Blush Rush: 2013 Most Used

You saw most of my favourites and I promised a separate post on blushes. Here it is! I’m just going through them quickly, since I must have talked a lot about MOST of them last year… These are my most used blushes, new or old, so I hope you enjoy!

First, let’s start with something warm.



There’s a bright coral in Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Calypso Coral. It makes me look so bright and happy, this is my absolute favourite. There’s a coral from Dior, a trio from Lancome and another trio from Estee Lauder. Lancome Blush Subtil palette is more balanced, with 2 blushes (a lighter and a darker one) and very pretty subtle highlighter. Review will come some time in the future. The EL one is a little dark, and I usually avoid the stripe on the left, but with a light hand and fluffy brush, everything’s good.

Moving on to something cool? Yes please…




Not all are peachy or coral-y. Roses, pinks and reds are gorgeous too! My favourite pink is NARS Deep Throat though I loath the packaging. Chanel Tumulte has surprisingly stolen my heart and Bobbi Brown Pale Pink is yet another pot rouge. What’s with me and these pot rouge eh? Weird. Then, the dark and mysterious Chanel Rouge. It has to make an appearance. It’s so deep and rich but looks so good on the skin.

If you’re not feeling warm or cool, then maybe something neutral is up your alley? They’re so easy to wear, go with anything and everything so in my opinion, every girl should have at least a neutral blush.




MAC Cremeblend Blush in Ladyblush gives just a tint of warmth on my cheeks. The Lunasol cream blush is similar but lighter and with a whiter base. Rouge Bunny Rouge in Starina is the perfect nude blush which is like skin but peachier. Dior Rose Brazilia looks all sorts of pink and coral, but you know what? Swirl the brush on the whole thing and it’s really neutral! When I have no idea what to wear, I’d pick this. I’m sorry it’s a limited edition though. If only I knew, I’d get a back up!

There were a few others I used throughout the year, but these were the ones I reached for. I never thought I had that many blushes, but erm yeah… oops! What are some of your favourite blushes?


xoxo Lily


  • Oh I love your list. I have to check Dior Coral too. I have Chanel a Rouge but looks awful on me, LOL, therefore I almost never wear it πŸ˜‰

    • Lily

      Oh sorry to hear about Chanel Rouge. I know I have to use a super light hand because it’s so pigmented and red, but it does give the cutest flush!

  • Emma Bovary

    Stunning choices!

    • Lily

      Thanks Emma πŸ™‚

  • Great post! I only have two of the ones you featured (Deep Throat and Ladyblush — also favourites of mine!) so now I’m on a mission to acquire some of these πŸ˜‰

    • Lily

      HAHAHA great to know I’ve created some lemmings for you. Deep Throat is gorgeous! If only that packaging doesn’t melt!

  • What a lovely collection! πŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Thanks Carina πŸ™‚

  • BLUSH. I don’t have any of these! Actually I realized today that I don’t have that ultimate peachy-coral shade that everyone has, LOL.

    • Lily

      Ah, you gotta try Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral! Just sample it and tell me what you think πŸ™‚ Ah wait, don’t know how it’ll match your red hair though…

      • I can still wear cool pink, so I think it’ll work πŸ˜‰

        • Lily

          Oh, then Pale Pink is nice πŸ™‚ Anyway, just give it a try. It’s just makeup! I get compliments every time I wear Calypso Coral.

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    If I had to pick an absolute fave blush, it’d be NARS Deep Throat. Every time wear it, I think DANG. That’s A BLUSH. πŸ˜‰ Love your picks!

    • Lily

      YES! Deep Throat is the best pink blush I’ve tried… no idea why they choose names like that, but whatever rocks their boat I guess.

  • Paritashah26

    I have to try Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge now! have heard so much about these..also Chanel Tumulte looks promising!

    • Lily

      Yes Parita, you HAVE TO try those BB pot rouges. They’re awesome πŸ™‚

  • Sataa Zaidi

    ooh the Chanel and Bobbi Brown blushes in the cool category are so pretty hopefully one day I will own them too πŸ™‚ I love your blush collection you have a very nice range of shades

    • Lily

      Fingers crossed for you Sataa and I hope you’ll give them a try!

