Review: Antipodes Do Lipsticks and Powders

I have tried a few Antipodes skincare, from their multi tasking miracle balm to mask to serums. I like most of the stuff and the miracle balm is my family’s go to rescue – for almost everything. I kid you not! When I was sent its makeup a few months ago, I was a little curious. I love my makeup, and funny enough, I never thought of Antipodes as a makeup brand. Why not you ask? Well, my friend, my mind works in all kinds of weird ways 😛


antipodes 2


Let’s talk about the powder first.

The Antipodes Performance Plus Skin Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder is a loose white powder. I was initially worried about a white cast from flash photography, but everything’s OK. This powder is supposed to be lightweight and increase makeup wear time. It also promises to mattify and brighten the skin because of Vinanza Performance Plus, a revolutionary antioxidant extract from sauvignon blanc grape seeds and the superfruit kiwi fruit. This powder is also for everyone and anyone, even though with rosacea.

First of all, I’d like to say that the powder is heavy. It is not those feather light powders that fly everywhere when you tap it. It’s more like baby talcum. I buff it into my skin, I pat it into my skin, I sweep it across my face – all of them work perfectly fine, to be honest. This is a finishing powder, so there is no coverage whatsoever. My skin does look semi matte and pores seem more refined, but after a few hours, my oily T-zone does shine and blotting is needed. As most loose powders are, the lasting power isn’t great. For a powder though, it does its job fairly well, but don’t expect face to be shine free the whole day and don’t even think about making your open pores disappear. Ain’t happening here and if you can find something that does that, please let me know 😛


antipodes powder powder


Now the red lipstick. I find this lipstick moisturizing on my lips, and it wears for about 5 hours with drinks and I see signs of fading. Then again, most reds and darker shades last really long on me. I’m also glad to report that it doesn’t make my lips flake like some lipsticks do, and this red is also wearable without being overly intimidating. It can be worn sheer and the finish is satiny.


antipodes 1


Below are the swatches. As you can see, the powder isn’t very fine and it’s heavier on the skin. The red, even though it is called Blood Red, is not overwhelming, and I think it complements all skin tones.




Below, I’m only wearing concealer under eyes and around nose then set with powder. No foundation. I filled in my brows, applied mascara and a touch of blush before finishing with the red lipstick. Understated, yet utterly wearable for a casual day out.




What do you think?


xoxo Lily


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