REVEALED! The NEW Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion Review

I was one of the lucky ones who were sent this NEW Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion to try before its launch today. I have used this product for exactly one month, and here, I’ll share with you what this new exciting product is, and what it did to my normal combination skin.


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This breakthrough essence-in-lotion is a first of its kind and exclusively created for Asian women. Since it is made for Asian women, I have a feeling this might be Asia exclusive, so please let me know if you guys in the West have it šŸ™‚ Lotions and softeners are very popular in Japan, as they help prep the skin for the absorption of serums and moisturizers. Many lotions do not have skin exfoliation properties like toners do, and they are supposed to be patted into the skin.

The Estee Lauder Micro Essence however, goes beyond traditional treatment lotions and claims to transform the look of your skin from the inside out, revealing a youthful, angelic glow. Man, that word “angelic” got me all sorts of hopeful! Angels don’t have pores, nor do they have dehydrated skin – or do they? Basically, the secret ingredientĀ behind this breakthrough formula is the exclusive Micro-Nutrient Bio Ferment. It is a unique calibration of micronutrients and peptides with a precise blend of ferments that strengthens the skin barrier, calms irritation and deepens the moisturization level to allow our skin to perform at its best. That way, skin is more resistant to ageing due to external factors because in my opinion, skin ages no matter what. It IS a very natural process.


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The essence is a thick(er) clear lotion housed in a heavy glass bottle. I like to pour 5-6 drops of Micro Essence into palm of one hand and rub both hands together before gently pressing it onto my face, from centre out. The mouth of the bottle is very small, so only a few droplets come out at one time. There is no wastage and it is easy to control. You can also use facial cotton, but I find it easier to use my hands. After patting this on, I apply my staple serum Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair then moisturizer. I was advised to use both together becauseĀ when the formula is combined, all the good stuff are supposed to penetrate skin faster and deeper, leading to increased moisture and faster moisture barrier recovery than when either product is used alone.

I have been using this combo daily and nightly for the past 4 weeks and I can tell you that my skin has never been more hydrated. There isn’t a flake in sight! I also notice that the ANR absorbs much faster into the skin compared to when it is used alone. Because my skin is so well hydrated, it looks more dewy and even toned. I want to believe that my pores are less visible, but they’re so ginormous to start with, goshdarnit, they’re still there. LOL! I doubt anything will make them go away.

Now for that angelic glow. Here is my bare face, dark circles, freckles, puffiness and all. Not a trace of makeup. Not even brows. Eeps! I didn’t use any filters and the only thing I edited, besides cropping the photo, is the brightness. That aside, I hope you can see the texture of my skin. If you could refrain yourself, please don’t stare too much at my open pores near my nose >_< I get embarrassed just thinking about it. Anyway, my skin looks more refined and softer and while I can’t say I look angelic in any sense, really, Angels will laugh their arse off, but you know… I am happy with my skin – for my age – and I’m turning 36 this year. I didn’t just say that, but yes I did. Compared to young twenty somethings with soft firm skin, I’m ancient, since I’ll be hitting 40 in 4 years, but for a 36 year old, I’m content with what I have.


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In a month of using this lotion, I can only see a small dent in the bottle. I suppose I could use this for about 8 months or so. A little goes a long way. What I’m trying to say is that while it is expensive, RM320 for 150ml, it does last you a long time. It has replaced my toner and trust me when I say my skin has never been so hydrated. My nose flakes all the time, and in the past month, no flakes were in sight!! Foundations go on the skin like a dream too.


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If you already have the Advanced Night Repair serum, I encourage you to get this Micro Essence as a complementary product. Both of them work very well together, and then you can thank me later. Once this bottle of sample is used up, I WILL repurchase this to use together with my ANR. Now, in my books, these are a killer duo for awesome skin. Wallet won’t be happy, but my skin will. Priorities! Are you going to try it?


xoxo Lily


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