My First Diptyque Candle Experience

BAIES. My first Diptyque candle. Let me tell you that I hesitated – for a long time. It’s a candle, and it’s an expensive scented candle. I was at the store, and the SA was diligently serving me, explaining to me how the candles are made, etc. You know how sometimes you have a weak moment and it’s really hard to say no? My mind was screaming at me to walk away, and yet I found myself paying for it. After I bought it, my mind was again yelling at me, “What have you done??!! You stupid! Couldn’t you just say no??”


baies 3


I never really got over the guilt, but heck, I already bought it and I was also a little excited to finally have the Diptyque experience. I tried some inexpensive scented candles before, and they all smelled plastic. Also, the scent is never strong enough to cover my whole room. This however, smelled great even before I burned it. So the first time, I burned it for more than 2 hours so that the wax is level. My whole room smelled floral and musky at the same time and the scent lingered many hours after the candle stopped burning. I’m awful at describing scents, but I can tell you that this smells of luxury. Hubs just said it was too musky for him but the girls in the house love it šŸ™‚

So this RM300 candle (with some loose change) is sitting in my room, and I only burn it when I want to feel special. Thing is, every time I light the candle, I can’t help but think I’m burning my hard earned money. I still feel this way after about a month of owning Baies, and I know I will still feel it until god knows when. Because of this feeling that I can’t get over, I doubt I’ll be buying anymore luxury candles in the future. My curiosity is fed, but at the price of my conscience. I feel guilty! And I can’t deny or lie to myself. To many, this is just another fragrance, and how do I then justify purchasing body perfumes, or those diffuser scents I sometimes buy for my room? I have no idea and I have no logical explanation for this either!


baies 2


Whatever it is, I still don’t feel good using this, and if it doesn’t make me happy burning the candle (no matter how good it smelled), I won’t be buying anymore. I see many other candles and I’m tempted but I know I’ll constantly remind myself that it’ll never be for me. Perhaps one day, when I can get over this guilt schmilt, I may have another obsession.

Am I the only crazy one?


xoxo Lily


  • Actually, I’m with you, Lily. I can’t buy these expensive luxury candles – I just feel really guilty. I’d rather splurge on a perfume, though I can’t really explain what the difference is either.

    • Lily

      Glad I’m not alone, Larie šŸ˜›

  • liyeun

    You are not alone, Lily! I felt the same way as in burning my hard earned cash when i burn that candle. To me, expensive candles are not necessary at all. Even some of my friends who have their millions think the same, too. Trying it the first time to curb the curiosity is normal, so sont feel guilty. ^_^

    • Lily

      Aaw, thanks Liyuen. I’m trying not to feel guilty. LOL!

  • LOL yeah, I am often confused yet definitely still intrigued by the whole candle craze–especially when it comes to super pricey ones like Diptyque’s. In theory, it sounds really nice and luxe but I would probably never actually splurge on one. Think of how many eyeshadows or blushes you could buy with that money!!! šŸ˜› Still, everyone is always gushing about these and I am really curious as to what all the fuss is about!

    • Lily

      I guess I could get 2 Guerlain lippies with it… and maybe with just a tad bit more, I could get 3 Dior lippies. Darn it… I should’ve gotten those lipsticks. HAHAHAHA!

  • Haha yeah I would feel the same way, ;like I was burning my hard earned cash, for sure

    • Lily

      Yeah, I didn’t know my curiosity was so strong, but I can now safely say I’ve tried it, and I won’t want to scratch that Diptyque itch anymore. LOL!

  • Sigh. I can’t even begin to imagine all the other things that I could have bought with the money I’ve spent on Diptyque over the years. But, for me, I’m not burning my money away. They give me a sense of contentment and I can pick a fragrance that I want to match my mood, or better yet, influence my mood. I have different favorites for certain times of the year. I adore the ambiance and the calming glow. When I first tried “luxury” candles, I though they were all the same. They’re not. Diptyque really is the best. At least you can say you tried one Lily, and have no regrets.

    • Lily

      Aaw Jenny. I hope you don’t feel offended because while I feel that way, I can also totally understand how some people LOVE these candles! If it’s not for this guilty feeling, I know I would be getting more of them. LOL!

      • Oh Lily, no, not at all. I was trying to give you a Diptyque addict’s point of view, lol. I’m in love with them and don’t know how I could live without some of them. Some I like better than others, some I only burn at certain times of the year, and some I have to have all the time. It is an expensive habit though, lol.

        • Lily

          Ah, I’m glad. Whew šŸ™‚ All of us have expensive habits, Jenny. I think if you’re happy, then it’s all worth it!

