Happy New Year 2014: General Plans and Directions

It’s gone. It’s here!! Today is the first day of a new year and I want to wish everyone Happy New Year 2014!!!!!!! This year will bring many new challenges and changes for me, but I will face it head on with optimism. Here, I hope everyone learned something last year, and I hope this new year will bring more wisdom and happiness. As usual, I’d like to share what’s been done, what’s to be done and what to expect.


Happy 2014


You know, sometimes life throws a curve ball at you and everything changes. First of all, personally, we want to expand our family so if there’s good news, I’ll be sure to share. The kids are growing up fast and Chloe will be starting primary school, so that’ll change our schedule quite a bit. It is also part of the master plan that should our family grow, my priority will always be my family, so work will have to take a back seat or maybe take the boot. Let’s be real. If we’re not prioritizing our work, it’ll be a drag, performance will be shite and I will sooner or later quit. It’s better to plan realistically. LOL! I believe that my children will get the best if I put my heart and soul into raising them. I don’t need the stress of work to get in the way. So if all work out as planned, this is the way we’re heading.

If I’m not working anymore, that means I won’t have income and it will affect the blog. It means less new shiny things for reviews and I might have to take up sponsored posts and advertising as a source of income to support the blog. If any of you have any issues with that, please voice out and I’ll see how we can go about it. Of course, there will be those sent by PR but let’s not depend on those. I am a person that will review products I think you’ll be interested in, but I don’t just take up everything I’m offered.


random selca


Now if everything goes according to plan, I want to take the blog to a little detour. I’ve been doing a lot of reviews because there are obligations, but I feel like I want to do something … less boring? LOL! There are so many blogs around, it’s not hard to have similar thinking or views of a particular product. So, in my opinion, reviews do get repetitive sometimes. I’d like to think that I put my personality and soul into my own blog, so even though my voice and thoughts might be similar to some other bloggers, it’s still me and I hope you guys can see it.

While I won’t be able to run away from reviews, I’d like to put more stash shopping and FOTDs and tutorials out. I get feedback from you guys that you enjoy those. Whenever I can, I will sneak those in. What else would you like to read on Chloe.Ash? Do let me know because that’ll help immensely. I will also have to put it out there that MAYBE, frequency of new blog posts will slow down, I might sometimes take longer breaks because when real life kicks me in the butt, something’s gotta go. Heh! I don’t plan to get the top blogger award so churning out post after post isn’t what I signed up for. If it doesn’t bother me, I hope it won’t bother you either 🙂 Of course, I’m hoping that will be the last resort because I still want to keep my hobby… and for all you know, I might be putting up 2 or 3 posts a day! (yeah…. NOT).

This is an usually wordy post for me, but it had to be said. Fingers crossed everything will work out well and the same is to be said to all of you! I’m sure we all have our own challenges, be it big or small, and even though it may be hard, things will work out sooner or later. I have laid down my general plan and directions for this year,  and my only resolution is that I remain positive for all the changes to come, whether or not it is according to plan!

I wish all of you the best of 2014! Do you have any particular plans for this year? Are you anticipating any changes? Perhaps a resolution you know you’ll stick to?

Lots of Love to all my readers and friends, Cheers!


xoxo Lily