Femme Boulevard Celebrates Valentine’s Day

I’m sure it’s Valentine’s Day stuff everywhere by now. Last year, instead of doing a Valentine’s look, we did a Chinese New Year themed look. So this year, we wanted to go with the masses and do something for Valentine’s. I always associate Valentine’s Day with flowers and roses, so I think the theme for this look is pink. A colour I don’t really like, but also a colour that floods both my daughter’s room. LOL! For this look, I’m aiming at using Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink blush as the main colour. Here they are, both Pale Pink pot rouge and Pale Pink powder blush.


Pale Pink


Pale Pink powder blush looks much cooler than the pot rouge – they actually look quite different. Anyway, here’s the look I created. I wanted to do something different, and it’s in the blush placement. I see this a lot in Japanese and Korean fashion, and Kate the Driveler even did a look <link here> that is absolutely gorgeous. I think the pink makes this look a lot like Chinese opera, and I tried to tone it down by adding some brown on my lids.




I used Pale Pink powder blush on my lids and added some definition with brown. On my cheeks, very high and close to my eyes, I used the pot rouge as a base before adding the powder blush. For lips, I used Revlon Velvet Pink then dabbed on the Pale Pink powder blush on top. Oh, lots of mascara to avoid swollen looking lids!

How do you like it? It was fun creating this look! Remember to check out Lilit’s and Teri’s look! Do look forward to our next installment 🙂


xoxo Lily