  • liyeun

    woot woot~ I like Tumulte, but I dont think it is available here in Malaysia anymore?

    • Lily

      Really? I’m not sure… but I think I picked it up early last year… or was it end of 2012? Time flies!

  • Thanks for posting this! I love a good blush guide =D

    • Lily

      You’re welcome πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • Hmm wow this is hard. I actually think the blushes I used the most last year are the Chanel cream blushes and Dior Coral Glow. I don’t THINK I have that many blushes, but I probably do, since I can’t pinpoint what I reach for the most πŸ˜‰

    • Lily

      I’m sure you have lots of blushes to choose from, Sunny. I have yet to try those Chanel cream blushes! I need to get at least one πŸ™‚

  • Liz

    Hahaha – wooooooooooo, blush! It’s a lovely roundup. You’re such a good blush fiend, Lily. πŸ˜€

    • Lily

      LOL! And when I started makeup, I didn’t think I’d go crazy for blushes…

  • Bella

    I love blush too!!! I took quite a shine (pun recognised) to cream blushes in 2013, my favourites being Chanel Revelation and Affinite, Dior Blushcreme (?name) in Bikini, and Edward Bess Lip and Eye Thingy in Island Rose. I always have Bobbi Brown pot rouge in Rose in my bag, and Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon floating about on my person somewhere. My powder blush regulars are all Nars; I tend to buy Chanel and then never use it. Mac I only use Mocha, Plumfoolery and Dainty. That’s about it!!!

    • Lily

      Hey Bella, what lovely picks!! I’m so sad I missed out on those Dior cream blushes πŸ™ They were hard to find and when I finally found one, they were all sold out. What a shame! I do like NARS blushes, but those rubber packaging annoys me to no end. LOL

  • Victoria

    Everytime I tell myself I do not need another blush, I read a blog post on blush that makes me re-think that statement. Hahahah. I love your blush collection especially Chanel Rogue. I think that the blush would look lovely on me as I have medium skin tone. Do you know how much it retails in Malaysia? I also believe that if I ever decide to own at least one NARS blush in my lifetime, I would purchase Deep Throat as well. Pity about the packaging though and that is the main reason I refrain from buying NARS blushes.

    • Lily

      Hi Victoria, I think Chanel blushes are RM140, but I could be wrong. I just purchased their cream blushes and they retail for RM120 each. Deep Throat IS gorgeous! I might get a palette and depot all of them before I get all annoyed πŸ™‚

  • Loved reading this as I’m a blush fiend as well. I like blushes from NARS, Chanel, and Tarte. I must say though I was surprised by how gorgeous the Physician’s Formula Happy Booster blushes can be. They apply like a dream and give you that effortless flushed look.

    • Lily

      I only have 2 Tarte blushes… I think I overused Exposed for a while, but I do remember really loving it. Haven’t tried anything from Physician’s Formula before though…

  • Wow, those are gorgeous blushes. I recently cleaned up my makeup drawer and the one thing I did was move my blushes in the front. Of all products, blushes are my absolute favorite. Putting on blush in the morning is one of my favorite moments of the day!

    • Lily

      HAHA I usually buy shite loads of eye shadows for no reason, but now my obsession is in blushes!

  • The bobbi brown pots are pretty tempting, if only they were cruelty-free. That Chanel dark blush is GORGEOUS too (I’m pretty sure I’ve written that on another post that featured it, but hey it’s still true)

    • Lily

      And Chanel Rouge IS GORGEOUS! I think it’ll look beautiful on your skin, Catherine πŸ™‚

  • Another coral Dior blush staring at me! Ahhh! The LancΓ΄me trio looks SO pretty! I first thought it was Guerlain by the packaging and overall look.. It looks like such a gorgeous combination. Looking fwd to the review!

    • Lily

      The Lancome one is quite pretty… and I can’t get away from Dior blushes. They’re so easy to use and so pretty πŸ™‚