My First Diptyque Candle Experience

BAIES. My first Diptyque candle. Let me tell you that I hesitated – for a long time. It’s a candle, and it’s an expensive scented candle. I was at the store, and the SA was diligently serving me, explaining to me how the candles are made, etc. You know how sometimes you have a weak moment and it’s really hard to say no? My mind was screaming at me to walk away, and yet I found myself paying for it. After I bought it, my mind was again yelling at me, “What have you done??!! You stupid! Couldn’t you just say no??”


baies 3


I never really got over the guilt, but heck, I already bought it and I was also a little excited to finally have the Diptyque experience. I tried some inexpensive scented candles before, and they all smelled plastic. Also, the scent is never strong enough to cover my whole room. This however, smelled great even before I burned it. So the first time, I burned it for more than 2 hours so that the wax is level. My whole room smelled floral and musky at the same time and the scent lingered many hours after the candle stopped burning. I’m awful at describing scents, but I can tell you that this smells of luxury. Hubs just said it was too musky for him but the girls in the house love it 🙂

So this RM300 candle (with some loose change) is sitting in my room, and I only burn it when I want to feel special. Thing is, every time I light the candle, I can’t help but think I’m burning my hard earned money. I still feel this way after about a month of owning Baies, and I know I will still feel it until god knows when. Because of this feeling that I can’t get over, I doubt I’ll be buying anymore luxury candles in the future. My curiosity is fed, but at the price of my conscience. I feel guilty! And I can’t deny or lie to myself. To many, this is just another fragrance, and how do I then justify purchasing body perfumes, or those diffuser scents I sometimes buy for my room? I have no idea and I have no logical explanation for this either!


baies 2


Whatever it is, I still don’t feel good using this, and if it doesn’t make me happy burning the candle (no matter how good it smelled), I won’t be buying anymore. I see many other candles and I’m tempted but I know I’ll constantly remind myself that it’ll never be for me. Perhaps one day, when I can get over this guilt schmilt, I may have another obsession.

Am I the only crazy one?


xoxo Lily