  • nonno

    Diptyque candles have been on my mind for a long time. I don’t know when I will ever get one. But after reading your post, I know one thing for sure, Baies is out of the question. I will be the only one in my family who will like the scent, for I am the only girl in the family… Sigh…

    • Lily

      HAHAHA… maybe try Roses? That should be a widely accepted scent.

  • TracyBeautyReflections

    I’m with you Lily! I just CAN”T. It’s a CANDLE for cripes sake. It burns AWAY. Nope. Won’t be buying anytime soon no matter what!

    • Lily

      Haha Tracy. Now, I burn it when hubs is not around because he doesn’t like the musky scent. I figured since I got it anyway, I shall love it while it lasts šŸ™‚

  • Bella

    Enjoy your Baies, it’s only a waste if you don’t enjoy it :). I agree that it is a LOT of money and they don’t really last that long. But they really give me so much pleasure when I choose one to suit the occasion and my mood. I only burn it when I’m doing something quiet, with someone or alone, and I take a number of moments to actively enjoy the scent. It makes me happy. My favourites are Baies, Patchouli, Gardenia and Cypres, for different reasons and seasons. I didn’t like Figuer much. I couldn’t smell it.

    • Lily

      Oh I understand how special they can be! I associate certain scents to special occasions, certain sounds or music to certain events, so I’m sure these scents could be significant in triggering those moments in the future! I smelled the Gardenia one, and it is delicious!

  • I know where you’re coming from! I got two for Christmas, and since I really only light candles in autumn/winter, I doubt I’ll need another one for the year. It’s something that’s really really nice to have, but I can probably live without it.

    • Lily

      You know Sunny, I wonder how much damage is done if I didn’t feel all sorts of guilty. LOL!

  • Icaria

    Oh how I know what you mean! I’m not saying I’ll never buy a Diptyque but at the moment it would be madness! I do enjoy scented candles and have found a brand that’s quite nice and more affordable (Voluspa). I’ve become addicted to them and always light them in my living room in the evening. It’s a bit of relaxing me time. If I were to light a diptyque every night it would be my ruin! šŸ™

    • Lily

      Truth be told, I never expected a candle to be so expensive. LOL! I was told Jo Malone makes some really nice ones and more affordable, but at the moment, I just can’t imagine myself getting another candle. I might use the money to get another Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum instead. I’m running out. LOL!

      • I’m with you Lily and Icaria.
        I have a weakness for scented candles that linger but their prices do make me scratch my head (literally).
        Jo Malone make amazing candles. I have one and have never lit it. It just sits by my tub scenting the air in my bathroom…

        • Lily

          Hi Smittensophie, thanks for dropping by šŸ™‚ I’m surprised so many people think the same, especially when I see so many Diptyques on Instagram. LOL!

          • They help set a great tone for the picture and any mood you want to inspire.

  • Haha I’ve never bought a Diptyque candle, and I can guess what you mean that you feel like you’re burning your money. At least you can tell the quality is amazing, otherwise you would be really chuffed!

    • Lily

      The quality is definitely amazing! The scent fills my room almost immediately, and my room is not small by all means šŸ™‚

  • I wish i could feel guilty about it lol. I wish i could think so many things are expensive – then i totally wouldn’t buy! i told a coworker that my diptyque rollerball was $50 and she was horrified lol. but gosh, i just googled the conversion rate and that comes out to $90+ USD! YIKES! I wouldn’t do it either! I’ve been buying all of my diptyque candles (not like i have many lol) during promos or sales.

    • Lily

      LOL Joyce, you’re too funny!!!

  • Liz

    I’m getting a little tired of Diptyque showing up on like every other Instagram post, but I don’t feel guilty about luxurious candles at all, although I haven’t bought a Diptyque yet. Wanted to but none of the scents really made me want it that badly. I had Eau Rose perfume but even that got tiring after a while. Hey, if you prefer to buy more lipsticks instead of candles, who can say anything? šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      LOL! Thanks for the support, Liz bob. HAHAHAHA!

  • I absolutely understand how you feel! I’ve been wanting to buy one of these.. But then I look at the price once more and I’m like NO! The most expensive I’ll go for candles is Yankee Candle, which is about 17 euro here for a medium sized jar with a lid on top. And I get to keep the jar afterwards and put things in it.

    • (put things in it? how random is that! I mean I put them on display with cotton buds or whatever in them, they’re pretty. :))

      • Lily

        I think some use it as brush holders as well šŸ™‚

    • Lily

      Hahaha maybe I was too ambitious and bought the most expensive one. LOL!

  • I purchased Diptyque’s Choisya last year. Burned it, loved it, recycled the jar into a makeup brush holder. But I haven’t bought another one because man, for $60 bucks, I could buy other things that last longer. Like eyeshadow. šŸ˜‰