Urban Decay Smoked Look Book 7 Enigma & 8 Cat Eye

Enigma and Cat Eye are very difficult for me. Maybe it’s due to the shape of my eyes, not enough lid space, or just the lack of a natural crease, they’re just really messy! I think I could make them work better using my way, but I wanted to follow the instructions to a tee. This really proves to me that there isn’t ONE way to do things when it comes to makeup, and what works for some definitely won’t work on others.

Let’s get to the 2 looks now – created using the Urban Decay Smoked Palette, following the instructions in the look book provided.


smoked eyeshadows


Enigma: Women with bold, individual style love this look. A pairing of unexpected colours and intense application.

  1. Apply Freestyle from crease to brow
  2. Highlight brow bone with Kinky, tracing it just along brow arch. Blend with Freestyle
  3. Using Perversion pencil, line upper and lower lash line, about halfway across from the outer corner toward the inner. Smudge.
  4. Sweet Rockstar all the way across lower lash line, blending it into the pencil. The shadow should be thick and smudgy. Make sure the edges look soft and fuzzy
  5. Repeat steps #3 and #4 for lower lash line.
  6. Apply Rockstar on upper eyelid from inner to outer corner. Go for an intense application right up to the crease line.
  7. Blend Rockstar shadow together at the outer corner
  8. Work Loaded into the crease, blending it together seamlessly with Rockstar.
  9. Making sure your brush is free of Rockstar pigment, blend Loaded out of the crease, toward the brow bone.
  10. Downblend just a little; you don’t want to muddy the colour at all
  11. Trace Perversion pencil along the upper and lower lash lines; thinner at the inner corners, and slightly widening at the outer corners.
  12. Join the Perversion at the outer corner, creating a slight point
  13. Line the lower waterline all the way across with Perversion pencil
  14. Line the upper waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion making sure upper and lower liners meet




Cat Eye: Most cat eyes aren’t smokey but this one is. It’s the best of both looks for a sultry, mysterious effect.

  1. Apply Freestyle from crease to brow
  2. Highlight brow bone with Kinky, blending it well into Freestyle
  3. Sweep a light application of Asphalt on the upper eyelid
  4. Using Backdoor, create the crease. To enhance the cat eye shape, work this shade straight across the crease, rather than around it. Extend the colour at the outer corner. At the inner corner, keep the crease line straight. Work it down slightly just past the natural dip in the crease.
  5. Blend Backdoor up and out of the crease shape created in step 4
  6. Downblend
  7. Using Perversion pencil, line the upper lash line, starting at the inner corner and using a long, clean stroke. Extend it upward at the outer corner of the eye. *Sharpen your pencil before you begin lining each one of your eyes
  8. Optional: line bottom lash line with Perversion. Use a long clean stroke and make sure that the lines at the inner and outer corners meet
  9. Line the upper waterline all the way across and into the inner corner with Perversion


cat eye


For Enigma, while the green and purple do look great together, I’d prefer to do it differently. If I followed the instructions, I find that the green does become muddy because it does blend into Rockstar. I had to place it differently so that the green (Loaded) shows up, but in my opinion, it’s not flattering at all. I personally prefer to wear them together by having Rockstar on the lids and Loaded on my lower lash lines.

For Cat Eyes, well, my eyes are naturally round(er), so elongating it makes my lashes disappear. For this, false eye lashes are a must for me. With wispy falsies that is especially long on the outer corners, I think this version of Cat Eyes might just look better. To summarize these 2 looks, ugh… they were a challenge for me. In case you missed the previous looks, here are the links:

What do you think of these 2 looks? I personally will not attempt them again. It’s either they weren’t meant for my eye shape, or my skillz are lacking >_<


xoxo Lily



  • TracyBeautyReflections

    I still think you did a great job on them! And they look amazing on you.
    I can’t really do a cat eye easily any more. My lids are droopier, so it’s just so hard to get them even.

    • Lily

      Aaw, thanks Tracy. They were so tough to do. My eyes are not symmetrical so getting them even was kinda impossible. Then again, that’s the best thing about taking photos of one look on each eye. LOL!

  • liyeun

    I thought the first look with purple is sultry and beautiful but that second look made my jaw dropped! Your eyes are meant for smokey look, i tel u! Hotness alert!!!

    • Lily

      Hahaha thanks Liyuen. There I was, thinking they looked awful on me. You’re too kind!

  • You look straight gorgeous. I love the second look even more. A serious cat eye flick looks striking on you! <3

    • Lily

      You guys are just giving me a huge false sense of super confidence. HAHAHAHA! Love you guys!!

  • Hey Lily, I think you did a great job, but it’s true that some looks are better suited for people who have more lid space! I can see myself having real difficulties pulling these two off!

    • Lily

      Well, you won’t be seeing me trying these looks again, that’s for sure. LOL! The last 4 looks are very flattering though. I’ve done them already… can’t wait to show you guys 🙂

  • Bella

    You know how much I love this series, but no, these are not for me. the one with the purple looks like a classic punch to the socket. No ma’am!!!!

    • Lily

      Hahahahaha! Tell it as it is. Love you! Yes purple and muddy green, not a good combo. It might suit a different eye shape tho. Mine just can’t take it.

  • Wowza, this is getting better and better, Lily!
    Absolutely stunning! <3

    • Lily

      Thanks Lena. Still not something I like though….

  • Paritashah26

    Enigma is simply superb!

    • Really? I really dislike that one. Hahahaha!

    • Lily

      Thanks Parita.

  • Kate Driveller

    Your flicks are FABULAHS! I actually really like the shape of the second look (your lashes are perfectly visible, woman!) but maybe it would be better in more varied textures or like you said, colours that don’t blend into and muddy each other. <3 I love your willingness to give things a go!

    • Thanks Kate! I guess it’s good to show people what doesn’t work sometimes 😛

    • Lily

      LOL I guess it’s always good to show what works and what doesn’t 🙂

  • SEXY. I love, Lily!!!

    • Srsly? I still can’t believe you guys. Hahahah!

    • Lily

      Thanks Larie 🙂

  • Icaria

    So sad I don’t have the eye shape for this, lord knows I’ve tried in the past! Loooove both on you, so sexy! I guess you also have to “feel it” to be comfortable wearing these.

    • You’re right. I didn’t feel it and I definitely don’t have the eye shape for it either. Lol

    • Lily

      I don’t have the eye shape for this either. I saw Pixiwoo’s video on Enigma and it looked gorgeous on Sam’s eyes!

  • Liz

    I think the effects of these looks might be more VAVAVAVOOM! when we zoom out to see your whole face! But you are masterful at putting those instructions into order. My eyes start to glaze over by Step 3. x____x

    • Lol my eyes were blur after typing these instructions. I zoomed out for you for the last 4 looks. But then, they’re the looks I really like.

    • Lily

      Oh, I zoomed out with lashes and all for the last 4 looks 🙂 And yeah, I was cross-eyed after typing all these out. The words were so small in that book!