Dior TRIANON Spring 2014 Collective Swatches and Brief Overview

Yup, Spring collection is officially out, and I just went to swatch these few products for you. I’ve never been a fan of Spring… pink overload and just too much pastel for my liking, but the coral blush of this collection caught my eye. The cream eye shadows are matte, and I thought that was interesting. Thing is, they were mostly sheer and was quite disappointing. I like that instead of lip products, the star palette contains a blush and the bow design is just really feminine and pretty.

So here are the swatches for you so you can have an overview of the colours Dior Spring 2014 has to offer. Warning: SUPER picture heavy!


trianon palettes

trianon 001 trianon 002


I like the eye shadows in Favorite and the blush in Coquette. If only I could swap them!


mono matte mono matte 1 mono matte swatch


The swatches above are done using my fingers and I layered them on THREE TIMES! Otherwise, Celeste, Fantaisie and Songe just don’t show up. At all. Mirage, when applied sheer, could be a great crease shade, and perhaps a brow colour?? Nocturne doesn’t look all that matte to me either.


single es single es swatches


Now onto the 5 color eye shadow palettes. Didn’t really move me much…


5 color es

Swatches are done from centre, then clockwise from top left

5 color 954 swatch 5 color 234 swatch


Now the blushes (RM150 each).


blushes blush swatches


See how beautiful the coral is? I’m so tempted!!


lipsticks lipstick swatches gloss gloss swatches


For lips, I see hot pinks! If only they were a little darker and less bright, then they’d be more wearable – on me anyway. I didn’t try them on my lips (pressed for time) but on my hand, they looked neon.

There’s a Coral Lip Glow which I purchased (RM97) because I loved their original one (used up the tube) so review will be up later. The nail polishes are quite pretty also but this post is already very picture heavy so I left them out.

There are a few primers which were released – an eye primer (RM102), a pore minimizer primer (RM145) and another primer for a more glowy base. I need to try them on to tell you how they are, but there weren’t any samples at the counter. Maybe YOU can tell me how they perform if you’ve tried them already.

Did anything catch your eye?


xoxo Lily


  • WE DON’T GET THE SAME THINGSSS. Which makes me sad, because that gold gloss – ugh, SO PRETTY.

    • Lily

      We don’t get the same things?? Hhmmm… well, if you need me to pick up that gloss for you, just let me know 🙂

  • Icaria

    Oh that light pink in Favorite just might be the deal breaker. Not sure I would use it much. Fantaisie might be a pretty good base and I think I would love Nocturne! I think Rose Crinoline will come home with me! 🙂

    • Lily

      Fantaisie is really really sheer so i suggest you try it out first. I’m all for the lip products so i say yes! Go for it!

  • oh dear you are right about nocturne not being matte. i got mirage and exquise and haven’t tried them yet!

    • Lily

      Oh do let me know how mirage works. If it stays on the lids that is. Lol

      • ok so mirage doesn’t really stay well on me without primer! with primer it is fine, but without it, it fades quite a bit by lunchtime. also, it has very fine shimmer in it. so yeah, i don’t know why they call it matte.

        • Lily

          Oh no, too bad to hear that. Thanks for getting back to me, Joyce. Much appreciated! <3

          • it is pretty… but i think i decided that would be too much work and i would end up not reaching for it. i should have a post up tomorrow but i *think* i’ve decided to return it for something else

            • Oh great. I’ll read your review then 🙂

            • Lily

              And I thought I *might* get it. LOL!

  • mm I think it’s the bows and ribbons that’s putting me off as much as the colours. The cream shadows don’t look like much either do they? I’m just not a bows and ribbons gal although the lip products do have me taking a second look. Wallet is safe, I’m back to snoozing my way through Spring 2014 🙂

    • Lily

      Yes my wallet is usually safe for spring. Can’t wait for fall actually!

  • Aside from the pastel color, the shadow shades are nice. I’m just not into the cutesy colors, I don’t know. Can’t imagine this collection would work well on much of a range of skintones. The lip colors seem nice though

    • Lily

      The eye palettes are too pastel for my liking but I know some of my friends go gaga over these sheer colours. I just hope spring collections come and go and skip summer to fall already.lol

  • Liz

    Pastel is one thing but all this chalky sheerness is something else. You’d look awesome in Exquise, Lily!!! Trust me, it’s the only thing worth getting from this collection! LOL (I’m waiting to see the coral lip glow in person.)

    • Lily

      I should post the review on the lip glow soon since it might be gone. I was told it is limited edition.

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    I always think Dior Collections look so pretty in the promos, but when I go see them and swatch them I’m always MEH about them. I was never a fan of their eyeshadows to be honest, but I think they make great lip products! Maybe a pink lippie for me will come home, but then again none of them look all that original.

    • Lily

      I have lots of Dior eye shadows because I love them. Most of them anyway. But these… a bit sheer for me but their spring collections tend to be like that.

  • liyeun

    I should have checked the rouge diors too! Damn i love the two pinks. Anyway i have Favourite and as much as i like the eye shadows, the green is kinda sheer. The blush, however, is more like a baby pink shade on me. Love!

    • Lily

      Can’t go wrong with Rouge Dior, Liyuen!

      • liyeun

        Honestly, I am a lil’ disappointed with Dior this spring. Based on my first impression, I only like Favourite, and I got it in an instant. Love the packaging and the blush, and that’s it. After seeing this collection over and over again, only the pinks in Rouge Dior got me interested. Wanted to try the glow maximizer and pore minimizer too, no samples. Haih. Quite a big collection, yet nothing much.

        • Lily

          LOL! I like Favorite as well, but according to the SA, Coquette seems to get more demand. The entire collection leans to sheerer pigmentation and it might be deliberate too. I don’t know. I never liked Spring collections, from any brand. Heh!

  • Oh I’d love to read about that Coral Lip Glow! I haven’t tried the formula yet, and it seems fitting that if/when I do, I’ll start with a coral one 😉

    • Lily

      Ah yes, thing is, I was told the coral one is limited edition. I hope they make it permanent because it’s very pretty!

  • Woa, so pretty!!! Shouldn’t have looked!!! 😮
    Cause I totally dismissed the collection saying “eh, they are too pastel”.
    I love that this collection has a good balance btw pink and coral!

    • Lily

      Pink is not my colour, but coral yes! I’m still going ga ga over that blush…

  • Yeah spring is usually not my bag either but like you, the gorgeous coral blushes always catch my eye. Preeeettty!!!! 😀

    • Lily

      Corail Bagatelle!!! I have a feeling I’m going to cave…

  • Oh! I wish Pink Reverie was available here! It looks so beautiful. And the same goes for all the lipsticks. I picked up Rose Crinoline, but now I see I must have Rose Diademe, too! You’re so lucky Lily to be able to get everything! Definitely get Corail Bagatelle–it’s absolutely beautiful.

    • Lily

      Ah yes, Corail Bagatelle… so beautifooooooooool!

  • Dustyn

    Definitely a few here I am liking!

    • Lily

      Did you pick up any, Dustyn?