusive though, because I noticed the base products here are made in Japan. This powder, Maqui Blanc works really well. Covers well, smooth and natural. Of course, some other foundation loves are RMK, Lunasol and Dior 🙂




Then colours. I really can’t decide. I like my variety and since I’m fickle, I know I won’t be able to just pick one and be happy with it. What I can say is that I have been experimenting with different colours and looks (as stash shopping and Femme Boulevard posts have shown) and it’s been so much fun. I think if I were to pick, then I’d say I’ve been crazy about vampy lips. It doesn’t matter how minimal your makeup is, once you put on the dark lipstick, it’s kapow, instant GLAM!




Then, there are palettes. This year, I bought some palettes I really really love. I don’t think they need any introduction, because I’m sure they’re many of your favourites too!




I know I’m missing blushes, but you know what, I think blushes deserve a post all on its own. Hahahahah! What about yourself? Any product you particular liked, or perhaps some beauty lessons you want to share with us?


xoxo Lily